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The Life of a Kitten

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Big Adventure and Thank You

April 11th 2014 10:33 pm
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Hello hello hello all my furiends! I knows it been a verrrrrrry looooooong time. Mama told me I’m “Cat of the Week!” Oh thank you sooooooooo verrrry much Catster! And thank you for all the prezzies and rosies!

I knows we hasn’t been around much but that’s cuz we been on a BIG ADVENTURE :-o

One day mama put us all in boxes (well cept for Lilly-Rose, mama brought her later) and we drove in the car not too far and then she opened the boxes and we were somewhere we never been. Everyfur was scared cept for me :). But there was all kinds of peoples I never saw and they were all doing stuff and moving stuff and there were strange smells. Mama said we now had a new home with grandma cuz grandma needed us, something mama said was dementia?

Grandma wasn’t so happy at first but hers better now though her stills gets mad at mama :(. Lilly-Rose sleeps with grandma and Tweety likes when grandma pulls his tail. And sometimes Waylon sneaks grandma’s food :-o. And I gots a yard though mama says there’s more weeds than grass. I be MIGHTY HUNTER hehehe. I gots a bird, a lizard and a couple grasshoppers!

Last week we had lots of excitement. There was a man and he was making a hole in the floor! Mama said he was fixing the reason there was water all over the bathroom and bedroom floors. Every time the noisy machine stopped Waylon and me went to check and he gived us scritches!

I misses all my furiends sooooooooooooo much :(. Mama says grandma’s getting weaker though and really needs us. And grandma’s gonna be 94 on the 19th!!!



October 13th 2011 11:13 pm
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WOW! It was so very exciting to see me on the homepage as Cat of the Day! Thank you ever so much Catster!

I also want to thank all my furiends, new and old (is that silver and gold?) for helping make this day so extra special. So many gifties and the pictures, they’re the best! Meowmy says it’s gonna take all day to thank everyfur.

So, what did I do to celepurrate? Well, when meowmy was talking to a neighbor they opened the screen door and Chandler Ray and I, well, you know, we got out! Chandler Ray may be old but he can bust a move when he wants to! It was so very nice and sunny and warm too! Though it wasn’t too fun when she picked both of us up to bring us back inside cuz, well, you know, we’re not exactly one-handed kitties hehehehe. But we got treats when we got back inside.

Later, I got to go for my walkie, you know, the one when I wear my leash, but I got to walk on the railing! I like to do that though meowmy has to put me up there and she has to hold the leash extra tight because sometimes I get real cuddly and lose my footing. Too bad no one had their doors open. I like to say “hi” when they do and they’re always so happy to see me, meowmy says I make people smile.

Well, I’m off for another nap before bedtime, dreaming of green grass and catnip! And sunny, warm days, rolling on sidewalks and walking on rails!



July 23rd 2010 11:36 pm
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Thank you, thank you, thank you diary gal! This has been a grrrreat week! First, we opened up the newsletter and there I was on the front page! It was an article about walking cats on leashes. Good thing meowmy had the camera with us that day hehehe

Then today I was Diary of the Day!!! What a pawsome honor! I want to thank all my pawsome pals -- Sparky, my buddy, Alfie, Teddy Bearz, Sydney Rose, Milo and Oliver who made me a pawsome pic (now meowmy has to figure out how to put it on my page :0); Grace; Samantha Angel who was also a DDP and went to the Rainbow Bridge soon after my brofur Wyatt. I bet they are pals now, watching over all of us! Elise and Genny; Mea Angel, Mikki, Miko, Milo, Mimu, Maui, Kaiser and Jaeger; my good pals Simon and Reuben. The Bush Furs who are always so kind; Adam Dylan, Eve Layla, Puddin Keket, Puff Amenti, Pumpkin Sanura and Little One - we continue to send purrs and purrayers for Adam and hope they get his meds figured out soon and he gets better. Beauty, Mitzie, Snowflake, Mallory and Link; Pipo, Minko, Groucho, Simba, Suki, Toki, Mr. Jack Freckles and Freckles Special; Aeden; Hooch; Ciao-Li, Weezer, Sheba, Katie, Arlo, Cami, Bizkit, Sluggo, Sneakers, Emilio, Archi, Star and Skye; Rex Bugsy, Maxxy, Simba, Sadie, Spice and Tutti. Our awesome pals Morris, Eddy (meowmy's favorite cause she looks so much like Wyatt), Emily, Nelly-Bell-May, Cleopatra Grace, Nekko, Itsumo, Jerry, Tinkerbell, Walker, Alexandria, Molly and Pookah; Tate; Tony, Anna, Greystone, Sammy, Stormy, Cleo and Ashe.

I also want to thank everyone who sent concats, we're sooooo happy email is working again so we didn't miss any!

Today I was a good boy, I didn't roll in the dirt and then look for puddles. Then, meowmy wasn't wearing white hehehe I almost caught a butterfly too! And meowmy harvested the catnip and we got some, nice and fresh. Ohhhh that's the best! I did play with the pinwheel in one of the planters, it's fun to watch it spin :) All in all, it's been a good week for a not so little anymore guy like me! And Lilly-Rose only hissed at me once today!


Did you see? I'm FAMOUS

July 20th 2010 11:13 pm
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Oh wow, thank you Catster Lady!! I'm on the front page of the Catster Newsletter! Ohhhhhhhhhh I'm soooooooo excited! I'm famous hehe

It was a really good day when meowmy took me for my walkie and she remembered to bring the camera! We had lots and lots of butterflies that day and I was having soooooooo much fun chasing them! I don't know what I would do if I actually caught one though, I'm purrty sure meowmy would not let me :(

Mostly I like to eat grass and look for my furiends. But lately I've found some really fun dirt to roll in. And then, I like to find some wet sidewalk to walk in and then I reach up so meowmy will pick me up. It's especially good when her wears white hehehe

It's summer here and we have lots and lots of sun! I say, the more sun the better and it stays light longer so I get really long walkies! And sometimes me and meowmy find a nice grassy place and sit down and watch all the peoples! I likes that a lot. Especially when they come over to pet me. I'm such a good boy :)


One Kewl Cat

March 9th 2010 2:34 pm
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What is it about me that the girl kitties think is just sooooo kewl? Could it be my orange Harley Davidson Collar? Or maybe my cool blue walking jacket? Maybe it’s the way I strut my stuff when I’m out and about. Yesterday all the girl kits were checking me out!

First, I stopped to chew on some plants and Sophia Loren couldn’t stay away. I was so busy chomping away I didn’t even notice her! When I did, she had the nerve to hiss at me, but I didn’t care. I had places to go, grass to eat, plants to chomp. Next I wandered down where Bella and Lily live. And there they were, up in the window, couldn’t take their eyes off me. I put my tail in the air and sauntered on down the walk.

Then we came to my favorite patch of grass. Oh yummers. When I glanced up, there was Lilu in her window, intently watching me. Even though her screen door was open, she didn’t come out to join me. We like to eat grass together heee heee

But for some reason meowmy decided she needed to go up to the office. I don’t like it there much so meowmy carried me. The manger was on the phone so meowmy said “let’s go see the birdies Toby,” and she took me to the aviary. I have to admit, that was worth it. There’s a black and white pheasant with a red head, some doves and some little birds flying around. That kept me busy, talking to them.

Finally meowmy talked to the manager and THEN she put me down. I made her run! There were still sites to see, doors to sniff, places to roll. I can’t wait for spring, meowmy bought some flower seeds and my catnip will be nice and full too! I love to roll in the catnip :)


Ice Cream Tag!

June 22nd 2009 12:29 pm
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I been tagged by my furriend Curtis Leroy Pudgett!

I would be peaches and cream (of course) because it's sweet and purrty, just like me! I would add sprinkles and hazelnuts for my eyes and they give it a little spice!

What would you be?

Susie ..... Flipper ..... Bear ..... Ellie ..... Bear BMC


Oh ... Oh ... Oh

February 11th 2009 3:25 pm
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Meowmy and fur furriend Bubba followed me around OUTSIDE today! It hasn't rained for a couple of days, but the dirt was still damp. It felt good on my little white paws.

I really checked out Eddie's patio. There were some really interesting smells on the bbq cover. I never smelled anything like it before and I made the "face" when I looked at meowmy. I started to go out towards where the cars are, but Meowmy and Bubba made me come back. It really looked like a good place to explore, until one of those noisey cars came by and scared me a little. I knew it was OK cuz Meowmy was right there.

I wandered someplace new and I saw a stream. It looked really interesting and fun, but then Meowmy said I was too clumsy and her didn't want me to fall in so hers picked me up and made me come inside.

I heard there were fishies in the streams and I really, really wanted to see them! Mean, mean Meowmy! Maybe when it's not so cold her let me explore the stream and fishies ... hmmmmm


Big Big Adventure

January 1st 2009 5:20 pm
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WOW! It's a whole new year, though I don't really know what that means.

I is sittin here with meowmy, dictating, cause I is such a helpful boy.

Meowmy LET ME OUTSIDE, all by myself! Sort of. Her and the other Bubba followed me around as I was checkin efurrything out. There was grass and trees, patios with all kinds of new smells. I went up to the other Bubba and we kissed noses, but for some reason he wouldn't let me play wif his tail. Chandler Ray doesn't like it when I plays wif his tails efur.

I was checkin out some new bushes when there cames all this noise, little girls running and making noise. It kind of scared me and meowmy thoughts I was gonna head back home. Silly meowmy! As soon as the girls were gone, I wanted to do some more exploring!

When I started to go in the pool area, what do you think? Meowmy picked me up and made me come back inside. Mean, mean meowmy! Hers said hers didn't have her keys wif her and besides, it's a holiday and it was all locked up. Maybe next time I can explore in there since that's close to where meowmy found me.

I is lookin forward to more adventures.


The Toilet

December 2nd 2008 2:02 pm
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Meowmy has finally decided I can watch the toilet flush! She makes sure nothing's in it, cuz she says she can't trust me not to play in it, but mostly I luvs to watch the water go down. I likes to sit on the counter when she's washing dishes too, just to watch the water go down the drain. Sometimes I want to play with the bubbles and meowmy is always making me move back cuz my head is hanging over the sink. But I luvs watching water!



November 23rd 2008 4:01 pm
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Meowmy went out the big door and didn't quite close the screen all the way. When she came back, I was outside, exploring the patio. I didn't exactly run from meowmy when she called me, but I did scamper away a bit.

Meowmy managed to snag me and then Auntie Pamela was out and meowmy took me over so Auntie Pamela could luvs me. But what I really wanted was for meowmy to put me down so I could play more. Chandler Ray and Lilly-Rose were murouwing at the screen so they could come out too, but meowmy said no. Mean, mean meowmy!

However, once meowmy put me back inside, she gave us all real catnip leaves. Those are sooooo good! I luvs em. Tweety, Cally and me eats em, but Chandler Ray and Lilly-Rose roll and drool all over theirs. When they is finished, Tweety and I go and EAT THEM! Then I wents and threwed em up!

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