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Baby Doll, Monkey Face, Cheeky Monkey, Chickabee, Muddle-Head, Keshy, Kesh Kesh

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Gotcha Date:
May 2nd 1998

February 21st 1998

Chocolate Point

Being with her sister, Samsara. Before Misha died, being with Misha. Belly rubs are great too.

New cats in the house; visiting dogs.

Favorite Toy:
Mommy. Chasing a rope.

Favorite Nap Spot:
Mommy's lap.

Favorite Food:
Pasta al Pesto; if there isn't any, then cat food, please!

Letting Mommy know if there's some sort of problem.


Arrival Story:
I got Marrakech and her half-sister, Samsara, shortly after Misha's buddies, Cappuccino and B.A. died within a month of each other. I wasn't really ready for another cat, but Misha was so lonely it became clear that if I didn't get him a companion I would be putting his health at risk. Misha could be testy around new animals, so I opted for Siamese because of their rambunctious personalities. I couldn't have been more right. Within the space of a week, Misha accepted the kittens. He gave up trying to intimidate them because they just kept coming back for more.

Marrakech was a spunky, smart, elfin-like little cat. This tiny little girl was my honey and the alpha cat of the household. After her life-long mate, Misha, died she liked nothing better than being with her Mommy. She would sleep for hours in my lap while I was on Catster, and spend the rest of her waking hours figuring out newer and better ways to get picked up, carried around and loved. She freely returned all those hugs and kisses. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- ---- Marrakech spent her last years in battle against chronic, debilitating asthma. She suffered two respiratory collapses and subsequent hospitalizations in the last year of her life: the first, in May 2010 and then again in August 2010. Between August 2010 and March 2011, she needed to be repeatedly treated for bronchial infections and UTIs. Even through the endless rounds of meds administered every 12 hours: she always remained the spry little imp, interested in everything going on around her. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- ---------------------------- Her body just couldn’t handle that last infection—the antibiotics were no longer effective and over the last week of her life, her condition deteriorated to the point at which she had to choose between breathing and eating. She stopped eating. It was probably the hardest decision I will ever need to make, I helped my baby to the bridge in the early afternoon of March 16, 2011. She had just reached her 13th birthday. Rest in peace, my sweet angel.

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When in doubt, act cute!

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Help my cat is dying.

People who belong to Siamese cats must make up their minds to do a good deal of waiting upon them."- Compton Mackenzie

Cats, no less liquid than their shadows, offer no angles to the wind. They slip, diminished, neat, through loopholes less than themselves. - A. S. J. Tessimond

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November 7th 2008 More than 8 years!

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Marrakech's Diary

Bridge Day 2013, Thank You, and Remembering Sauce

March 19th 2013 12:02 am
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It’s been so long that we’ve been away from Catster. What to say?

This weekend has been difficult at best. Not that Mommy doesn’t think of me effury day, she does. But ‘specially this weekend threw Mommy into another funk.

Effury now and so often Mommy thinks she’s seen a little tiny beige kitty out of the corner of her eye, and then when she turns to look, I’m not there. Was I there? I’ll never tell.

But I’ll tell you this. We’ve never stopped loving each other. Uh uh. Not for one minute. Effury now and so often Mommy comes over to the bookshelf where she put our ashes (mine and Misha’s) and she spends some time with us. First with the urns and then with my picture, and I can see she doesn’t look happy. She remembered us the same way on Saturday. Actually, she started cuddling my box on Saturday. (I wasn’t supposed to say that—that was supposed to be purrivate.)

But life goes on. Mommy went to a St. Paddy’s Day pawty at her coach’s house on Sunday and got home really late so she didn’t turn on the 'puter. There was some really bad news waiting for her when she checked her e-mail yesterday morning. I could have told her but…

Sauce of the Tabbies O Trout Towne joined me at the Bridge Sunday evening.

He had been really sick for the last month. Last month he had been in ER for what first looked like kidney failure. When his bloods came back, we were so relieved. It turned out to be an infection in his kidneys. He had been hospitalized overnight and given a convenia injection. He should have gotten better and started eating again. But that didn’t happen.

He was just beginning to eat and then he got a whopping UTI (almost just like I had it). His poor Mom had been trying to help him fight that awful schnootzie monster. He was too weak; he couldn’t fight it anymore. His Mom, Laura, had to help him to the Bridge yesterday evening. He was only 10 years old.

We just stopped over to their blog spot again—it looks like a lot of you know this already, but just in case: please stop by there. Laura is really hurting and could use some love coming her way.


M ommy says she’s ‘devastated’ over this.

Then, to add to things today, our Auntie Gail (doggy Misty’s mommy) thought she lost the kitten that has been with her for only a week. A year ago, Auntie Gail adopted a kitty for Misty. Her name is Kat (not kidding). That wasn't too long after doggy Princess went to the bridge. Misty and Kat get along okay, but Misty wasn’t interested in playing with Kat and Kat needed a playmate. So, just last week Mommy went to the ASPCA with Auntie Gail and Auntie Gail adopted what Mommy calls a little powder-puff of a kitten. She got a 2-month old kitty that looks like Moppie when he was a baby. Auntie Gail named him Prince.

Auntie Gail rang our bell tonight in a panic. Prince was missing. Mommy and Auntie Gail searched the hallways of the ‘partment building and then Mommy started turning Auntie Gail’s ‘partment almost inside out. She found him. But, OMC, what a fright! The vacuum monster must have scared him this afternoon.

Where was he? Behind Kat, sort of. He was between the bed-skirt and the wall. Kat was under the bed sitting just in front of the (inside of the) bed-skirt. Mommy noticed that there was a ‘lump’ behind the bed-skirt that was just behind Kat. That’s when she started reaching behind the bed. Her hand started to close on something furry that felt like it was sniffing her. Auntie Gail was on the floor in front of the bed while Mommy was on the side against the wall. When Auntie Gail told her that Kat had moved, Mommy really started digging. (If it had been Kat, she would have come running out from under the bed.) Just a scare—but what a scare at the end of a really bad day.

Mommy also wanted me to tell you that we’re all doing okay here. Colette has been doing well. She’s just about ready to go in for a 3-month follow up X-ray after her last visit to Doc Josh in December. She’s had very little trouble with her poopies since she got her chemotherapy treatments. She’s bored with her kibble and Mommy found out that she can tolerate Stella & Chewy’s Duck Duck Goose, so that’s what she’s getting mixed with her kibble now.

We were laughing the other day. Do you know that Colette showed up in the bathroom 3 times in one day last week, asking for her brushies?! She did! Really. We didn’t want to believe it.

Mommy says that Samsara is getting really picky about her food and really senile. Mommy is starting to call her a ‘cranky old lady’. Around Catmus, she decided she liked to sleep in a tiny little packing box better than she did sleeping in bed. Well, that changed back. She’s back in bed, first under the covers, like I used to do, and then on top of Mommy’s legs. In the morning now, she jumps into bed and yells into Mommy’s ears: ‘get up! feed me!’ And then she doesn’t want to eat. Later, she starts yelling that she hasn’t been fed. She eats her food then, in the kitchen, making sure that Colette isn’t around to steal it.

Mommy is still working 16-hour days trying to get her business going. That’s the reason we haven’t been around. Last month she went taking pictures all over the breed-judging events at the Westminster Doggie Show. She shot over 700 photos and spent practically all month developing them. She’s just beginning to send out those pictures to the doggy pawrents. I hope she’ll put them up on her web site soon so she can get some rest (and we can spend some time on Catster). And, Mommy says she also needs to write an update for Colette for IBD Kitties.

And we need to get some new pictures up for Colette and Samsara. We’ve got some awfully pretty ones that we hope to post sometime soon. (Mommy says, geeze, we keep saying that, but…!)

Thank you effurybody for remembering me with your sweet thoughts.

Family of Mea, Mikki, and Milo – for the Diamond
Family of Tink and Snow - for the Heart
Family of Felix Honey Angel – for the Rainbow
Family of Simon and Angel Ruben – for the Rainbow
Family of Skylar db#39A, Mrs. Murphy, Rusty Dreamboat #39B – for the Rainbow
Family of Big Harry, Patches, Angel Abigail – for the Heart
Family of Bliss, Penny and Minnie – for the Rainbow
Family of Lady, Baby Sammie and Cesar – for the Rainbow
Family of Pinkie, Biggles and Nonny – for the Rainbow
Blade – for the Rainbow
Family of Monster – for the Rainbow
Family of Bear, Onyx, and Severian - For the Pot of Gold
Family of Family of Keisha, Sylvester, and Merlin – for the Candle
Family of Serena Honey Girl Angel – for the Snowman for my Birthday
Family of Skylar db#39A, Mrs. Murphy, Rusty Dreamboat #39B – for the Heart for my Birthday
Family of Keisha, Sylvester, and Merlin – for the Heart for my Birthday
Family of Angel Bella, Orange Ruffy, Smokey Boo and Natalie the Natcat – for the Rose for my Birthday
Family of Simon and Angel Ruben – for the Heart for my Birthday
Family of Gunnar T, Miss Muppet and Peekaboo – for the Pink Ribbon for my Birthday
Family of Big Harry, Patches, Angel Abigail – for the Heart for my Birthday
Family of Ruby (Fur Angel), Blue II and Muffy – for the Shrimpie for my Birthday
Family of Teebo, Callie and Rose – for the Heart for my Birthday
Family of Sleeper, Samhain, Fearless, Socks and Owl - for the Rose for my Birthday
Family of Bear, Onyx, and Severian - for the Heart for my Birthday
Family of Milo, Smokey Joe (Angel), Timmy (Angel) and Zig Dreamboat in Training – for the Rainbow for my Birthday
GAGA – for the Rose for my Birthday
Tate – for the Rose for my Birthday
Family of Bliss, Penny and Minnie – for the Cuppy Cake for my Birthday

Purrs & huggies,

(Angel) Marrakech


Gotcha Day

May 2nd 2012 8:29 pm
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May 2, 1998. That was such a long time ago. And now I’m not with Mommy anymore, but she says she wouldn’t have traded our time together for anything in the world. Samsara told you part of our gotcha day story, so I’m not going to repeat it. But you know what? Mommy says in so many ways I’m still around.

You know that picture that Mommy took of us in the baffroom mirror: the one where I was trying to help her take the picture? She just saved another version of it—this one is in the style of a pencil sketch. The pencil sketch style gets rid of that awful yellow light and Mommy thinks she’s going to use that picture as the logo for her furtography business venture. After all, she says Colette and I taught her effurything she now knows about furtography. (She says that Samsara’s face, with those big eyes, usually loves the camera—she’s too easy.)

That’s right, some of the furs around here have purrsuaded Mom that she might be able to make a living doing this purrfessionally, so Mom is trying to put together a purrt- and doggy-folio, and do the million and one things she needs to do to make this happen.

Giggles! Instead of seeing pictures of herself and Colette right now, when she sits in Mommy’s lap, Samsara is seeing pictures of doggies. (Some of them are really pretty, some are really funny-looking and then there are the others, the big doggies that are just plain scary.) I wonder if Samsara would have tried to smacky-paw Argos, the French Bull Mastiff! And if she did, would he have paid any ‘ttention?

Thank you all so much for stopping by my page. It’s going to take Mommy a bit of time before we can thank effurybody. We miss you all and, as soon as we can, we’ll come back to play.

Purrs and huggies…


Bridge Day Thanks.

March 22nd 2012 10:49 am
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It was a rough few days there. And, to top it off, I’ve been busy. (Maybe I shouldn’t say that—Diary Gal, you’re going to be back saying ‘Gotcha. Let’s give Marrakech another DDP’!)

I needn’t mention Saturday was St. Patty’s Day. Last year I was reeling. I had just helped Keshy to the Bridge and even though my voice coach has kitties (and has lost kitties) of his own, he still didn’t quite understand why I couldn’t come to his party. I brushed sadness aside this year and only walked in the door after 4:00 Sunday morning. (There’s nothing quite like the New York City subway. It can turn an hour’s ride into a two-and-a-half-hour late-night ordeal.)

Saturday was also the day Samsara was scheduled for her echocardiogram and sonogram, and the day that Dr. L. (Colette’s oncologist) had another gig.

I spent Sunday recovering.

Colette was due for another CBC on Tuesday. Let’s see… it’s (name a day of the week), it must be (name a kitty[‘s]) Mommy, Carol, showing up for a vet visit.

Rather than spill beans here, I’ll have Colette and Samsara tell you about their visits.

I will add one thing, though. The sonographer who did Samsara’s tests brought her back and commented on how sweet she is (and that it really showed how well-cared for she is [yay!]}. After thanking her and without even thinking about it, I had two remarks: “Yes, Samsara is good girl”, and, that her late half-sister, Marrakech, was “breath-taking” she was so sweet.

Thank you everybody for stopping by: for your gifts, for your kind wishes and for your love. I’m sure Keshy would have had a huggie for each of you.

Tabbies O Trout Town – Angel Star
Pinkie, Biggles and Nonny – Angel Star
Tink and Snow – Heart of Gold
Ringo, Webster and Dusty Puppycat – Rainbow Star with the Teddy Bear.
Anonymous – Heart of Gold
Bella, Orange Ruffy, Smokey Boo and Natalie the Natcat – Four Leaf Clover
Louis LeBeau – Rainbow
Family of Skylar, Mrs. Murphy and Rusty – Rainbow
Nala Sue – Rose
Family of Big Harry, Patches, Angel Abigail and Zack – Heart
Family of Kitty P, Harrison and Indy – Heart
Family of Misha, Molly and Macy – Rainbow
Blue II and Family – Rainbow
Family of Lola, Beepers and Ashlynne – Heart
Teebo, Callie and Rose – Rainbow
Simon and Rubin – Heart with the Teddy Bear Hugs
Family of Mia, Milo, Xena Princess Warrior and Queen Tallulah – Rainbow
Serena Honey Girl Angel – Rainbow
Family of Bliss, Penelope and Minuette – Rainbow
Sofie and Family - Rainbow


Mom, Carol

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