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Home:Ft. Belvoir, VA  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 9 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 11 lbs.

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Min-Min, Gin-Gin, Mittens, Baby, Keetan, Gi, Fur Baby, Stinkbutt, Chubba-Wubba, Smitten, Geeg

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:
-mixed breed-cat rescue

Gotcha Date:
August 19th 2006

April 14th 2006


Being with her family, being played with, getting treats, being scratched on her neck

Rubbing her fur the wrong way, someone bothering her in the middle of a nap, wanting to go outside when no one is around to let her out, annoying dogs

Favorite Toy:
Her catnip toy, which she always lays with and brings her new toys to. It's like she's asking its approval.

Favorite Nap Spot:
On my bed, on the couch armrests, on pieces of fabric, backpacks, blankets, pillows, etc, on chairs, on stuffed animals, etc.

Favorite Food:
Meow Mix dry food, and any kind of wet food, especially tuna or salmon.

Bird-watching, chasing feathers and toys on a string, sleeping for long periods of time, being adorable.


Arrival Story:
Gigi was rescued from an animal shelter where she and some other cats (who were also rescued) were about to be euthanized. I heard that she was put in the shelter by a man whose wife owned the cat until she passed away, and he couldn't care for Gigi anymore. The rescue foundation that saved Gigi and some other cats and dogs put Gigi in a foster home, and she went to petstores on the weekends to have people look at her. I saw her for the first time probably sometime in July 2006, and my mom and I were won over. I'd wanted a cat my whole life, and my parents were finally letting me pursue getting one. So I was surprised when on August 19, 2006, when Gigi was 5 months old, my parents took me and my siblings to the petstore she was at and told me I could get her, then and there. Now I can't imagine life without my fur baby.

Gigi was a very healthy kitten for her first year of life. But just before her 2nd birthday, she stopped eating, and began drinking a lot of water, and she slept way too much. We brought her in to the vet after about a week and the vet said if we had brought her in a couple days later, she would have died. He kept her overnight and ran some tests. Turns out, she had a bowel disease that made her stop eating, and not eating caused secondary liver disease. On top of all that, she also had an upper respitory infection. Chances of her survival were slim, but I remained hopeful. I believed she could fight it off because she was so young and strong, because she had only just turned 2. She got a feeding tube and we had to feed her every few hours. The food we gave her looked grosser than regular wet food, but she couldn't taste it, anyway. Her breathing was ragged because of her upper respitory infection, and she still wouldn't eat. On her worst day, she sat underneath the coffee table, at the far back, on her side, and it looked like she was closer than ever to death. I crawled under and laid beside her, petting her gently, whispering to her. The next day, she was much better from that all-time low. I believe she could have died under that coffee table if I hadn't have given her encouragement to live. She steadily grew better over the next couple of months, and I was excited when we brought her in to have her tube removed. She wore a cone, but I was so happy to see that she could finally eat again. The infection was gone, but we still have to give her medicine every three days for her bowels and liver. It's chronic, so they may come up again, but right now Gigi is happy and healthy, looking like nothing ever happened to her, and its only 2 (now 4) years later.

Lives Remaining:
7 of 9

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You can stare, but petting's gonna cost.

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The Life and Times of Gigi, Queen of the World (or maybe just the house)

Hullo all once agin! Soree bout not riteing :3

March 6th 2009 3:17 pm
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Dear Diary,

Hullo, I am furry sorree that I hafn't riten in furevfur. I'll give you a kwick updayt on wut has hapen'd sinse I last rote:

My owners left a few days aftur Christmas on sumthing they call a "vacashun". My mommy told mee it wus to "go skee-eng in Caleroddo", wutevfur that meens.

They wur gone fur lik 5 days, and while they wur gone, my mommy's frend woo I had met a cuple times befur came and fed mee and pet'd me eand gafe mee atinshun. It wus nise, but I stil mis'd my mommy and hur familee. They wur gone fur FURVER, it seem'd! Finaly, thogh, they did cume back, and I was hapee :]

Thengs went by as normel fur a while. Time pass'd, and it's goten warmer, allthogh it snow'd last weekend. Now it's relly warm. But anywoo, last weekend my owners went away agin, this time to some plase caled "Oaklahomea" or sumthing. They wur onlee gone fur a day and a half, thogh, and no one had to cume and care fur mee. I wus stil relly hapee when they came home, thogh!

Tuday, I watch'd the burds while leying on my Auntie Christi's bed, and my mommy came to ley with mee, and she brush'd mee and it wus fun and hapee :3

So yeah, I shuld be riteing more now, but prolly not like evfuryday lik befur. But I will whenevfur I can :D

Thank you fur reeding! I'll MTYL!

Gigi =^.^=

P.S. My Uncle Shane turn'd 16 yeers old in hooman yeers last weekend, and my 3rd burthday is cuming up sune! It's on April 14th, and I'm ecksited :)


Extra Purrs from Gigi on Christmas Day!

December 25th 2008 9:29 pm
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Dear Diary,

I just rote a long diary entree bout my day, but my 'pooter mes'd up. :(

So now my paws are tier'd, so I'll tel you the short vershun. My mommy woke'd up ferst on Christmas morneing, and she woke'd up evfuryone else. I weted on the steres fur the hooman kittens' tereing and riping open of presints to slow down, and I watched and lisen'd to them yell and cheere wif joy.

Then, sudenly, I herd my mommy cal out,"Gigi!"

I terned my hed and saw my mommy houlding my full stokeng wif a pishure of me on it, and a presint with the Santa rapping papir in hur hand. I weted a bit, then ran ovfur and smel'd my stokeng.

My mommy open'd the presint fur me, and it was a Mrs. Claws hat (wif reel fake greye hare!) and wittle red coler thing to go wif it. ^^ I luffed it! In my stoking, I got a stike wif wittle catnip toys atach'd to it, and it smel'd gud :3 Also, I got a furry sparkely penk coler with a jengley bel. It's furry purrdee! I got a penk brush, too, that feels gud wen I get brush'd wif it. ;3

I think my fafurate gift in my stokeng was my new bag of cat treets. They are soft and they tasete GUD! I luff them allredy!

I had a furry grete Christmas this yeere! Probeblee my best evfur! Stil, I think evfury Christmas is my best, but this reely does seeme like it. :3

Well, I haf to go, I haf Christmas presints to play wif and treets to erne, so I'll MTYL! Byee!

Hope you all had a furry Merry Christmas and Hapee Howlidays!

Extra Furry Christmas Purrs,
Gigi =^.^=

P.S. Thankee Santa! I reely luff all my presints. I luff you! MTYNY (Meow To Ya Next Year)! Byee Santa!


It's Christmas Eve! Its Christmas Eve! :3

December 24th 2008 8:27 am
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Dear Diary,

Soree I couldn't rite yesfurday or the day befur. But tuday is Christmas Eve! That meens that tumoro is Christmas Day! I can't wait! Yesfurday I sat undfur the tree fur a long time, smeling the presints and weteing hapely fur Christmas!

The thing on the piianow seys '1 Day 'Till Christmas'! I know whut '1 Day' meens! It meens TUMORO IS CHRISTMAS! YAYYY! :3

Soree, I lost my kule there fur a momint. ;3 Anywho...yesfurday nite one of my mommy's frends came to our howse. I'm prety shy arownd peeple I don't know, and I hid fur a bit even thogh I've met this hooman befur. Hur name is Mariah, frum whut I culd tel.

I thoght she wuld go home soone, but she didn't. She spend'd the HOLE NITE here. That shuldn't bee too surprizing, thogh, cause my mommy has had her hooman frends stay over a lot sence I've come to live wif her and her famely, but she hasn't had anyone slepe here sense we came here like...sumtime in late sumer. :3

So its gud she has hooman frends! I wish I culd haf a kitty frend come ovfur...but idk. Sharing my fude bowl, and my places to slepe, and my wendosils...but it wuld probably bee fun too!

Anyway, it snow'd more last nite. The snow frum last week was starting to melt, and this add'd more to it! I didn't get to watch the snow fal, sense it fel last nite and I wus slepeing and dreeming of Christmas. But its kule to lok out the wendo at.

Well, I have burds to watch come into the wendowel in Auntie Brigitte and my mommy's rume, and visions of cat treets to danse in my hed. I'll MTYL!

Weshing you and yoor famely the hapiest Howlidays evfur!

Merry Christmas Eve evfuryone!

Gigi =^.^=

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