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Catster is leaving -- so sad

January 16th 2014 5:17 pm
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Well, my friends Catster is Leaving us. We are sad to see it go. We have not been on as much as we used to but we did check in every day or so just to see what our friends had been up to. And to change our pages with the season.
We would like to thank every single cat who has befriended us, written a comment, sent gifties, pawmails etc. over the years. Catster has seen our family grow through new additions and helped us greatly when we lost furmily members. everyone new the joy or the pain we felt. So instead of the loving family we had all become, we will be replaced with shiny headlines and soulless fluff. Maybe that was meant to be, but we are sad for it.

Anyone who would like to keep in touch with our Meowmy can do so @ Meowmy is known as: kimkats ,there and can be found on the daylily forum , since she is as crazy about daylilies as she is about us kitties.

For those in bad health we send you healing thoughts, for coping with the loss of a beloved furbaby we send you hugs and know we feel your pain and it does ease over time.

Well wishes to all and big hugs to all catsters across the world.

Sincerly, Zeeke, angel Romeo, Cleopatra, Trooper, Kahless, Harley, Davidson, Tomiko, Miyoko, Francis, Kibbles, PJ, Fozzy Bear, Angel Morty, Angel Tigger, Zelda, Mishka, Angel Onyx, DC, TOes, Angel Yoda
And momcat KIM


Vet Visit

December 9th 2010 10:09 am
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I went to the VETS yeaterday. I went for my yearly exam and distemper and rabies shots. I also have been thowing up some of my food after I eat so I got some wet food for sensitive tummies. But I didn't make it easy on Meowmy!!

I knew something was up when Pappy brought the pink carrier up from the basement. I'm like the only one who is little enough to use that one. So I went and I hid. I didn't come out for breakfast and I didn't come out for treats either! Meowmy shook the jingly bell toy I can't resist and I still didn't come out. Aparently I can resist it. MOL MOL! So she went in search of me. She checked in her room under the Bed- no Zelly. She checked under Grammy's bed, found a Dave and a Fozzy Bear and someone small and black hiding behind Fozzy. Could it be me? or was it Toes?? She had to go to the other side of the bed to see. Guess what? It wasm't either of us!!! I had already moved!!!HA!! So then she looked under Grammy's Dresser(I'm small enough to fit). That's where I was. I was wedged in the corner behind it. So she had to move the whole thing to get me. Wrong!!!! I took off when she tried to reach me, straight down the hallway and into the living room. This game is fun!!!! You can't get me Meowmy!!!! Wait Meowmy started closing doors. Limiting where I could run off to, NO FAIR!!! Then she came into the living room and closed the sliding doors and even put one of our perches in front of it so we couldn't pry it open! That is so not playing fair!!!! PFFT. She still had to find me in that room so she started looking around. She checked behind the TV- no Zelly. Moved the Love seat - no Zelly. Then she moved the sofa with recliners - no Zelly. Then she looked under the recliner parts and guess what??? She found me!!!! She snatched me right outta there and told me I was naughty to hide so much. ME NAUGHTY???? Then I got taken into the spare room to get my christmas shirt on and put in my carrier. (I always wear clothes in the winter I get cold on that car ride).

I went with Uncle Romeo. We did a duet of christmas classics on the way there. We sang Deck the halls with boughs of catnip and jingell bells, and a few others. We rocked it out acapella. We gave an encore performance on the way home too.

Today I've just benn chilling out, but my Uncle Trooper had to go the vets. He is feelin pretty yucky and has blood in his pee. He'll tell you all about it in his diary.



P.S. don't tell Sandy Paws I was Naughty.


I've been naughty again.

November 25th 2010 5:58 pm
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I've been a little naughty recently. More so than usual, even for me. On Tuesday night I snuck onto the porch and spent half the night stuck out there. It went down like this: Pappy took the trash out Tuesday evening sometime after dinner & I snuck out onto the side porch. No big deal Right. Wrong. Big deal because I hid in the cat tree & he didn't see me. Cut to 2:30 in the morning. Meowmy can't sleep, she just knows something isn't right. So she gets up and starts to look around, not sure whats bothering her. She realizes I am in none of my usual nightime sleepy spots. Everyone else seems to be accounted for but me. So she starts looking in every room & no me. Then she remembers pappy took the trash out & she thinks maybe I went with him. She turns the porch light on & I pop my head out of the cat tree to say " can I come in it's cold out here." Meowmy was very upset at pappy for being careless. I could have spent all night on the porch. (I'm her special girl so she was furry upset.) I was so happy to see her. I went to bed and snuggled and purred.
Then I spent Wednesday with little sneezes and sniffles. Meowmy thinks I might have caught a cold out there. I also refused to go on the porch even though it was warmed up by the sun in the afternoon & my siblings & aunties & uncles did. I learned my lesson I don't want to get stuck out there again, brrr.

Then today Thanksgiving day, Meowmy & grammy & pappy went to Aunt Brandy's house to eat turkey without us. I knew they were going to leave us here all alone with no turkey or stuffing so I thought I would teach Meowmy a lesson.
I Hid out!!! She could not find me and was sure Pappy had left me out while loading the car with all that nummi-ness. She called and called. She looked under beds, behind couches, in closets and still could not find me. It was passed time to go & pappy said come on so she reluctantly left without finding me. She thought I had just hid somewhere because she checked the porch & cat tree quite thouroughly before leaving. So they pigged out & came home. Yet I still wasn't showing myself. Now she was really worried. I did not come out for my dinner bowl clanking , can opening, or treat bag ruffling. Once again they tore the house apart looking for me. Grammy & meowmy were getting worried I had gotten all the way outside. Grammy went out to call me & checked the pond to make sure I hadn't fallen in. Meowmy went down into the basement to the side I'm not allowed on, & she called me and called me. I didn't come out.
Finally she found me in her room. She had looked in that spot before but I wasn't there then. I must have been moving my hiding spot!!

That will teach her to leave me to pig out!!! She was so worried about me. She even had the rest of the kitties in the house upset too with all that furniture moving and calling.

Ain't I a little stinker?? Best part was she loved all over me with kisses and snuggles & then I got my dinner.

Zelda (Meowmies Special Girl)aka the brat!


I've been tagged!!!!!

July 26th 2010 7:38 pm
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Bibi tagged me!

So this is the game: If you don't have an 'official tag', you can just play anyways and start a new line of taggings...

1. Do you ever wake your parent up in the night?
Not in the middle of the night but I do get her up if she tries to sleep in. A girlcat needs her breakfast after all.

2. Do you ever tear up things?
Yes. I like to chew cardboard boxes, and recently I destroyed a sissal toy and ate some of it. Then I got to spend a couple days at the vets running up a huge bill and worring Meowmy to death that I might need surgery to get it out - I didn't but it wasn't fun.

3. What is your favorite treat?
I LOVE Angel food cake. I come running if you tell me I'm getting some.

4. Can you fetch something when asked to do so?
I am so... NOT a dog!

5. Have you ever lived any place other than where you live now?
I lived in the backyard with my mommy PJ and my sibs for the first couple weeks of my life. Then Meowmy found us & brought us inside.

So now you can just copy the questions into your own diary, and make your own answers...ans then you get to choose 5 more taggees!


OMC!!! I'm a DDP!!!

July 15th 2010 9:25 am
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I can't believe I'm a DDP today. Thnak you so much Diary girl/guy/machine, whoever you are. This is really cool. I'd also like to thank all my friends for the rosies,comments, pawmail and friend requests you are all too kind.

I'm feeling a whole bunch better, now that I've been home for a few days. everyone at the VETs was really nice, but I love my family. I am loving my special food(so is everone else btw) and I'm running around playing like nothing happened. Meowmy threw out the toy I destroyed and ate that got me into trouble too. So hopefully I will never have to go through that again. Just so everyone else knows DO NOT EAT THE SISSAL! It really doesn't taste all that good and it causes lots of trouble for your tummy. That stuff is rough & it hurts when you pass it. My little tushy is still a little tender! Lucky for me I didn't need surgery.

Thanks again to all my friends who purred for my well being and sent well wishes and gifties and friendship.

Now I have to go tell my Uncle Zeeke I'm a DDP today. He'll be so excited.

Loves to all,



I'm Home!!!!!!

July 11th 2010 12:50 pm
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Yeah!!! I got to come home today!

Dr. Gary called meowmy this morning & said I could come home. Meowmy came to get me right away. She had to go to work as soon as we both got home, but I stayed home with Grammy & Pappy.

I'm so glad I'm home, I have to be seperated from the rest of the crew so I can rest & they don't eat my special food. I have special food that will be easier on my tender tummy. I like it. I don't really like not being able to play with my sibs but I do get a little time outside my room here & there so I don't climb the walls.

When Meowmy got home from work I was so excited to see her. I loved, & loved, & purred & purred all over her. In fact I made her wait a whole 30 mins to write this diary. I just wanted lovin'. I missed her so much. I'm happy now and resting in my pouch.

I would like to say thank you to all my friends who sent kind words, purrs and rosies to make me feel better. I loves you all.




Things are looking up.

July 10th 2010 6:12 pm
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Well things are looking up for me. I'm still at the vets but they feel like I have/will pass the foriegn object. I had a series of x-rays with barium to see how it moved thru me. It made it passed where they thought my trouble was all the way to my colon last night. This morning I got a little dry food since I hadn't thrown up or had any diarhea over-night. I did however tear my cage all up and get tangled in the IV drip tube. Meowmy thinks I got tangled a little bit and probably freaked out. I don't like being restrained at all. I have to spend the night again to see if I keep my food down so that I can be sent home with oral antibiotics. I'll find out tommorrow when Dr. Gary calls meowmy in the morning if I can please go home.

I do however like Becca, my tech, I purred all over her.

Thank you all for the kind words, purrs and POP rosies you guys have sent me. It means a lot to have friends that care. It makes Meowmy feel good too.




Zelda is at the hospital

July 9th 2010 8:34 am
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Last night Zelda had to be taken to the emergency vet. She threw up sissal in with the remains of her dinner & shortly after that had bloody stool. Th ER Doc thought she had a blockage. she also had a slight fever. She spent the night there being monitored & given fluids. We picked her up this morning to take her to her regular Vet. Our regular vet Dr. Holland feels it's a blockage as well & is monitoring her with continued fluids today. They'll be taking additional x-rays latter to decide if surgery is needed. She is so little it wouldn't take much to cause a blockage. The toy that was fraying(where the sissal came from) is no more. It went in the trash.Please keep our little Zelly in your thoughts today.


Zelda's Meowmy


OMC! I'm Cat of The Week @ Curious Kitties!

October 1st 2009 9:13 am
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OMC! I'm Cat of The Week @ Curious Kitties!

I am so excited to receive this honor! I plan on telling all my sibs and my Aunties and Uncles. That way they can give me the proper attention. I think I should get extra treats and privileges too. This is just too cool!

Meowmy and Grammy are getting in the halloween mood today. I was the lucky(not) one picked to model the cowboy outfit. My curiosity is what led to this, sigh. That and it's likely too small for anyone else. I have to say I didn't particularly care for it. It took both of them to get it on me, I'm kind of a wiggle worm :-). They oohed and ahhed about how cute I was!
Well duh! I'm always cute and adorable!!!
I don't need some outfit for that.

That's my day so far. stay cool kitties.



I love My Uncle Zeeke!!

July 22nd 2009 8:58 pm
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I just love my Uncle Zeeke. I'm named after him, and I look like him.
He is great! I like to be near him and do what he does. I even nibbled on Meowy's finger today 'cause Uncle Zeeke told me it was OK. Meowmy said she idin't like it and to not do it again. I wonder why Uncle Zeeke told me to do that? I think he likes me too. Sometimes when nobody is looking he'll walk over to me and lick me on top of the head to give me kisses!!!! He's pawsome!!! I just love My Uncle Zeeke.

I love my other Uncles and Aunties too!!!


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