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My New Family

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February 8th 2014 4:17 am
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Come on we need to do as much as we can to save Catster, we are not just a number using a site, WE ARE A FAMILY xx


Catster Shutting down :(

February 5th 2014 2:02 am
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OMG just read on FB that Catster is shutting down, why???

I will now have to go and save my cats profile pages and diaries as I never what to lose anything regarding Pebbles, Tilly, Rhea and Smudge.

If anyone wants to keep in touch or know of any other sites that are similar please let me know on FB as:

or my email:

I wish everyone all the best for the future and a big THANK YOU for being there when I was grieving for Rhea and Pebbles. I have made some good friends on Catster and completely gutted.

Lots of love from Tracy, Tilly, Rhea, Pebbles and Smudge xxx


Happy Thanks Giving Day

November 28th 2013 12:35 pm
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To all my Catster friends Happy Thanks Giving Day, have a fantastic time xxx


Happy 8th Birthday Tilly Woo

November 15th 2013 12:50 pm
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To my beautiful little girl, Happy 8th Birthday. I can not believe that it is nearly 5 years since we took you in and what an amazing little girl you have turned into. From a loner, knotty, moody and some days quite a nasty girl, to a beautiful, friendly little love bug. Over the last few years we have become a family of four and even though you put up with a lot from Ethan you never give him anything but love, thank you my beautiful little girl xx

Love you loads my beautiful girl more and more each day xxx


Winter is here and Smudge still will not move in :(

October 30th 2013 10:37 am
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Well it has been 2 years since I first started feeding Smudge our stray feral female and she still does not trust me enough to move in. I made great headway with her but had to catch her in March to get her neutered as she was giving us a bit of a kitten problem :)

I know that it is not just me why she does not move in, we have a indoor cat Tilly and a very active 2 year old little boy who gets very excited when he sees her.

During the summer I realised that she spent around 80% of her time in our garden or very nearby, even with Ethan running around. The worrying time is now night time, I have no idea where she goes. I have given her shelter for the last 2 years but she never uses it.

I just wish that she would move in with us, we do not have a large house, but I am sure that she would be able to make her own space and be very happy with us even if it was just for the winter.

At least I know she is fed well by myself and she is not the only feral cat living within our area to cuddle up to (I also make sure the other 2 male cats have a meal too at least once a day). Just wish my little girl would come in where it is safe and warm :(


Update as Long time off Catster

August 19th 2013 1:03 pm
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Well just checking and it has been since March that I came on Catster, keep telling Mommy that she needs to spend more time on but she goes to bed early most nights as now Ethan is nearly 2 years old and tires her out each day.

Yes my little playmate Ethan is growing up into a beautiful little boy, we have had the terrible twos for the last 6 months and he has not even reach 2 yet!!! Mommy has had a bit of a problem with him hitting other children but at last we can see light at the end of the tunnel and he finally stopping doing it. It could be due to him learning to speak and at the moment he just asks 'what is it' all day long. He loves me completely, he knows I am a cat and calls me Tills all the time. I have even started laying on his bed and letting him cuddle me not too keen though when he tries to pick me up!!! Mommy was so scared to how I would react to him as I have not always been a loving cat, but no nothing has changed since she got pregnant I am still a little love bug and love my little man very much.

Well an update on our Stray Feral Smudge, yes she is still with us and becoming more trusting by the day much to Mommy's delight. The other day she came into the house whilst Mommy and Ethan was watching tv and settled down in front of the tv with them. Mommy could of cried, she has been feeding Smudge now for around 2 years and finally it is starting to pay off. Mommy and Daddy are wanting to move in the next couple of years but Mommy could never leave her behind so this was a great step forward. Mommy thinks that Smudge is meant to be with us as she has rehomed 14 cats but only choose to take Smudge back and that she looks so like Mommy's first furby Pebbles. Bless her too she has even learnt how to laze in the garden without Ethan seeing her and chasing her. She literally lives in our garden 90% of the time, we just wished we knew where she slept, you call Smudge and within seconds she is there in front of you.

As for me well I have nearly been with my Mommy for 5 years, I am now an indoor cat as Mommy is very protective of me and can not bear for anything to happen. I spend my days snoozing on Ethan's bed and on a night time I get into bed with Mommy. I am nearly 8 years old and more laid back (good job with having Ethan). I have finally lost my baggage and have turned into a loving, beautiful, spoiled little girl.

We will try to come on more as we do miss what our friends have been up to xx


Smudge is home update.

March 27th 2013 5:43 am
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Well our little feral cat Smudge did come home on the 16.03.13, she was released back into the garden and disappeared straight away. It was nearly 48 hours later when she finally turned up again and was waiting for food. Think Mommy wore out the carpets upstairs constantly looking for her!!!

Mommy says it has been a massive u turn as Smudge now has a trust issue with Mommy. She will wait for food but run as soon as Mommy goes outside and will only return to the food when Mommy goes back inside and locks the door.

Yesterday and today have been a great response from her, she is still not as trusting but has not disappeared. Smudge has started letting Mommy put food where she is but no longer any nose nudging.

We know it is going to take time and lots of patience but after a year of building trust it is very upsetting to go back to square one :(

We knew that we would have to catch Smudge to get her neutered, have taken her back into our garden, into our lives and given her another chance of being loved. We will be here for you always Smudge, this is your home for when you feel ready to take the next step.

lots of love Tilly, Mommy, Ethan and Smudge xxxx


Smudge is due home tomorrow :)

March 15th 2013 1:35 pm
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We have finally been given confirmation that our little stray feral cat Smudge is due home tomorrow. Smudge has been quite ill after being neutered but is doing really well. We have had some very cold weather so her Foster Career thought that it would be too cold to leave her outside after such a stressful time she has been through.

Mommy has got a cupboard full of cat food ready, a fresh chicken cooked, a shelter and water bottle all ready to go. It has been upsetting for Mommy to keep looking out into the garden and no sign of Smudge, two chickens cooked and no Smudge camping on the doorstep :)

Mommy has also been told to catch the two male stray feral cats that hang around the garden, they too will be neutered and released back into the local area. After Smudge Mommy thought her cat catching days would be over but she has been told that in the long run it will be better for the cats so the cat trap is coming home too.

The above link is for Smudges new Catster page, please stop by and become friends.

Lots of love Tilly, Mommy and Ethan xxx


Sorry for long time away and up date on Smudge

March 8th 2013 1:39 pm
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I know it has been some time since Mommy and I have made an appearance on Catster :( Mommy does not have as much free time now Ethan is 1 1/2 years old. He is constantly on the go and turning into a beautiful, confident little boy. Ethan and I are now becoming good friends and I do spend quality of time with him, though at the moment he is in the habit of nudging me with his foot, which really upsets Mommy but I am sure this is just another fad he is going through. Mommy has also decided not to return to work yet as my parents think it is the right thing to do. Daddy will be working away a lot this year with his new job so Mommy will stay a SAHM until Ethan is around 2 years old.

Mommy has had a lot of problems with feral stray cats over the last 2 years. Well eventually we got down to 1 female stray (Smudge) to catch, but before we could catch her she came into season again. Great news we caught her on Wednesday completely by accident, I think due to her heavier weight. The Cat Protection collected her and on Thursday a decision was made to neuter her with the loss of her kittens (she was around 3 weeks).

My Mommy had to leave the decision to the Vet, Cats Protection and the high possibility of inter breeding. Mommy just said that her priority was completely for Smudge's well being.

At the moment Smudge is doing well and will be released back home to us next week, hopefully she will learn to trust Mommy completely and we would love her to move into our house full time.

Please note how much Smudge (picture on Tilly's page) looks like our lost furby Pebbles. Mommy says that she is meant to live with us and even if she never completely trust us she will always have a meal waiting for her.

We will be giving Smudge her own Catster Page soon and would love people to become friends with her.

Lots of love Tilly, Mommy, Ethan and Smudge xxxx


My 7th Birthday

November 15th 2012 2:00 am
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Today is my 7th Birthday and nearly my 4th Gotcha Day. Well my life has been one of ups and downs since I was born, I am now in my forever home and have been for the last 4 years.

I am very loved and spoiled everyday with love and a couple of treats. Though I have had some life changing situations in my forever home, I am now a house cat as my Mommy could not bear losing a 3rd cat to car accidents as I am really dizzy and had a few close calls. Also my little playmate Ethan is now here, he is now 1 years old and learning to terrorize me when I allow him.

Tilly's Mommy: Happy 7th Birthday my beautiful little girl. We love you loads and you are just amazing in every way. Can not believe that you are already 7 but so looking forward to spending lots of years ahead of us with you. Tillywoo love you more and more each day lots of love Mommy and Ethan xxx

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