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Age: 8 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 15 lbs.

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Full Name: Princess Autumn Amelia Marie, Autumsy-Wautumsy, Pirate Kitty, Trouble, Baby, Little Freshie, Pumpkin, Baby Shoes, Fancy Pants

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Gotcha Date:
November 11th 2008

August 1st 2008


Food, Smokey, being brushed

An empty dish

Favorite Toy:
Smokey; pirate ship

Favorite Nap Spot:
Grandma's bed

Favorite Food:
Favorite? She loves them all!

Stealing Smokey's food and toys, being so incredibly cute that she never gets in trouble no matter what she does, annoying Smokey


Arrival Story:
A community of nuns took in a pregnant stray cat. They continued to care for her and all four of her kittens once they were born. Autumn Amelia is one of the litter. One of my co-workers, who is friends with the nuns, took one of the kittens and I got one as well. The nuns will continue to care for the mother and the remaining kittens. They have brought great joy to the convent!

Autumn Amelia fears nothing, attempts everything, and gets away with all sorts of naughty behavior just because she's too cute to get mad at. She has a very high opinion of herself, even for a cat and can be very aloof. She loves to watch out the window and she adores our next door neighbor. Whenever he's outside she sits in the window and watches him. Autumn Amelia is a bottomless pit. She will eat anything and everything and would probably eat 24/7 if she were allowed. She now needs to lose weight - big surprise!

Lives Remaining:
9 of 9

Forums Motto:
I fear nothing! I eat everything!

My Guardian Angel Amelia:

I've Been On Catster Since:
November 17th 2008 More than 8 years!

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for 3493 days

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I Went Outside!

May 31st 2013 10:00 am
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Yesterday afternoon when Meowmy came home from work I was stuck indoors, as usual, sadly watching out the window as my big sisfur, Smokey, got to play outside. They never let me out, only Smokey. The humans think I'm not smart enough to take care of myself outside. They think I'd run right up to a coyote and ask, "want to play?" I would not. I don't even know what a coyote is, so how could I ask one to play with me? Hmmpph! The humans also think I would get lost or run out in the street or do something stupid like that. They think just because I was born in a convent and have never spent any time outside that I just wouldn't be able to take care of myself. It's not fair!

Smokey, on the other paw, has what the humans call "street smarts" so she gets to go out during the daytime. Even she can't go out after supper and boy, does it make her mad!

Well, yesterday the weather was gorgeous! Grandma was sitting out on the deck doing a crossword puzzle and Smokey was roaming around the yard, mostly showing off because she knew I was inside watching her. Then Meowmy came home from work and instead of coming in to feed me, she sat down on the glider next to Grandma. That meant everyone in the family was outside except me! I was sooooo sad. Finally, Smokey asked to come in (she was probably hungry for supper) so Meowmy opened the door and let her in. I was right at the door and I gave Meowmy the saddest look I could. It worked! She picked me up and carried me out to the glider and put me on her lap. She said I could be outside as long as I stayed on the deck.

I immediately jumped off her lap and started investigating every inch of the deck. I sniffed the glider and all the leaves. I let my whiskers blow in the breeze. It was pawsitively delightful! And here's the very best part - I was OUT and Smokey was IN! As a matter of fact, Smokey got up in the window and meowed and Meowmy said to her, "Oh Smokey, let Autumn be the one who's outside for a while." WOW! Woo-hoo! I sure made the most of it! I didn't leave the deck, just like Meowmy said, but I looked at everything, sniffed the air, watched some bugs, and looked at Smokey in the window. That was my favorite part. I loved being outside and looking at Smokey being inside! What joy!

It was over far too soon. Meowmy and Grandma decided it was time to make supper so we all had to go in. Smokey was right at the door. I scampered past her as fast as I could and headed up the hall. I knew she'd be mad so I wanted to get out of her way as quickly as possible. Amazingly, she never took any revenge on me. Maybe she learned what it feels like to be the one who has to stay inside and can only watch the one who gets to go out.

I don't know if they'll let me out again. It might have only been a momentary weakness on Meowmy's part, but even if I never get to go outside again, I'll always treasure the memory of that wonderful time on the deck.


My Defense

May 15th 2013 5:50 pm
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My sisfur, Czarina Smokey, has just made a terrible and completely false claim against me in her diary. She insists that I am to blame for the hot water tank breaking and flooding the basement yesterday while she was sleeping down there. I deny all accusations. I was upstairs minding my own business (and some of Grandma's business)when it happened.

Smokey claims I took the tank apart in order to flood the basement on purpose so I could sail my pirate ship in it. She's got to be kidding! I take my pirate ship out on the high seas where I pillage and plunder. I do not sail it around the basement. How ridiculous! And to think that I did consider taking my beloved ship to the basement if the water got high enough (which it never did) to rescue her. She was stranded on a chair in the basement and had to be carried upstairs. A pirate queen like me could have commanded a whole fleet to rescue her and I would have, too, if it had been necessary. And this is the thanks I get. Character assassination!


My big adventure!

October 13th 2012 4:13 pm
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Today I had a very special adventure. At first I was afraid because Meowmy took my carrier out and I thought she was going to take me to the vet. I HATE going to the vet. I tried to hide under the table, but she got me and stuffed me into that awful carrier and then into the car. I was put in the back seat because Grandma rode up front with Meowmy. Smokey got to stay home.

It was only a minute or two before we arrived at our destination. Way too quick for the vet. Where was I? My carrier was lifted out of the car and placed on the ground. Grandma stayed right by me while Meowmy was busy putting things on tables and talking to people. Before I knew it lots of other animals began to show up. There were dogs on leashes and cats in carriers. But we were outdoors and it definitely wasn't the vet.

Then Meowmy picked up my carrier and brought me over to meet a very strange looking animal. I thought it was the very biggest and weirdest looking dog I had ever seen. It didn't smell right either. I've smelled dogs before at the groomer and at the vet, but never one that smelled like this! What was this odd creature?

Then Meowmy said, "Look, Autumn, this is a calf, a baby cow. Isn't she cute?" Ummm...cute? Well, that wasn't my word for her, but she certainly was different and even sort of interesting.

In a little while two humans in long robes came out and all the humans said lots of words all together. Meowmy called them prayers. A couple of humans made speeches, including the calf's human. I don't know what that was all about, but the humans seemed interested. I, however, was greatly enjoying being outdoors (where I never get to go), smelling all the outdoor smells and feeling the cool air. The humans said it was cold, but that's because silly humans don't know enough to grow fur. I was perfectly comfortable.

When all the talking was done, one of the men in the white robes came by and sprinkled water on all of us. Now what was the purpose of that? Meowmy said it was holy water and we were being blessed. Don't these humans know that cats don't like water?! What were they thinking? They even sprinkled water on the calf. She didn't seem to mind, though. I think some of the dogs actually liked it, but then dogs are weird.

There was more prayer talk after the water. Then the humans began milling about talking to each other and eating treats that were set out on a table. I heard an announcement about cat and dog treats being on another table and I was sure I would be taken to that table to eat, but it did not happen, which was terribly disappointing. However, I did see Meowmy take a couple of bags of cat treats to bring home so I'm sure to get them tonight.

While all this was going on lots and lots of humans came up to my carrier and said how beautiful I am. Several dogs came to admire me, too. I don't really like dogs, but as long as they were paying proper respect to me, I allowed it.

Finally, everyone went away and Meowmy put me back in the car and took me home. As soon as we got in the door, Smokey was waiting for us. She thought I had gone to the vet. Ha! Wrong! She was so confused to find that I did not smell like the vet at all. I told Smokey all about my adventure and I think she is quite jealous. Meowmy said Smokey didn't go because it was too cold out today. Smokey's fur is much, much shorter and thinner than my long, thick, luxurious fur and Meowmy was afraid she'd get too cold.

Well, it's only fair, after all. Smokey gets to go outside all the time and I never do. So today was my day. I got to be outside with lots of animals including a really strange one (strange, but very nice). And I got blessed. I still don't quite know what that was all about, but Meowmy says my halo is glowing. Now I just need to know - what's a halo?

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