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The Continuing Adventures of Jones...Super Kitty!

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December 22nd 2008 12:00 pm
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I LOVEEEEE Daddys fleece Slippers....they are warm and wonderful and make such a great pillow OR as I showed mommy this morning, they make GREAT PAW WARMERS!!!
I sniffed them for a few minutes this morning (AHHHH DADDY FEET!) and then started rubbing my front paws inside one of the slippers and then when my feet were warmed from the friction I STUFFED my front paws WAY in the slipper and hunkered down for a nap!
MOMMMMM!!! can you throw some clothes in the dryer for me???



July 19th 2008 6:34 pm
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ahhh another day another VERY long night last night
it was the full moon last night (In Capricorn no less)
and mom was a SEWING FOOL!!!!!!!!!!
she made more kitty krack beds and human neck pillows then shes made in a 3 hour shot ever before!
Today has been a lazy day...napping to catch up on sleep and then waking mom up for the Meowathon and now telling her to get crackin on more beds
she wants to cook first tho
so off to the store she goes again
and tonight is Beef Stew and maybe Chicken soup too!
I dont know what happened to mom but shes in a DOMESTIC GODDESS MODE!
cooking and sewing ...its hard for a Man Kitty such as myself to keep UP!
I have to meow directions hither and thither to keep her on task!
at least I get to try all the goodies tho
AND THE NIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


been a long time...

July 19th 2008 1:23 am
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hey there dudes and dudettes!
been a LONG tailed time since I last wrote...well, this time I have to tell the Catster world whats been going on here at home!
it started a few weeks ago when mommy and Spot decided that they were going to make MATCHING Kitty Krack Beds (Catnip Microwaveable kitty beds) for Boogers and Eve!
Pink on Pink Stars just for Eve's tastes!
Add some Organic Super WHOA Nip to the beds and you have a recipe for some happy kitties!
Being the Nip fan that I am (mom calls me a Stoner! THE NERVE!)and with mom then getting the idea to make K.K.B.'s for some of our kitty furiends (Picasso for his birthday, Tayla, just becuz,Cuddles, Jazzi Paws and Buda and Freya!) and then making MORE for kitties in shelters, well, mom kneads MY EXPERT SUPERVISION to make the production line move efficiently
how to do this?
well first you have to inspect ALL the materials going into the making of said beds, and the human pads that shes making for the mommies too....laying, snoozing, digging and pawwing on ALL materials is required. Then comes the direction-giving to mom in her sewing, either by machine or by hand. Shes a stubborn woman but I THINK I have her trained!
Then comes the tasting tests
I wanted to try the flax seed but mom said "Jones, sir? I dont think you want to try that...Im not sure if thats good for kitties. But would you like to test the Nip?"
DOUBLE TAKE!!!!!!!!! MOM??????? ME???????? TEST THE NIP??????????
((puts front paws over head clasped to make a Swan Dive into the Nip Supply LATCHED box))
((using paws like fingers trying to break into the Nip Box))
DANG IT!!! ALL I KNEAD ARE OPPOSING THUMBS!!!!!!!!((meows to the sky))
Mom opened the Nip Box and let me sniff and chew and snuggle my face into the Nip baggie...hehehe I had to laugh at that ...all that GORGEOUS GREEN IN MY OWN BAGGIE!!
mom called me a Nip Head tonight!
I was snuggling on her lap, loving on the beds and pillows and going CRAZY on her fingers .... mom had to put me on a temporary leave of absense...something about Rehab????????????
Whats that??????
((holding head due to headache))
now that Im to watch and not "supervise" Quite so much, mom makes sure to take time to give me head rubbies and lovies...
I think I knead a nap from all this Nip!
mom said that I can come and help her tomorrow when she gets up really early and kneads someone to talk to
gotta snooze dudes!

from the hard working, supervising , sewing, inspecting, testing and generally fur spreadin Chief Super of the KKB"s



Im SERIOUSLY in the dog house

August 13th 2007 8:33 pm
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well fellow felines
I have done it AGAIN!
the boxes are clean
the birds are singing
the food is fresh and yummy
the water is sparkling clean
I have a new toy to play with
Ive chewed up my bro's two micey toys
I left Chocolates on moms side of the bed again
DA DA DAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH((sounds like a horror movie sound))
I did
I dont know why
I wanted more attention
mom thinks that if I dont get enough PAWSITIVE attention
Im willing to get NEGATIVE attention
this is bad
I dont know what to do to break this ....problem
We are all BANNED from the bedroom...not just me ALL OF US
Spot and Haley are SOOOOO MAD AT ME!!!!!!
I got thumped and growled at by Spot and Haley ...well, shes EVIL when shes mad so I probably wont sleep tonight....gotta watch her...she will bite so HARD!
anyone have suggestions?
I need to kick this habit


my anagram?

July 11th 2007 5:49 am
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Hi there
I went and checked out Simba's Anagram checker today !
there were none for Jones so I meowed to mom to type in "Jonesinator" and WHAOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
my Fav is
"Ninja Sore To"
that is so funny!!



May 22nd 2007 5:24 pm
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Hi Everyone!!!
I've Been Tagged!!!

Playing gotcha - the meme game

I have been tagged! That is right I have been tagged by Cali to participate in Kazumi Joy's meme.

The rules:
Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own diary about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your diary.

My seven random facts:

1. Im a calls me her Nag Boy!(the NERVE!)

2. I LOVE to sleep between my Daddy's legs at night

3. I dont like hair dryers since my day at the "kitty Spa" ...I have a hard time watching mom drying her hair thinking it s going to EAT HER!

4.I cock my head back and forth when Im curious about something

5. I MUST have clean litter boxes ALL THE TIME or I get REALLY baddd and do very naughty things!(but Im over that one mommy says )

6. I LOVE Plastic!! cant get enough!! must chew chew chew ..but never eat. I love the taste and the sounds it makes!

7. I like to sniff Haley's butt...she doesnt like it and I get her to move EVERYTIME! MOL!

The friends that I am going to tag are:
Nermal (344616)
Queen Coffee(227321)
Captain Morgan(333719)

Post Your little known facts about you in your diary for all to see and make sure you pass your "TAG, YOURE IT!" on to 7 other kitties!
Get ready for the fun!


the dastardly phone cord and me

September 1st 2006 5:57 am
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well all kitties and pups
I was BORED out of my little MIND yesterday
what mom and dad dont know is that I HAVE to find things to do (my calculus keeps me busy for a few minutes but not much more ....and the theory of Relativity by the Einstein guy, well, Ive expanded on that and KNOW that my findings are correct so I have to publish...but mom need never know in that she thinks that Im such a cute happy boy...little does she know the brains that are working over here)
well, I took a break from my Nuclear Physics for the afternoon yesterday and left the papers all over the front room and proceeded to the office where mom and dad have this great new to them phone with cords!! Never have they had one of those in the time that I have been with them and the cord with its incredible mathmatical properties and possibilities FASCINATES me!!!
So, I did it! I CHEWED the cord iin half as well as in thirds and quarters and eighths!! never let it be said that I dont complete a job with GUSTO!
well I found that its an interesting contraption with cords that mom was saying that becuz I chewed them that the electrical currents that make that sucker ring are no longer being received....hmmmmm maybe while they are at work today I will splice it back together and see if I can do a "McGyver" kinda thing!??
hmmm maybe they wont be as annoyed with my brainiac-ness anymore??
we shall see
I need to do something about my craving to chew...its getting to be an addiction!
more later pups and kits!


((pitty pattering of little hearts))

February 6th 2006 11:38 pm
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Hey there Fellow Love Kitties!!
I think Ive been bitten by the LOVE BUG
((sigh)) ((little hearts fluttering in the air))
I met this sweet little girl kitty here on Catster...and guys! gotta tell ya!! shes HOT!! ((AHEM)) shes sooooooooooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!
((pawing on the screen to have mommy change back to her picture))
I put a picture up on my Catster page JUST for her!!!
((sweaty paws)) OH I do so hope she likes it!!
think I should send her catnip fluffy hearts ????



October 10th 2005 7:03 am
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Im SUCH a lucky kitty!!
Mom and Dad went to the store to go get other things and came home with a new toy for MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! yes, Spot and Haley love it too but its MINE MINE MINE!
They got a kiddy fishing pole! they put a feathered leopard thing on the end and they throw it out in other rooms for me to try to catch and bring back!!
LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!
gotta run now Mom is getting out the fishing pole again fishing for kitties!!!!!


muahahahaha!! revenge is SO SWEET!

September 27th 2005 5:16 pm
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((kitty snickers under paw))
Hey there my peeps!
well, revenge is sure a sweet thing in kittyland!
When I had to go to the VET'S the other day for a kitty virus and get shots and vacine and antibiotics , Spot and Haley were secretly snickering at me that IIIII had to go and they didnt !!
well the shoe is on the other paw today!
they BOTH got packed up and taken to the vets today! Haley was so scared that she hid in mommys arms and Spot the big "drama queen" was meowing the whole way there and back and hyperventilating !!!
Spot even HISSED at Doc!! ingrate!
Haley was sneezing alot and Spot was JUST starting so mom and dad decided it was high time to take them both in and make sure that they got taken care of and seen before they get way more sick!
I know how sucky it was to be sick so I can relate to their misery!
but IM MUCH better and back into serious play mode with anything I can find...mommy said that I MUST be better cuz Im talking and into everything I shouldnt be in AGAIN!
well of course!
I ve gotta me meeeeeeeee
take care my peeps and have a great weekend to come!

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