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A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

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A Pirate poem

September 11th 2011 7:20 am
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Boy cats playing pirates
set sail in on a sunny day
they took some fish
they took some ale
meowing who wants to play?

grrrl cats, real pirates
heard those fateful words
they took the fish
they took the ale
never drawing their swords!

Meows 2 the wise, and also naaaaaasteeeee ole boy CATS..



September 7th 2011 11:46 am
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I plays tag.

1 - Your Meowmy or Dad is asleep and you are furry hungry; You would...
Slaps thems awake with my Ninja paws of fureeees! Ana a loud WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

2- You are furry sleepy and are sleeping on a top ledge; Meowmy would say...
Uh ohs Miz Rose is waitin 4 sumthin 2 attacks..MOL

3 - You saw a dog who wants to chase something; what's the furry furst thing you would you say or do?
WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Then I gives that ole smelleee doggeeee my Ninja swatteees!

4. Your Meowmy wants you to stop tearing the furniture. You would...
Tells Big Mama 2 bees glad it aint her I bees a clawin!

5. Your Kitty Kat emergency box, full of fur fashions, is locked. Oh No! You would...

First off, I hassa no sillee girly stuffs lock in sum ole sillee box but iffin I did I would just screech WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH ! ana it woulds unlocks...MOL

Iffin you bees brave enufs 2 read this then you bees tagged!
THE Ginja Ninja


Sneeeek Attacks..MOL

June 21st 2011 10:59 am
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I ama soooooooooooooooooooooo good! I bees the bestest Ninja around!
Ole Blue Boy wassa layin ona the livin room floors ona his ole fat back, paws ina the airs ana soooooooo realxed, snorin aways...Big Mama wassa on 1 couch, Mama Elise ina her gamin chair..I creeps ina alla sweet ana nice like..belly crawlin up 2 ole Blue Boy..Mama Elise said What are you up to Rose. Leave Loki alone.
I gives her my purty eyes ana chirps ana creeps closer ana gets rite up 2 his ole front paw..I streches my nose towards his ole stinkeee paw ana sniffs slowly..Big Mama says Miss Nasty, don't you dare bite him! I ignores her ana keeps on sniffin...Then I slowly draws back, ana settles myself downs, tucks my paws under mees ana closes my purty blue eyes ana pretends 2 bees a settlin in 4 a naps..Mama Elise ana Big Mama issa wachin us ana just as Big Mama says Oh how sweet, they are going to nap together I makes my moves! Like lightenin from above I strikes ole Blue Boy! witha my Ginja Ninja Mite! I jumps ona hims ana rolls him alla over the floors ana into the bedroom! He issa screamin like a little babee ana I am laffin ana laffin! I hears Big M sayin it wassa 2 good 2 bees trues ana Mama Elise issa laffin ana sayin you rock Rose!
I do 2!
MOL..Then Ole Blue Boy runs 2 Big M ana she carries that fat ole thing 2 the kitchen ana feeds him..Mama Elise finds me ina the top bed ona the cat tree where I bees a waitin..she gives mees sum yummy tuna ana tells mee juss how AWESOME I bees!
I am 2!
Miz Rose


My 3rd Birfday

June 9th 2011 5:20 pm
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I bees soooooo blessed 2 haves soooooo many friends who luvs meeees! Thankeeeees 4 alla the giftees ana meows! Big M ana I bees a sendin out thankees 2 nite..Thankeees 2 alla my FB friends 4 the meows 2!
I had a pawsome day..I got shrimpees ana cheesee breads ana 4 new toofeee brusheees..I luvs 2 play with toofeee brushees! I hassa a whole lot of them.. I takes Big M's alla the times so I hassa a jar fulla them..but she ana Elise gives mee 4 new ones ana I luvs them! I hassa thems ala over the house..I carreeees them ina my mouths ana meow ana chirps..
I also tore up the new mini blinds..Yep I did! MOL..
I bit old Fatty blues toesees ana gave ole Cheffy cat sum head swattess till he ran ana hids..MOL..Ana ole Fatty Blue bees a feelin better tho Big Mama still isa worreed..she does that a lot...
I will bees a writin sum flea songs ana sharin them here soon..
I luvs you all.
The Ginja Ninja
MIz Rose


I beees Backs

May 22nd 2011 7:55 am
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I hassa not purred here ina a long times..I bees purry busy issa why. I hassa been learnin new ninja skills ana majiks!
I have also been a trainin sum new fleas..I hassa singin fleas, ana TOBEEES ana I hassa circus fleas, now I hassa sum Ninja Swamps Fleas...Swamp fleas are jussa thats. They swamps you..MOL..I will bees a sharin them witha sum speshul boy cats very soons!
Big Mama tells mee I bees like Marilyn Monroe..all voluptuous ana I hassa breathy little purrs..ana I ama a classic beeeeuuuteees!
Ole Blue Boy got sum smacky ninja swattees 4 a sayin I wassa fat! He said I had fat feet ana fat cheeks ana fat ears ana fat tail..I meow at least I looks purty! you jussa looks fat, Fatty Blue! He ran ana hid. MOL.
He meowed I hada 2 bees nice 2 him asa it wassa his ole gotcha day.I laffs ana says,,gotcha day Fatty Blue? I gotcha day rites heres ina my paws! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! upsides his ole fat blue heads..He ran ana hid..MOL
I bees a seein you alla laters..I gots fleas 2 sends ana majiks 2 do.
Miz Rose
THE Ginja Ninja



April 11th 2011 5:51 pm
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Meow Meow
I hassa been a busy girly cats..I bees married now 2 TOBEEEEEES ana we hassa been a travelin..seein alla the secret Ninja places..
Now wee bees home ana I can take care of Mina ana my fleas..They bees workin ona sum new songs.

Wee bees fleas
Miz Rose Fleas
wee bees fleas
spring time fleas
Wee find your rump
wee makes you jump!
wee finds your tail
ana makes you wail!
Wee bees fleas
Miz Rose fleas
wee bees fleas
spring time fleas!
Wee love the sun
wee love the flowers
wee love to bite
feel our powers!
Wee bees fleas
Miz Rose fleas
wee bees fleas
spring time fleas

I sure wassa missin my fleas!
The Ginja Ninja


A teeeeeeensy reminders

February 8th 2011 7:30 pm
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I bees a married 2 my TOBEEEEEEES nows but ina the spirit of fun ana 2 keeps them naaaasteeee ole boy cat ina lines, I brings back my Phone Booth of Luvs! MOLMOLMOL
I still hassa the combeeenashun 2 it..
We bees Fleas
Miz Roses Fleas
we bees speshul valentine fleas
we gets out bows ana our darts
we takes our aims rite for your hearts!
Shoot your head or your tails
you bees fallin in luvs
it never fails!
We bees fleas
Miz Roses fleas
we bees speshul valentines fleas
see that booth over there
the one with chains
to hold you there!
Scream and shout
beg ana pleads
we aint listening
we bees Miz Roses fleas!
Who will bees the lucky grrrl
just 4 you nasty boy cats
it is a ninja squirrel!
we bees fleas
Miz Rose fleas
we bees speshul valentines fleas!



September 21st 2010 4:41 pm
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Meow Meow
We bees a gettin ready 2 bees tying our taily poes ana whiskers ina catramony...Pharaoh ana Uncle Redd bees meowin our vows..wee hassa not sets a time yet..BUT! Alla the grrrrrl cats bees invited 2 bees my ana black ana black roses 2! Oh Cheffy ana Jaffa are cookin..
Ana the purtiful LuLu Angel will bees my matron of honor!
I hopes Miz Hazel Lucy willa stand up with me 2! She bees my aunty! ana I luvs her sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!
I am gonna ask uncle Wilson J Scooter 2 gives mees aways..
Hallie Baloo bees standin witha mees 2! She bees my maid of honors since she bees singles! i hopes they dont minds..MOL..
who canna meows NO 2 the Ginja Ninja!
I hassa been mean so says Big Mammas..I says 2 that ole thing..I am justa bein mees..You shouldna put them old min blinds up ana in my ways..MOLMOL...Now they bees historeeeeeees!
I gots 2 go now ana figgers out how 2 sew my throwin stars ona my I can look spiffeeeeee ana still use them iffin needin 2!
Meow Moow
Miz Rose soon 2 bees Mizzus Tobeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!


OOOOOHHHH! I got Bits! Ona my paws!

August 31st 2010 2:30 pm
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Meow Meow
I wassa bits by sum naaaaaaaasteeeeeeeeeeeeeee ole bug ana then I et it! It wassa naaaaaaaaaasteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tastin so I yaks it all ups ona the floors..Big Mammas calls it a peeencher buggee..I justa calls it mean! ana naaaaaaaaaaasteeeeeeeeeeeee tastin!
I still bees the ginja ninja!
Miz Rose


He Bees My Friend..make him yours 2..or feels my Ninja- Claws..mol

July 27th 2010 6:06 am
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Oh Lookees! My good friends WJ himself issa the DOTD!
Goes sees ole WJ ana iffin you aint friends witha hims then you bees missin sum kinda funs!
WJ Scooter
Also..iffin you aint friends witha hims I will bees soooooooooooo upsets witha you!
You dont needs mees 2 bees upsets now! I hassa my purry own gator tamed mees ana Tobeeeeees caches..molmol
The Ginja Ninja

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