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Age: 18 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 9 lbs.

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Gitmo, Giz Giz

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:
-mixed breed

August 19th 1998


Sleeping and being scratched under her chin


Favorite Toy:
Ear plugs

Favorite Nap Spot:
Between the pillows on the bed

Favorite Food:
Meow Mix

She helps mom play cards


Arrival Story:
It is a sad story as how Gizmo came to be with us. There was a mother cat that had a littler of kittens in my grandparents coal cellar. Brett picked out one of those kittens. It was his first ever pet that was all his own. He named her Zoe. When Zoe was of age, we took her to get spayed and declawed. That is when tragedy struck. The vet gave poor Zoe too much anesthia and ended up putting her to sleep. Brett was devastated. A few months later, that same cat had another litter of kittens (we did try to catch her to have her fixed, but she was feral and we weren't able to get her). All the kittens found homes, however, the home that one kitten went to called and said they didn't want the kitten anymore and my dad could come get it if he wanted it. These people said she got outside and was hiding under the trailer for over a week. My dad immediately went and got the kitten. The poor little thing looked horrible. She was covered with greasy stuff and was so skinny, we honestly didn't think was going to make it. Brett heard about this kitten and wanted to see her. When he saw the tiny, scared little kitten, he wanted her. We tried to tell him that we weren't sure if she was going to make it, but he said he didn't care, he wanted to try and help her. So, we took the little kitten home and Brett was initially going to call her Tiger, but because she didn't have stripes, he decided on Gizmo from the movie "Gremlins". We took Gizmo to the vet and they cleaned her up, gave her all her shots and gave us special food to feed her for a couple of weeks. Boy, what a difference a couple of weeks can make! Gizmo was looking great and settling in to her new home. A tragedy for one, brought new life to another. Gizmo is a lucky cat, but we are even luckier to have her in our lives.

Gizmo is a strange little cat. For years she would tremble when she would fall asleep. We thought it might have been a "phantom pain" from the time when all the fleas invested her poor little body. She grew out of it by about age 7 I believe. She doesn't like any food except dry Meow Mix. That includes any kind of treats, table food, anything. I've never known a cat that would NEVER want treats. She also doesn't like to play very much either. Once in awhile she'll bat around her little yellow spongy ball or chase something that I'll drag across the bed or floor, but for the most part, she doesn't play. Oh yeah, she does love ear plugs!! She steals mine off of the nightstand all the time and carries them around and bats them around the bedroom. The worst thing about her is that she won't use her litterbox if you aren't home and let her run loose in the house. Because of this, she must stay in a crate when no one is home. I know that sounds cruel, but it was either that or the humane society. We don't know why and the vet couldn't find anything physically wrong with her to explain it either. So, when we aren't at home, she spends time in her crate. She really doesn't seem to mind though and she even goes into at times when she doesn't have to. Gizmo is also afraid of everything! Anything that is not familiar to her will send her running faster than a gunshot. We are pretty sure this came from her experience living under that trailer for a week. Poor girl, does have a lot of issues, but she does seem very happy now. She loves to play with Chloe'. She'll wait for Chloe' to walk by then she'll pounce out at her. When Chloe' goes to play back, Gizmo will stand on her hind legs and bat at Chloe'. It is a cute little game they play. She also loved to be with Mickey, my torti who passed away a year ago. They slept together on the bed, played together, they were pretty much inseparable. She really missed Mickey for a long time after she passed away, but Gizmo seems to be okay now. Oh yeah, it was after Mickey passed away that Brett gave me Gizmo. Gizmo was always Brett's cat. He took care of her, paid all her bills, and played with her. Of course I did too, but she was his. But after Mickey passed away, Brett knew how upset I was so he told me I could have Gizmo. That really touched me because I know how much Brett loves Gizmo. So this strange little kitty with all her little quikes is now my little Gitmo. GIzmo is also my Texas Hold'em partner. Whenever I am playing on the computer, Gizmo will reach up and pat me with her paw, wanting me to pick her up. I put her on the desk and she'll sit there for hours with me, watching as I play. I swear she would tell me when to fold, call or raise if she could. Gizmo also loves to crawl up and snuggle in the crock of my arm when I go to bed and she will purr until we both fall asleep.

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5 of 9

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Gizmo a/k/a Mountain Kitty

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November 13th 2008 More than 8 years!

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I'm the Wussy Pussy

All by myself...

July 16th 2014 5:45 am
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First I want to tell you that I was ALL BY MYSELF for an entire week at the end of June. Can you believe that? I was really upset thinking that mom, dad and the dogs went to the cabin for a week without me, but mom promised that they didn’t and that they were on vacation in NC. She said the reason I couldn’t go was cause it was a very long drive and I don’t travel well. I’m thankful she didn’t take me cause I wouldn’t have liked that part at all. And when I say I was “all by myself”, I wasn’t left totally all lone with no one around for the week. Brett, Aysha and Kelsey all came to check on me so I had visitors every day and it was nice to see them too. I was even a good girl and used my litter box like I’m suppose to except for one time when I pooped on the blanket outside the crate cause I was mad at being left home. Brett showed me really fast that those behaviors wouldn’t be tolerated and I had to spend a day in my crate and I wasn’t happy, but did learn my lesson and was a good girl after that. My family came home on Saturday, July 5th and I was VERY happy to see them! I didn’t let mom out of my sight and spent the entire evening sitting with her and was even happier to curl up on her at bedtime:)
This past weekend we went to the cabin and I loved it! I got to sit on the front porch with mom both mornings until it got hot and I loved watching the birds and chasing the bugs. Mom took some pix that I’m sure she’ll post as soon as they get the issues fixed. All in all I had a really good weekend and enjoyed having my family back again. I’m sure glad they don’t go on many vacations without me!


Nice trip

June 26th 2014 6:26 am
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This past weekend we went to the cabin and Nanny and Poppy Waple went as well. My trip didn’t start off that great cause we had to stop at the bank for mom and dad to do something and they left us animals in the car with the AC on. While I appreciate that, I didn’t like that we weren’t moving and I cried for a while, but realized it wasn’t really doing me any good so I stopped. I’m sure my dogs were happy about that and I was very happy when mom and dad came back and we made our way to the cabin. When we got there I was a little discombobulated cause Nanny and Poppy had their things beside the bed where my stuff is, but mom was thinking ahead and put a second litterbox in the living room so that made me happy. Later that night I went on the patio with everyone and now explore a little more and go around to the front porch. Mom is okay as long as she can see me. But I don’t know why she worries cause Echo never lets me out of her sight so I’m not going anywhere.

Saturday morning I went on the porch with mom for a little while and enjoyed the nice cool morning. It was raining and I was enjoying watching the raindrops in the puddles. Not to worry, I didn’t get wet cause I was under the roof:) Later in the evening I did go outside with everyone until the ridge runners all showed up and the dogs went crazy barking and they were all so loud laughing and carrying on. That freaks me out so mom put me in right away and I was REALLY glad cause a few minutes later I heard really loud booming and mom said it was fireworks. She came to check to be sure I was okay and I was, but just not liking the noise too much. Fortunately that only lasted a little while then things quieted down for the evening.

Sunday was the usual routine and I had a nice quiet ride home. I always enjoy going to the mountains and I’m sad that I won’t be going for 3 weeks cause mom, dad and the dogs are going to NC. Mom said she’d take me, but I can barely handle an hour ride let alone a 10 hour ride and as much as I’d love to be with my family and not stay home alone, mom is 100% right, I would hate the ride! Mom assured me that Brett and Kelsey will be over every day to spend some time with me so I’ll be just fine.

Well, that’s about all I have for you right now. Oh yeah, check out the pix mom posted of me taking a nap. She loves when I cover my eyes:)


What's happening...

June 10th 2014 8:44 am
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Okay, I guess I should catch you all up on what's been happening around here.

First I got in trouble, well kind of. Cause I used to potty on the floor outside my crate mom put plastic down. The other day dad stepped in that area and thought I pottied there (which I didn't...this time) so he freaked out on me chasing me into the crate and yelling like a nit wit. However, mom to the rescue as usual (she always covers for me:) and showed dad that I didn't potty there and it was damp from the plastic. Well that was both good and bad for me. Good cause it meant I wasn't permanently stuck in the crate for the rest of my life, but bad cause it means I got relocated back to the living room while the carpet dried out. I don't like being in the living room cause it's too open for me and plus Echo is my roommate when I'm out there and she like to torment me by sitting outside my crate and staring at me...freaky dog. Thankfully I am back in my room now and mom has it all cleaned up so I need to be a good girl and not potty anywhere except the litterbox.

Okay, now to the fun stuff. We went to the cabin this past weekend and mom tried to let me go drug free again. It was okay except for the fact that we had to take a different route and when we hit those winding roads again, I got all worked up and started panting so mom ended up giving me a pill halfway through the trip. She didn't take the chance coming home either cause it was raining. I know I should be use to the trip by now, but I just can't help it. So as of now I'm back to taking my kitty downer for the trip. The weekend was a good one. The weather was beautiful and I was outside a lot. Saturday morning I hung out on the front porch with mom while she read and had her coffee. I'll only sit out there with her if she lets the front door cracked so if I get scared I can just run right back in. I did that 2x when a big tractor came by and then a motorcycle. Both very loud and very scary! I was outside again later that night when Pam and Dave came to hang out by the fire. At first I didn't want to be out and when no one would let me in, I ran to the front door hoping it was still luck! Mom brought me back a couple times, then started to send Echo after me. After like the 5th time and realizing I wasn't going in, I finally decided to just chill and enjoy the evening cause it was an absolutely perfect one! I sat on mom's lap for a while then chased bugs around so I'm glad no one let me in earlier or I would have missed that fun. Sunday we headed back home and like I said, I had a kitty downer so it was an uneventful trip.

This week I'm sure I'll pretty much just be chilling. For now I'm allowed free run of the house again so I need to be on my very, very, very best behavior and not mess up by going potty on the floor. God give me strength to be a good cat, please! Paws crossed...all 4 of them!

I hope all my pals enjoyed their weekend and try to stay cool during this hot week ahead. Meow at you all later!

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