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Such a Short Life

September 2, 2010

September 2nd 2010 11:10 am
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Meowmy still thinks of me and cries, especially since her Lil Bear is ill. Be and Lil Bear were short-term roomies back in 2008. Meowmy only got to adopt me for a few dasy before I went to Rainbow Bridge. Mewomy didn't want me to be an orphan from the rescue, even though she knew I was going to be an angel that week. If I hadn't gotten sick, mewomy was goign to figure out a way to keep me, even if she had to argue with daddy!
I see meowmy look at my pciture with the poem and she cry a lot. I think she cry for me, for Yoko, for Asti and mostly now for Lil Bear.


My Sweet LIttle One

January 12th 2009 12:14 pm
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There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of Dulcie. And I wonder why? I mean, I wonder why she, in her short life, touched me so very deeply in a way that my two other cats at Rainbow Bridge did not. Or maybe it is BECAUSE of them that she touched me so deeply. It's not only myself that she touched sodeeply, people who never even met her were touched byher storyand by her soul. Our rescue tried to long and hard to save her but we had to do what was best for her, to show her we loved her enough to not make her suffer any more, Believe me, it was the hardest day of my life so far. I believe it's different when they are taken and you have no choice, but when you have to make that choise it becomes soemthing else altogether. I miss her so very much and WHenver I look into my LIttle Bear's eyes I think also of Dulcie, the two were very good friends, of the same breed, but oh so different! LOL Dulcie, I love you. Little Bear, I'm so glad I have you!


My Baby vs. the Horrors

November 21st 2008 5:16 am
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Dulcie: As we bring forth the season to celebrate CHrist's birth, I mourn the loss of you still. You were very special kitten who stole the hearts of everyone who ever touched you, saw you, held you. I was the lucky one to have snuggled with you and had you purr back at me the last few days of your very short life. I still question why these things have to happen. As a rescue volunterr I have seen and heard things that happen to cats and kittens and most are by the hand of humans. I thank ZGOd you were rescued from the streets and at least given a comfortable and loved life. SOem, MANY are not so lucky. Kids who think kittens can be sued for statnic rituals, adults who think they are disposable, those that throw them out of the window or out of a truck onto the freewya and sick, very sick. Then there are those that throw them out out the home like garbage, or lock them up to starve to death with no chance of escape. There are children who think thrwoing them against a wall is "entertainment". These thng sI will never understand. NEVER. When I see these things it becomes so overwhelming and seems so impossible to make a difference. But Dulcie, because of you, I must go on. There are so many to save, so few to save them that we must continue.
I live you Dulcie.


Rainbow Bridge

October 27th 2008 7:06 am
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Dulcie came to me as a 5 wk old, very small rescue. I am a volunteer for a Michigan Based Rescue and took her in to get her big and healtty. She wasn't growing very much, but ate like a linebacker! I fostered her for a week in August and she thrived. She went back into the rescue and was getting ready for vaccinations and in a few weeks to be placed up for adoption, She was always special to me and I missed ehr when she left my house. She then came down with a cold and I took her in again the beginning of October to treat her cold. She was on antibiotics for 10 days and wasn't getting much better, sleeping a lot. So I took her to the vet for another round of antibiotic, however, the vet stated she still had a high fever and presented with soem fluid on the belly. To my horror he stated she probably had wet FIP. The 100% fatal disease for kittens, actually all cats. There is no effective treatment and no cure. I loved her so so much. So I adopted her the day after diagnosis and she was laid to rest on 10-14, jsut 4 days after diagnosis. She had occualr occlusions, fluid and lethargy. We did not want her to suffer so she went to Rainbow Bridge while whe was still comfortable and in a forever home with much love. People should not try to prolong a cat who has FIP. Though it is often misdiagnosed, when faced with the clinical signs of high fever, high blood titer, occular problems, seemingly low grade upper respiratory infection and fluid in the abdomen, though there is no test to definately confirm FIP, those signs are pretty much 99% definitive that it is FIP. FIP IS NOT CONTAGIOUS IT IS A CAT'S PREDISPOSITION TO OVERCOME THE INITIAL CORONA VIRUS OR DEVELOP FIP! Usually clinical signs do not show until the late stages of this disease. It is exposure to the coronovirus that most cats are adn cam overcome, however, some whose immune system is skewed, the ability to fight off thie common virus goes bad and the virus is mutated so that the body attacks itself adn actually is used to reproduce the disease instead of fighting it. To prolong could lead to further suffering, convulsions, coma and most likely pain that they cannot tell us about. I loved her so much and she has taken a large part of my heart with her. For her sake I must continue my volunteer efforts, even though situations like this make me question if I am making a difference and makes me question why this had to happen to the innocents. There needs to be a lot of educaiton and communication between guardians & their vets, as well as further research into this devastating disease to elimiate the possibilty of misdiagnosed kittens being euthanized.
Dulcie, there will never be another kitten like you ever inthis world. I will meet you at Rainbow Bridge my sweet kitten.

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Sweet Dulcie-Rainbow Bridge


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