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I'm the Wussy Pussy

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All by myself...

July 16th 2014 5:45 am
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First I want to tell you that I was ALL BY MYSELF for an entire week at the end of June. Can you believe that? I was really upset thinking that mom, dad and the dogs went to the cabin for a week without me, but mom promised that they didn’t and that they were on vacation in NC. She said the reason I couldn’t go was cause it was a very long drive and I don’t travel well. I’m thankful she didn’t take me cause I wouldn’t have liked that part at all. And when I say I was “all by myself”, I wasn’t left totally all lone with no one around for the week. Brett, Aysha and Kelsey all came to check on me so I had visitors every day and it was nice to see them too. I was even a good girl and used my litter box like I’m suppose to except for one time when I pooped on the blanket outside the crate cause I was mad at being left home. Brett showed me really fast that those behaviors wouldn’t be tolerated and I had to spend a day in my crate and I wasn’t happy, but did learn my lesson and was a good girl after that. My family came home on Saturday, July 5th and I was VERY happy to see them! I didn’t let mom out of my sight and spent the entire evening sitting with her and was even happier to curl up on her at bedtime:)
This past weekend we went to the cabin and I loved it! I got to sit on the front porch with mom both mornings until it got hot and I loved watching the birds and chasing the bugs. Mom took some pix that I’m sure she’ll post as soon as they get the issues fixed. All in all I had a really good weekend and enjoyed having my family back again. I’m sure glad they don’t go on many vacations without me!


Nice trip

June 26th 2014 6:26 am
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This past weekend we went to the cabin and Nanny and Poppy Waple went as well. My trip didn’t start off that great cause we had to stop at the bank for mom and dad to do something and they left us animals in the car with the AC on. While I appreciate that, I didn’t like that we weren’t moving and I cried for a while, but realized it wasn’t really doing me any good so I stopped. I’m sure my dogs were happy about that and I was very happy when mom and dad came back and we made our way to the cabin. When we got there I was a little discombobulated cause Nanny and Poppy had their things beside the bed where my stuff is, but mom was thinking ahead and put a second litterbox in the living room so that made me happy. Later that night I went on the patio with everyone and now explore a little more and go around to the front porch. Mom is okay as long as she can see me. But I don’t know why she worries cause Echo never lets me out of her sight so I’m not going anywhere.

Saturday morning I went on the porch with mom for a little while and enjoyed the nice cool morning. It was raining and I was enjoying watching the raindrops in the puddles. Not to worry, I didn’t get wet cause I was under the roof:) Later in the evening I did go outside with everyone until the ridge runners all showed up and the dogs went crazy barking and they were all so loud laughing and carrying on. That freaks me out so mom put me in right away and I was REALLY glad cause a few minutes later I heard really loud booming and mom said it was fireworks. She came to check to be sure I was okay and I was, but just not liking the noise too much. Fortunately that only lasted a little while then things quieted down for the evening.

Sunday was the usual routine and I had a nice quiet ride home. I always enjoy going to the mountains and I’m sad that I won’t be going for 3 weeks cause mom, dad and the dogs are going to NC. Mom said she’d take me, but I can barely handle an hour ride let alone a 10 hour ride and as much as I’d love to be with my family and not stay home alone, mom is 100% right, I would hate the ride! Mom assured me that Brett and Kelsey will be over every day to spend some time with me so I’ll be just fine.

Well, that’s about all I have for you right now. Oh yeah, check out the pix mom posted of me taking a nap. She loves when I cover my eyes:)


What's happening...

June 10th 2014 8:44 am
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Okay, I guess I should catch you all up on what's been happening around here.

First I got in trouble, well kind of. Cause I used to potty on the floor outside my crate mom put plastic down. The other day dad stepped in that area and thought I pottied there (which I didn't...this time) so he freaked out on me chasing me into the crate and yelling like a nit wit. However, mom to the rescue as usual (she always covers for me:) and showed dad that I didn't potty there and it was damp from the plastic. Well that was both good and bad for me. Good cause it meant I wasn't permanently stuck in the crate for the rest of my life, but bad cause it means I got relocated back to the living room while the carpet dried out. I don't like being in the living room cause it's too open for me and plus Echo is my roommate when I'm out there and she like to torment me by sitting outside my crate and staring at me...freaky dog. Thankfully I am back in my room now and mom has it all cleaned up so I need to be a good girl and not potty anywhere except the litterbox.

Okay, now to the fun stuff. We went to the cabin this past weekend and mom tried to let me go drug free again. It was okay except for the fact that we had to take a different route and when we hit those winding roads again, I got all worked up and started panting so mom ended up giving me a pill halfway through the trip. She didn't take the chance coming home either cause it was raining. I know I should be use to the trip by now, but I just can't help it. So as of now I'm back to taking my kitty downer for the trip. The weekend was a good one. The weather was beautiful and I was outside a lot. Saturday morning I hung out on the front porch with mom while she read and had her coffee. I'll only sit out there with her if she lets the front door cracked so if I get scared I can just run right back in. I did that 2x when a big tractor came by and then a motorcycle. Both very loud and very scary! I was outside again later that night when Pam and Dave came to hang out by the fire. At first I didn't want to be out and when no one would let me in, I ran to the front door hoping it was still luck! Mom brought me back a couple times, then started to send Echo after me. After like the 5th time and realizing I wasn't going in, I finally decided to just chill and enjoy the evening cause it was an absolutely perfect one! I sat on mom's lap for a while then chased bugs around so I'm glad no one let me in earlier or I would have missed that fun. Sunday we headed back home and like I said, I had a kitty downer so it was an uneventful trip.

This week I'm sure I'll pretty much just be chilling. For now I'm allowed free run of the house again so I need to be on my very, very, very best behavior and not mess up by going potty on the floor. God give me strength to be a good cat, please! Paws crossed...all 4 of them!

I hope all my pals enjoyed their weekend and try to stay cool during this hot week ahead. Meow at you all later!


Weekend with LOTS of people!

May 27th 2014 10:44 am
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This past weekend we went to the cabin for Memorial Day. Mom took us animals up Friday afternoon cause she got out early and dad came up later that night. It was busy as usual until Saturday...that's when we got invaded! Emmie, Jan and Reno (Jan's friend from Germany) showed up around lunchtime on Saturday and that's when I tried to make myself scarce. I say tried cause as soon as Emmie got in the cabin she made a beeline for me. Thank goodness mom stays with her to make sure she pets me nice and doesn't pester me the entire time. Don't get me wrong I love Emmie, but until she gets a little bigger, I'm weary of her cause she can be nice one second and not so nice the next. Fortunately for the most part, she was nice all weekend. I did stay back in mom and dad's room most of the time until mom took me outside when they were sitting around the fire. I liked that cause nighttime around the fire is one of my favorite times and Emmie was in bed so I didn't have to worry about looking over my tail. Sunday wasn't too bad cause everyone was outside most of the time so Emmie didn't have time to worry about where I was and then they headed out after dinner. Mom was worried the entire time that I wouldn't use my litterbox and she even put out a second one for me to use. I used both of them and mom told me she was VERY proud of me for not going potty on the floor, especially with all the people there. I am trying to be a better kitty and not potty on the floor anymore cause I gotta tell you, I love having the freedom of roaming around and not being in a crate.

Anyway,since it was a long weekend we didn't have to leave Sunday and I got to hang with mom some more. I laid on the chair with her as soon as she sat down and I slept there with her until bedtime then I was in bed with her too. Monday we were in no hurry to go home and in fact, we didn't leave until really late and it was dark when we got home. Mom was proud of me yet again cause I made the trip home drug free, can you believe it?! Mom didn't like how the drugs would make me shake and how I'd come out of them so she wanted to see if I would travel without them. I didn't sleep on the ride home like I usual do, but I didn't freak out crying or panting or anything that would get my heart rate up so mom said I did pawsome! Hopefully I can do it again cause I don't like those drugs much either.

So now I am back home and back to my normal routine. We don't have a trip to the mountains again for a couple weeks, but that's okay cause at least I know mom will be home with me. Mom promised never to leave me home and go to the mountains without. She did warn me though that in July they are going away and only dogs are allowed to go, no kitties. Plus, she said she is certain I wouldn't do well cause it's a 10-12 hour ride to where they are going and mom is 100% right, I would NOT like that ride! But she promised that she will have people come to check on me and also promised that the weekend after they get back we'll all go to the mountains again:)


Long weekend in mountains

May 13th 2014 11:34 am
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We had a long weekend in the mountains and I loved it! We got there Thursday evening and stayed until yesterday and it was pawsome:) Thursday night I hung outside on the patio with everyone since the weather was so nice. Friday night Pam and Dave came for dinner and Pam played with me cause she loves animals. Saturday was mom's birthday, Happy Birthday Mom, but the weather wasn't that nice so they were at the cabin most of the time which I really enjoyed cause that meant a lot of lap time on mom for me! Speaking of lap time, Sunday night was such a beautiful night we sat around the fire for hours and I sat out there too. I was on mom's lap for a long time (check out the pix she posted) then I wondered around the patio chasing bugs and had a lot of fun! It was a great weekend and I spent lots of time with my family:)

Last night when we got home mom and dad had places to go so I napped on the bed til they got home. After they were home I went downstairs and slept on mom's lap for a little which I very rarely do downstairs. Don't ask me why cause I lay on mom's lap all the time at the cabin, but at home, I rarely go downstairs. Mom was happy I came to see her and I was happy to do it:)

Well, that was about all that I had going on. I'll be sure to let you know know if anything good happens, but until then, have a great week and meow at you all later!

BTW, Happy Mother's Day to all the mom and grandmas out there!


Thanks to all!

May 5th 2014 7:45 am
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I just wanted to take a moment to thank all my pals for all their congrats, gifts and special pix they sent to me for the honor of Cat of the Week I recently received from Catster. It truly is an honor and mom was able to download all the cool pix my pals did for me and she posted them to my page so check them out. I'm so happy Catster found me interesting enough to make me COTW and I'll continue to do my best to bring you new adventures. Unfortunately I don't have any from this past weekend, but mom said we're headed to the cabin for a long weekend so I'm sure I'll have some for you when I return.

Thank you all again and have a pawsome day!


Very relaxing weekend:)

April 28th 2014 1:11 pm
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This past weekend was "girls only" weekend at the cabin. When I say "girls only" it was mom, Chloe, Echo and I, no one else and it was wonderful! It was nice and peaceful without all dad's buddies stopping by. We did miss dad though and it was weird for us animals to be there with just mom. But I was loving all the time we got to spend together. Mom couldn't believe that Saturday night when she left the dogs out, I followed them right out the door. You're talking about a cat who use to be afraid of everything, but now when I'm in the mountains I get my "mountain muscles" on and nothing bothers me. It still was a little cold to be out at night around the camp fire and mom was gonna take me outside Saturday a little, but it was really windy and she was afraid that would scare me and she doesn't want me to have any bad experiences and ruin how much fun I have there.

We came home early Sunday afternoon cause mom and grandma went to a movie. I wasn't happy about it, but I did enjoy laying on the bed in the sun for the afternoon. I love laying in the warm sun:) Mom was proud that I am using the litter box at home now and hopes I keep up at that. She was very happy that I also came downstairs last night all by myself and sat with her a little while she watched TV. I do that all the time at the cabin, but never at home and she said she hopes I do that more often.

Well, that's about all I have for now. Mom said Dogster is down again so I don't know when you'll get to see my dogs' entries from the weekend, but at least I was able to post here. Have a great week and stay safe and dry if you're getting hit with this bad weather that's happening.



April 24th 2014 12:11 pm
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Mom wanted me to ask all my Catster pals who have dogs on Dogster if they are having trouble with Dogster? Mom keeps trying to log in and she gets an error message and if she does get logged in, she usually ends up with someone else's dogs in her account. Anyone else having problems on Dogster, please let me know. Thanks!


What is going on?

April 22nd 2014 7:36 am
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Okay, first I want to thank Catster for making me Cat of the Week. This is a real honor and one I will cherish furever! And thanks to all my pals for their congrats and gifts:)

I'll tell you about my recent weekend in the mountains, but first, does anyone know what the heck is up with the Catster and Dogster websites? When mom logs in here she is able to get to me and put in diary entry, but nothing else. When she logs into Dogster, she gets someone else's dogs. Is this happening to anyone else? Please help cause we can't find our doggies!!!

Okay, now about my weekend. It was a pretty nice one. We went to the mountains on Thursday since mom had off work Friday. The ride up wasn't bad and I was very happy to see the cabin back to normal when we got there, unlike last time. I did shock mom that night though. When she left the dogs out to potty before bed, I followed the dogs right out the door. Yep, you heard me right, me the wussy pussy followed the dogs outside. Needless to say I wasn't out long cause mom scooped me up and brought me back in cause she said it was too cold outside. She's a party pooper:( Anyways, Saturday was a nicer day and mom did take me out on the front porch a little. The fresh air was nice and I enjoyed the warm sun. She took me out again on Saturday and I wished we didn't have to leave to come home cause it was absolutely gorgeous outside and I just wanted to lay in the sun all afternoon. But with Easter on Sunday we had to head home and it wasn't such a pleasant ride. About half way home I had to potty and of course there's no place for me to go in my carrier cause I don't like to go in it if I don't have to. I was restless and crying a lot. God love mom and dad cause neither got mad and mom did her best to calm me down. Fortunately I did make it home and I immediately went potty and boy did that feel good!

My Easter was uneventful and I just chilled at home. I don't eat anything other than cat food so I didn't get any goodies, but I was fine with that. I hope all my pals had a wonderful Easter and can enjoy some of the nice spring weather that sounds like is finally coming our way.

Have a good week and if you can let me know anything about Dogster and how mom can get our doggies back, that would be greatly appreciated. Meow at you later!


Total craziness!

April 7th 2014 12:19 pm
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Well, the cabin was worse than I remembered...there was still stuff piled high, but worse now cause Randy moved stuff so he could put down the tile. And on top of it, there was dust everywhere from him sanding. Now don't get me wrong everything he did looks great, but when we got there, I was so out of sorts all I did was wander around meowing trying to figure stuff out. Poor mom searched high and low for my bowls, but couldn't find them so gave me a dog bowl for water. Of course I didn't mind cause I drink out of their bowls more than mine anyway. Then she was climbing all over stuff to finally find my food dish and fed me cause I always, eat, drink and potty when I get there. I think it's the meds she gives me that makes me want to do those things. Mom finally did find a bowl and she called me and I popped my head out so she could find me in all the mess and she took me to where my bowl was so I could eat. After I ate, I found a place in the back room to chill cause there was so much craziness in the cabin, I wanted as far away from it as I could get! Not only was the cabin a mess, but all of dad's buddies stopped so there were a lot of people there too. It wasn't until late that night when the cabin was finally pretty much back to normal and I was able to come out and check things out. The bathroom, kitchen and dining area now had tile instead of carpet and linoleum and it was really nice! Needless to say that night I slept like a rock with mom.

Saturday I pretty much relaxed. We had company in and out pretty much all day and our friends Pam and Dave came later in the evening and it was nice cause she is a cat lover and always scratches me and gives me lots of loving:)

Sunday another relaxing day and then of course, we had to head home. Mom said I've been doing excellent in the car and I did even better when I got home and pottied in my box without being locked in. Cause I did that mom let me have full run of the house the rest of the night and I enjoyed that. Although, the meds make me feel a little funny and for the first couple of hours I get home I'm a little confused and I meow a lot. Mom would call me and I'd go hang with her for a little then off her lap, roam around and meow some more. Echo checked on me a couple of times too to ensure I was okay so I know even though she may be a pain in my butt sometime, she loves me and she's not bad for a dog either...MOL:D

Today is a rainy day and I'm just going to nap on the bed. I don't know when our next trip is to the cabin, but I sure hope it's not as crazy as this past one was that is for sure!

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