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Rumors of a New Addition

October 20th 2009 3:18 pm
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I love my home and have a great time playing and lounging and watching birds out the window. I love my human/mom very much and she was at home a lot during the summer (she says she's "underemployed") but now that Fall has happened, she's been leaving me all alone in the house. The phone sometimes rings really early in the morning and off she goes, she says she has to substitute teach and that it puts food on the table, but I miss her.
I try not to let it show, by sleeping in the couch and generally doing my thing, but when she had free time, I bugged her good! I watched her and followed her around the house/apartment. (I usually follow her anyways, you never know what these humans will do without proper cat supervision!) Anyways, mom went out about a month ago and started saying things like, how would I like a buddy?
Now, she says I really will be getting a buddy to play with. She says he's a light, buff-colored tabby boy, with similar white markings like me. She even said he'll be coming over to our house really soon... We shall see what she means...

I'll keep you somewhat posted as to what goes on with me and this new... buddy... mom has planned for me...

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