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Wobbly, not broken

Double Whammy Day in Our Household!

May 7th 2009 7:01 am
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Well, first of all, thank you, Catster, for choosing my diary as a pick!
It is, super cool!
I was in Mommy's office, waiting to be seen by the doc to have my bandages changed when she told me I was a DDP!

My first thought was "OMC! I hope the latest entries are at least somewhat fun to read."
Then, I collected myself and hobbled over to the canned food and ate like a champ!
I don't want to appear TOO excited!

I have to say that this is a thrill for me . Finding my true family made me feel like a lottery winner, having so many friends on Catster feels like a million bucks, being named a DDP is the cherry on top of this wonderful sundae!!!

Paws up to my sister (and best groomer), Millie! She's COTD!!
It looks like we're having salmon tonight!! Woo Hoo!



April 28th 2009 5:55 pm
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Well, ONE of my brothers was a bit too aggressive and they bit me, according to the docs.
I had 2 puncture wounds on my leg, which they cleaned very nicely and wrapped, so I have a bandaged leg that looks like its broken.
I go back on Thursday for a bandage change and they will teach Mommy how to care for it so I don't have to keep going back. That's good because I HATE being there. I get scared and don't like the noise.
I was given pain medicine, started on an antibiotic and will finish the last of my anti-inflammatory.
If I could blush, I would have because one of the vet techs said I was WAY TOO CUTE and much nicer and better behaved than her CH kitty!
Mommy opened the cage and I wrapped my paws around her neck and held tight! I am home, had my meds, ate my dinner very well and am now relaxing.


Something is wrong with my leg

April 28th 2009 3:50 am
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I was walking fine on late Saturday night/Sunday morning. Mommy and Daddy came home Sunday evening from M's work and she noticed I was favoring my left hind leg. She tried touching it and I cried. Mom says it was swollen. So she called the ER doc and brought me back to work where they took my temp, examined me and I got x-rays taken. I HATED that! It was terrible being upside down, even though Mommy was holding me. I don't like meing turned around or even held sideways, so lying on my back was not good for me at all.
The side x-rays were okay to do since I was getting fussed over during.
The x-rays were 'perfect' as the 2 docs said. They gave me a needle of metacam and sub-q fluids because my temp spiked after the x-rays. The docs said it was probably from the stress of it all.
I rested yesterday, which was good because Mommy says some kitties don't know when to take it easy. I ate and drank, just taking it easy. Its been REALLY hot here (in the 90's) and most of us have been going light on the food intake anyway.
Last night, after Mommy got home from the Phillies game, she came in to see me (the docs had asked M to keep me confined to a small area for better resting) and thought my leg looked more swollen. So, she called the ICU at midnight and told them I had a fever of 104.9 and that my leg seemed bigger.
I laid on a cool gel pack last night, after M gave me fluids with a syringe (because she and the vet techs/nurses thought I would do better NOT getting stressed out completely by going back there last night). I ate a can of food and about 1/2 cup dry food, drank and was and still am using the litterbox like a champ.
I a going back to the doctors this morning where one of our favorite docs will take care of me. Yah! They suspect that it is a soft tissue injury since nothing is showing up on the x-ray and since I move so differently, I could have hurt it 'running' through the house or even jumping/sliding off the sofa or loveseat.
Mommy says she is worried about me because I cry when she touches my paw.
I am going to do everything the doctor tells so I can feel better really fast!


The eve of the new year

December 31st 2008 10:48 am
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brings thoughts of what's to come and excitement about such things and reflection on where we've been.
This time last year, I was in not so good a place. I look so different today than I did even 2 months ago.
I look forward to whatever comes our way. I have a family who loves me, siblings who I love to bits, good food and lots of toys/play things.
I can't speak for other kitties, but it sure does feel good to be in a position to be who I am, in a setting that lets me do my thing, lets me explore and play and wrestle and run and get pets and chin scratches as often as I would like.
The funny thing, I am feeling pretty lucky right about now and here is Mommy and Daddy telling me how lucky they feel because of me in the home.
Sometimes, as any other kitty can attest to, souls find each other, especially when they aren't looking.

Regardless of whether you are feline, canine, human or other, when another soul clicks with yours, that's that.
End of story, or beginning of story, the best part of the story....
Well, as a kitty who found what a real 'home' is, one that is full with love, and acceptance and respect...I'd like to wish all of you (and yours) a peaceful, sound, respectful and appreciative 2009.
Make the new year the best it can be....
let there be peace of earth and let it begin with me.


Boxing Day/St Stephen's Day/Day After Christmas

December 26th 2008 7:19 pm
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Whatever you call it, it sure is nice. Its peaceful at home now. No more running around, no paper pieces and boxes on the floor...No more late nights with the family making things in the kitchen, cleaning up a storm, wrapping gifts (although I did like to play with the paper!)
Now, All these wonderful kitty toys in a big box under the tree, a big fluffy pillow (although Mommy said Santa brought that for the dogs), a cat spa and cat nip! It was nice having my family home all day, maxing and relaxing. It was even nicer being able to nap on that pillow, me in the center and 2 of the dogs placing their heads on the edge of it! MOL!
I got a brand new collar, too! I had been wearing my brother, Nico's old collar. It was nice and the red looked good with my fur, but now I have my very own. Its grey, black and red plaid. It has a bell and it feels great around my neck! Mom says I look even more handsome! So, for the time being, I am going to hang out either on the pillow bed or under the good ol' Norway Spruce.
Happy New Year!


I must be doing something right...

December 24th 2008 12:50 pm
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Or else I am doing everything all worng, because I make Mommy cry at least once a day. She says its because I am 'so darn cute/sweet/adorable". I can't figure it out because all I am doing is being myself. I am ALL over the place now. I like exploring and moving around the house. I eat like a champ (sometimes 1.5- 2 bowls at a time!) Mom says its because I am burning calories moving like I do. Millie and I have developed a really nice relationship. She doesn;t mind when I 'peck' at her (until I get the distance right!) and she lets me nose-kiss her. After that, she throws her paw around my neck and cleans my face and ears for me.
I like hanging out under the Christmas tree. We have some blankies under there because our Mom and Dad know we like to be under it. The other night, Mommy was all comfy, watching holiday movies when she decided to pull out the sofa bed. She got a warm blanket and some of the kitties and dogs snuggled in with her (Daddy was wokring on his computer). Well, she fell asleep in the bed and so did the furbabies. When she woke up about 2 am, she thought the black and white ball on her left side was our dog, Carlin. NOPE! It was me! I climbed into the bed and hunkered down for 'the long winter's nap'! When I woke later that morning, she bent down, kissed me on the head and told me she was 'so proud' of me.
Daddy, who is not as much a softie as mommy, has really warmed up to me, too.
I can't go past him without a really nice pet or scratch or general fussing over me!
You know...a guy could get used to this kinda treatment.
The last thing I will mention here is how Mom found me Tuesday morning, about 11 or so. We have a HUGE stainless steel bowl for water in the mudroom. Mom got it at a restaurant supply store. Well, we cats have bowls of food and water that are placed out of reach of the dogs(because they can be a bit messy and they sometimes are greedy!), but we all use the big water bowl. So, Mom comes into the mudroom, and there I am, standing there, both front paws IN the bowl while I am drinking from it!! I didn't think it was so funny, but apparently, she did. I finished hydrating myself and off I went. I didn;t even spill a drop. There you go. That's all she wrote. And Bob's your uncle.
Thanks for reading the diary and Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanzaa and the best for 2009!
Love, Flurry


Getting to Where I need to Go

December 7th 2008 3:27 pm
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Well, I only spend time in my room now to eat uninterrupted. Other than that, I spend my time on the first floor. I have my favorite blankets and hiding spots. I have discovered that I love Millie! She is so kind to me! She cleans my face and head and lets me nuzzle her. I even tolerate the dogs. Loud noises tend to make me a bit more clumsy, as I try to leave the room as quickly as possible.
I even like to watch TV. I like skaters!
For the last few days, I was teasing Mommy by climbing up the living room furniture! Mommy would see me walking in the hallway or other rooms and then next thing she knew, there I was...lounging on the sofa! She kept asking Daddy if he put me there. Daddy kept telling her NO but she thought he might have been playing a joke on her. Nope! This morning, she watched me climb into the wing chair. I was REALLY good at, too! Mommy came over, rubbed me, kissed my head and told me she was proud of me! Huh. Who knew?
I am eating like champ, but Mommy thinks I need some more food because I have been so active, quite unlike the situation in the shelter, where I couldn't get around like I wanted. I like exploring and do so most of the day. Apparently, I am burning alot of calories getting out and about. I play with my new brothers and sisters. I am particularly fond of Magoo, but I think I scare him still a little bit. He doesn;t know what to do about me. He knows he doesn't recognize my scent and I think that because I am 'jumpy', he is afraid I am trying to hurt him. But nothing could be further from the truth! I care for him very much and just want to be friends with him. I do enjoy a good romp, I LOVE toys and like anything I can hunt.
I will make every effort to help him feel more comfortable around me.


Some background on me

November 30th 2008 7:26 am
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I was living in a home that wasn't treating me or my brothers very nicely. So, we were removed or 'seized' . We were brought to a shelter where things were pretty scary at first. I was being treated medically and given good food and attention, but the setting was unnatural and the noises were frightening.
You see, I have CH or cerebeller hypoplasia. This is when the brain kinda 'misfires' the directions to the rest of my body. I don't 'do' fine motor skills too well, so every movement seems exaggerated in a sense. I 'goose-step' (walk wide) and my boombah area tends to shimmy up and down, especially when I am standing still. I peck at my food before I eat it (its almost as if I need to 'judge' the distance to eat properly). Please don't misunderstand, there is NOTHING wrong with my brain. I think, act, play and love like every other kitty. I just do it with a bit more flare! If I sneeze or scratch my head, sometimes it makes me fall over. But as any CH kitty can tell you, we are no worse for the wear, as long as we have understanding humans helping us. Sadly, many CH cats are not given the chance to live a normal life. Many vets are not as well versed in neuro issues and feel its better to let us go. As any family with a CH baby can tell you, we are the lvoes of their lives and they wouldn't trade us for the world.
I am adjusting to my new home. I have a room to myself for now, so I don't become overwhelmed during the transition. Mommy says the hardest part is NOT treating me like a glass doll. According to CH parents, the idea is to protect us while still allowing us to make our way and figuring things out for ourselves.
I like small spaces so I have two great options at the moment. I have a litterbox that is sturdy and will not tip over even if I do!
Here is a link to some video of me at the shelter. It gives you a peek into the level of my affliction, which has been deemed 'moderate'.

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