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The Continuing Adventures of Jones...Super Kitty!

been a long time...

July 19th 2008 1:23 am
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hey there dudes and dudettes!
been a LONG tailed time since I last wrote...well, this time I have to tell the Catster world whats been going on here at home!
it started a few weeks ago when mommy and Spot decided that they were going to make MATCHING Kitty Krack Beds (Catnip Microwaveable kitty beds) for Boogers and Eve!
Pink on Pink Stars just for Eve's tastes!
Add some Organic Super WHOA Nip to the beds and you have a recipe for some happy kitties!
Being the Nip fan that I am (mom calls me a Stoner! THE NERVE!)and with mom then getting the idea to make K.K.B.'s for some of our kitty furiends (Picasso for his birthday, Tayla, just becuz,Cuddles, Jazzi Paws and Buda and Freya!) and then making MORE for kitties in shelters, well, mom kneads MY EXPERT SUPERVISION to make the production line move efficiently
how to do this?
well first you have to inspect ALL the materials going into the making of said beds, and the human pads that shes making for the mommies too....laying, snoozing, digging and pawwing on ALL materials is required. Then comes the direction-giving to mom in her sewing, either by machine or by hand. Shes a stubborn woman but I THINK I have her trained!
Then comes the tasting tests
I wanted to try the flax seed but mom said "Jones, sir? I dont think you want to try that...Im not sure if thats good for kitties. But would you like to test the Nip?"
DOUBLE TAKE!!!!!!!!! MOM??????? ME???????? TEST THE NIP??????????
((puts front paws over head clasped to make a Swan Dive into the Nip Supply LATCHED box))
((using paws like fingers trying to break into the Nip Box))
DANG IT!!! ALL I KNEAD ARE OPPOSING THUMBS!!!!!!!!((meows to the sky))
Mom opened the Nip Box and let me sniff and chew and snuggle my face into the Nip baggie...hehehe I had to laugh at that ...all that GORGEOUS GREEN IN MY OWN BAGGIE!!
mom called me a Nip Head tonight!
I was snuggling on her lap, loving on the beds and pillows and going CRAZY on her fingers .... mom had to put me on a temporary leave of absense...something about Rehab????????????
Whats that??????
((holding head due to headache))
now that Im to watch and not "supervise" Quite so much, mom makes sure to take time to give me head rubbies and lovies...
I think I knead a nap from all this Nip!
mom said that I can come and help her tomorrow when she gets up really early and kneads someone to talk to
gotta snooze dudes!

from the hard working, supervising , sewing, inspecting, testing and generally fur spreadin Chief Super of the KKB"s



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