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Life in the basement

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January 15th 2012 2:11 pm
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I have been trying to get the attention of a certain ladycat named Samoa, not so much because I wanted the public recognition of being named a Dreamboat, but because I want her to think I'm dreamy! Well, apparently, she does, because she just named me as Dreamboat #51! I am so incredibly excited and honored! I am just a shy guy that appreciates a gorgeous ladycat like Samoa, and I am flattered that she noticed me! Yiiiippppeeee!


Dreamboat Wannabe

March 6th 2011 6:38 am
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I am officially a Dreamboat Wannabe! Every mancat in our family has been honored by the spectacularly beautiful Samoa's Dreamboat list...except for me! I blame my photographer. I asked her to take some newer photos of me being as dreamy as possible. I just uploaded some photos that showcase my dreamy green eyes and soft white hands.

I know the Dreamboat ship has sailed for this year, but I am lobbying for a spot on next year's list for sure!


I feel like a brand new mancat!

November 18th 2010 6:12 pm
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For some reason, my fur on my back got a mat. Then that mat got a mat and formed a bigger mat. Then that mat got another mat. Pretty soon, I had a big ball of wadded fur on my back that looked like a big handle. I don't allow ANY human physical contact, so it just kept getting bigger. Mommy wanted to take me to get it removed, but I am basically a wild animal that can't be picked up and put into the carrier. At least not with some serious time and effort. Then my mat got so bad that Mommy was too embarrassed to take me. I know that sounds terrible. Finally, she realized I was suffering and needed to see the doctor, no matter how hard it was.

And it was hard. It took forever to get me caught. But finally Daddy caught me and threw me in a box. When Mommy was carrying the box full of me, she said, "Butters, oh my God! You smell horrible!" I rode in the car next to Mouse, and he was like..."Dude, seriously!" But I can't help it if I have odors! I was TERRIFIED all day.

The vet made me feel sleepy, and when I woke up, my handle was all gone. My fur had been washed and brushed. I was still scared, but excited by the sensation of shorter nails and a normal coat.

When I got home, I trotted all over the house and showed everyone my new look. Every cat wanted to sniff the new me. Mommy says I look so handsome!

When Daddy got home, he said I sure did get a better haircut than Mouse did. Ha! That will teach Mouse about teasing me about my formerly smelly self!

I am so happy and excited, but I must rest and sleep some more. Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my handle-free life.



Are you afraid of sharks?

February 7th 2010 1:26 pm
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I am! Our Mommy is always on a quest for things that will make her appear to be a better housekeeper than she is. Her latest gadget is something called a Shark. It is supposed to clean our floors using only tap water to make steam. First the vacuum monster, then the Robot and now this thing! It is way quieter than the other devices, but it makes a hissing sound that sends me running for the hills.

When the shark gets done sharking, I like to sprawl out all roll on the newly steamed floor to make it smell like me again.

Does your house have sharks?


Feeling pouncy!

May 14th 2009 3:41 pm
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Meowlo, furrrriends! I found out that there are so many new things I can do at my new house.

My favorite things are:

-Following my dear Kiki anyplace she goes
-Playing mousies
-Chasing my tail
-Chasing the laser beam
-Going in and out of the basement all day
-Exploring all closed doors

Not bad for a guy who used to hide in the ceiling. I thought I was too old to play games, but now I have plenty to time to purrrlay because I don't have to hunt for food or guard myself and my territory from intruders. I even pounce like a kitten sometimes!

Last night I was so into playing that I got right near Mommy's feet! Sometimes Hazel gets so excited when she plays now that she jumps up on the couch...with PEOPLE on it!

Sometime I miss my big outdoor territory, with woods and water and all the mice I could catch. But being inside has advantages too, like Kiki is here!

She is so beautiful that I can't take my eyes off her. She is friends with the king cat, Mouse. She is not even afraid of the people! She must be very important indeed. She is allowed in all rooms of the house. She goes into the basement, attic or the magical outdoor room whenever she wants. Doors are opened for her like she is a movie star. If I can get her to accept me in her life, maybe I can live that rock star life too! That is my plan.

Well, I am off to follow my lady.



Our Birthday!!!

April 3rd 2009 4:43 am
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Mommy told us today that we have a birthday coming up! No one knows what our real birthday is, but according to everyone's calculations, we kits were probably born in April. So Mommy said our birthdays would be on April 13, the same day as the Angel Princess was rescued two years ago! Wow, we kits were not even born then!

We told Mommy that all we want for our birthday is to each have our very own Catster page so we don't have to share. Mommy said that we will get pressies for sure...maybe some (more) furry mice!


Butternut or Mulligan? And yet more meds

March 31st 2009 7:15 pm
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Well, guess what? I tested positive for feline bartonella. It can cause cat scratch disease in humans if I bite or scratch them. I have to take Zithromax for THREE weeks now. I just finished my medicine for my mouth infection! Ugh! This means it's like that Hazel's dental disease is from bartonella too. Dang it!

Mommy asked a friend to ask someone in her family who lives alone and loves animals if he could take me. He said no, and it's a good thing I guess because he is fighting the cancer, and Mommy would never give a kitty with an infectious disease to a cancer patient whose immune system might not be up to par. So there goes that idea for real. Mommy was going to try for the hard sell by sending them my very cutest photo too. Maybe when I am cured we will try that.

I also have a great photo of me with Kiki. She is very sweet. I think I love her. I follow her around and look very interested in everything she does. But I still run when people approach me, and I am scared to death of the new robot vacuum.

And now Mommy is saying she might change my name! She never really liked Butternut and is now considering Mulligan. In golf, a mulligan is a second chance. She learned that at work today! Do you think I look more like a Mulligan or a Butters?

Well, Mommy hopes I will be as good about taking my Zithromax as I was about taking my antibiotics for my mouth.


Two steps forward and one step back is still progress!

March 22nd 2009 10:22 am
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All of us are getting more used to our house and people every day. Hazel is coming out to play with the humans, but only at night, and never taking more than one step away from the couch. (She does run around the house with Lil and Gil when she thinks no one is looking.) She also has a new nap spot that is not under anything! She once let Mommy pet her and give her treats in her new nap spot, and then ran away on the next day's attempt.

Butternut is taking his medicine like a good boy. The hard part is keeping Gilmore away while Butters eats the medicine food. He is a little piggy!

Lilith is so brave with new places, new toys and new situations, but so scared of people still. She is both the bravest and the most shy.

All six cats get along fine except Mouse. He attacks all other cats. He has been better about not going to the bathroom on the floor in the room he is kept in, but as soon as he gets out, he starts peeing all over everything. He peed on our kitty sack bed and on the basement floor yesterday.

Mommy contacted a friend to see about finding a new home for one or two us. We think she should rehome Mouse, but that does not seem to be an option on the table! She is in no hurry and will not let us go to anywhere but the best possible home.

Check out our newest photos! Hazel is too shy to come out for a new photo, but the rest are pretty good. Kittens sure do move around a lot while their picture is being taken!


Tooth removal!

March 19th 2009 12:25 pm
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I had to go to the vet today to get one shot, and guess what happened? I had to have emergency dental work done. I had a tooth that had bent forward and died, and then I got a massive infection. The doctors removed my tooth and did their best to clean the infection. I have to take medicine for ten days now. But the doctor said that now I will start to feel lots better.

Mommy feels horrible that she failed to notice this serious problem, but I only ever let her see me from the back as I am running away. So it's hard for her to inspect me up close and notice these things.

I can't wait until I am all better!


My purrrrrsonality

March 5th 2009 6:16 pm
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Ok, cats...weren't you always led to believe that no one could see you, as long as you were covered? So how come these people in this house are able to see me when I am hiding my face? I don't want them to see me!

But it gets worse. They talk to me too. And I have to say...week number three under the couch is not that great. At first I got my nummies and water delivered to me, but lately I have to go to the food in the dining room to eat and the water to drink.

That made me realize that there is a whole big house here. And my brother and sister too! I peek at their playing from behind the sofa. I am so tempted!

The other night, I saw a ball being dangled around, and I could not resist. I grabbed it with my paw from under the couch. The smaller human said she was expecting Gilmore and got me! Of course, I ran away immediately when I realized that toy was attached to a human hand.

Then I found out that right next to the sofa is a comfy heated cuddler. So when no one can see me, I sleep in there.

Last night I snuck out for a snack and a quick bathroom break, but instead of going back under the couch, I sat on the living room floor and even rubbed my face all over a catnip scented cardboard thing.

The small human laughed and said, "Hazel, it's so nice to see your purrrrrrsonality finally!" She said I look more like a cat than a frightened animal lately. Just goes to show what she knows. I am very frightened! And I don't want them to see my purrrrsonality or anything else about me!

Back under the couch for now. Well, maybe I will go see what that kitty condo is all about and then hide.

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