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October 13th 2008 3:50 pm
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Mommy went back to work today. She was home Thurs-sun. I thought I was going to be lonely. But I noticed that grandma was home! I guess she took the day off. So I harrassed her all day. I chased her. Then I scratched the couch.... meowed to go out, meowed to go in.

I am resting in front of the tv right now. ( and typing)

If anyone ever wants to read any cute cat books. There are the Sneaky Pie Brown series by Rita Mae Brown. It's about a tiger kitty who solves mysteries with her human. She also has a housemate kitty named Pewter and a dog mate named Tucker that come along with her to help look for clues.

Another funny series is the Bad Kitty books by Nick Bruel. The one tittled "Bad kitty " is an an alphabet book but is hilarous. The second one is for older kids and is like a graphic novel called "Bad Kitty gets a bath.

Well, I will be back later.
Purrs and kisses,



October 15th 2008 6:38 pm
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Mommy was watching a scary movie tonight. It was very loud. I was up sleeping in her bed. She came up and said hello. So I decided to come down and visit. She was down in the basment doing laundry. I went into the family room and the tv was blaring. The movie Stigmata was on. Things were flying, demons were talking. I ran out of out there so fast. I sat up on the top of the stairs and waited for her.

She came up and said. " what are you doing baby? Why are you there?""

I squeeked and followed her to my dish. She refilled my dish. And then we cuddled on the couch while the noisy movie played. I wonder if she knew it was very loud?

Oh, well. I must go sleepies now.

TA TA 4 now.




November 9th 2008 7:48 pm
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Mommy always tries to keep me in during Halloween. She always thinks that devil worshippers will try to catnap me and sacrifice me!!
Last year I hid in the bushes and watched all the kids come up to our house.

But this year I was very scared.... Now thinking about it ... I remember Halloween.

Mommy kept me in. I stayed up in her bed and shook. She came up to give me kisses. Then I came down and joined her in the family room. I was fine after mommy brushed me and soothed me.

She such a good egg.

Purrs and kisses.



mouse heads , mouse heads, rolly polly mouse heads

November 16th 2008 7:40 pm
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From The Human--

I have heard that most cats learn how to hunt from their moms. Pouncing and playing starts when they are tiny. The sharpen their skills playing with mommy and siblings.

The moms teaches them how to hunt and what parts of the bodies to eat. Now my baby was only 4weeks when he came to me. So I doubt his mom taught him much. Regardless he caught his first bird relatively early in his kitten hood. He didn't eat the animal but paraded around it proudly for a couple of days. The other cats I had eat the throat area's or stomachs.

But as time is going on I am realizing a strange trend. We call him jack the ripper. He goes on killing sprees. One month our deck with be littered with an assortment of kills. Then... nothing...

The next issue is the heads... each kill never has a head. Now I never thought much of it. But when there is a mole, two chipments, a baby bunny and mouse headless all at once one month. You begin to wonder. So where do the heads go? Are they under they deck on little stakes that the kitty has resurrected? I mean he can't actually eat them?

Then one day I came in from work and saw him running up the deck stairs with something in his mouth. I came in and went to see him. He was hunched over a chipmunk. He knew I was there and right in front of me he ripped the head off and starting crunching on the skull. So gross! So the mystery of the heads was solved.

We are always so amazed about how brutal our soft fuzzy felines can be. But he is still my baby. Plus, I think the last baby squirrel got revenge on his stomach...!!! It came back up. And I had to clean it up. Oh Joy.

So enough of morbid stuff and on to other ..


Interview with a vampire:

November 16th 2008 8:36 pm
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I have decided to try to interview my kitty. It doesn't usually go well. But it was cold outside and he had nothing better to do.

Leo: That's not funny mommy.

Mommy: Ok. How about Interview with Jack the RippeR?

Leo: Maybe.

Mommy: Or Interview with the cutest cat ever?

Leo: Ugh...ok.

Mommy: Do other cats think you have nice colors?

Leo: They don't notice my colors. They just want me out of their yards.

Mommy: Have you found a cat friend?

Leo: No, My two only friends are gone now.

Mommy: Did the other one that was lurking around beat you up?

Leo: Yes, I tried to become friends with him. He seemed ok in the begining. But things soured.

Mommy: Oh no, Baby. What happened?

Leo: He kept drinking out of my outside rainwater dish. So I hissed and swatted at him.

Mommy: LEO!

Leo: My water dish.... MINE.

Mommy: So, beast. What is a typical day in the life of Leo like?

Leo: What is this an interview of cliches? Well, I wake up at 5:30 and hop on whoevers head. Howl for food and to go outside. After watching the humans get ready we go downstairs. Then I have to endure much baby talk or demeaning down talk about how bad or demanding I am so early in the morning. You pick me up and kiss me. Then I get fed, brushed and held.

I go out for a bit and drink out of my outside water dish or the huge puddle in our driveway. Then you go to work and the other one lets me in. It usually screams at me to get my butt inside or else.

Mommy: How often do you sleep a day?

Leo: You know that's funny. I was thinking about that the other day. Sometimes I have my schedule.. I come inside in the morning and sleep for the better part of the day. Other times I don't feel like it. So I go and scratch the rug on the stairs or the chair in the living room.

Mommy: Leo...

Leo: I have to sharpen my claws, mom. Plus, I must show my work. It states that a strong superior cat lives here.

Mommy: It's destructive...

Leo: Now you are sounding like the other human.

Mommy: Well. no other kitties see your work beast. So who will know that a superior kitty with long claws lives here? Then we get stuck with ripped up furniture.

Leo: hmmmm... Well, I don't even think about that. I don't even know that I do it.

Mommy: You do too!

Leo: Nope.. why can't I just be a cat? I don't try to get you to not be a human?

Mommy: Do too!

Leo: DO NOT!

Mommy: YES...

Leo: When?

Mommy: You try to get us on your cat schedule. Staying out late and waking us up early. Pouncing on my feet! Then biting and scratching while playing. You know that's an unfair fight!

Leo: I forget you don't have claws or fangs. But at least I am playing with you. Sometimes, I like to stay out late. In the moonlight. Cats are nocturnal by nature. In getting back to the prior conversation- I do nap most the day and play at night. Either outside or in. As , you make me come in at night, well then your furniture will suffer. What can I say?

Mommy: Fair enough. Do you ever get bored?

Leo: I'm glad that your recognize that. Yes, I do. It's why I keep going inside and out. Then it becomes a game that I play with the other human. Other times I will find a toy to bat around. Or I go investigating in the house. Sometimes you try to play with me. I appreciate that.

Mommy: Do you think of me as a cat or human?

Leo: Ugh... Well. you do purr and meow at me. So you could be cat. But ... I know you are a human. But I like to think of you as a cat. I think some days I can make the definate distinction that you are a human. I might be more standoffish then. Others, I think of you as a cat. Those times we are bonding- like playing or in the bed snuggling.

Mommy: Am I your mommy or sister cat?

Leo: Oh.... Both... You protect me like a mommy. But you are a friend like a sister or kitty friend.

Mommy: Any questions for me?

Leo: Many. We don't have time tonight. I have to go sleepies now. So do you ! :)


Kitty interviews the human

November 22nd 2008 9:30 am
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Mommy: Leo where were you this morning?

Leo: Resting. I went down to use my box. Then I sniffed around down there. It's scary in that basement.

Mommy: So do you have any questions for me?

Leo: Yes, Why do you always pick me up?

Mommy: Because I love to hold and kiss the baby.

Leo: Well, the "baby" doesn't like it.

Mommy: Weo! Sometimes you purr and put your head down and snuggle.

Leo: I guess. Why do you think I am a baby?

Mommy: Cus you are!

Leo: No, I am six now. An adult beast. As you would say.

Mommy; You still act like a baby. When you cry and hide from things.

Leo: Well. I have to be cautous. Be aware of my surroundings. If it's scary out there- I won't go out.

Mommy: Have u seen the bob beast?

Leo: The bob cat? No, but I hear that loser was on the west side of town. Rumor has it, that he morseled some kitties and small pups over there. I saw the bear-- many times. And the coyote. There was also another strange animal lurking in the driveway.

Mommy: Skunk?

Leo: No, I know what those are.

Mommy: Possum?

Leo: No, I saw one of those dead. Big nosed creatures. I don't what it was mommy. I was sitting in the yard (out back) and I saw it dart out and run across the driveway into the next yard.

Mommy: Huh, four legged or two?

Leo: (perplexed) Good question. ( lays down)

Mommy: It scared you baby?

Leo: Well. I have to admit that I was curious. But I decided to come back in the house. It was late and really cold.

Mommy: The Chobacabra!

Leo: Huh?

Mommy: You saw the Chubacabra? I can't spell it. A mysterous beast that sucks goat blood.

Leo: Oh great... no we don't need the chubathingy in our lives. My life has creatures enough. For instance, you have some sort of living things in your chimney. Next- there are mice and chippys in the basement. How the got there , i have no clue. But it wasn't me. I didn't carry then in! So i don't want to hear you blaming me!!

Mommy: No, no. I won't. As it gets colder they will come into the basment.

Leo: Oh well the fireplace / chimney thing drives me nuts. I can't get in there to catch the thing and eat their heads..

Mommy: I know it must be frusterating.

Leo: Very. i must go and crunch my food now that's finish this later.

Mommy: Ok. I need a nap.


Interview ctd

November 24th 2008 6:06 pm
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Leo: OMG! That other human vacummed last night! Doesn't she know I hate that thing!

Mom: I know you fled big time.

Leo: ugh I am so mad at that furless thing.

Mom: I know u have been grumpy.

Leo: Yea, hey I am sorry I bit you the other morning. I wasn't feeling well. I didn't want to be brushed.

Mom: That's ok. But u could have just squeaked and I would have just gone away.

Leo: No you wouldn't have!

Mom: yes.... I would..

Leo: No, you would have chased me around the room with that damned brush. Or picked me and kissed me. Sometimes I just like to roost by myself.

Mommy: Oh, I know. You always want loves early in the morning kitty..

Leo: So?

Mommy: I am not a morning person, beast.

Leo: No crap!!! What's with that?

Mommy: I have never been able to wake up early. Even when I was little. I was always late getting up.

Leo: I like early mornings. The house is quiet, the pesky humans are sleeping.

Mommy: Hey..

Leo: I search the house for stuff to munch. Odds and ends like rubberbands and string. Then I scratch items. Flick my catnip mice and other toys until I loose them or they go under furniture.

Mommy: Where do you sleep.

Leo: Secret. The "baby" never tells his sleeping hideouts. So mommy, you stay up late sometimes... what are you doing?

Mommy: Sometimes I read- I am reading a book about "Dewey the library cat" . Other times I am on the computer.

Leo: I hate that thing. It came when I was what?...yeah still a real baby like two.... I was so sad. Every time you came home instead of playing with me you went right to that damn computer! :(

Mommy: I know baby and I am sorry. I love computers. I didn't realize it until it was too late. Now you are older and don't want to play so much. You just sleep. I miss it when you used to run around a do goofy things.

Leo: Well, I do like playing string. You have been doing that on weekends and mornings now. So that's nice. I just got used to being by myself. I like it when we kiss when you come home. You know when I go rollies and flirt with you?

Mommy: My favorite!

Leo: We're not perfect. Live and learn I guess. Hey mommy remember that human that used to live here before?

Mommy: Brother?

Leo: yes! Where is he? I miss him.

Mommy: He lives with my daddy now in Pennslyvania.
He has a pup now.

Leo: The biggest insult ever! We were best friends!! He'd play fight with me, chase me, give me snacks....

Mommy: Yeah, he and the other human didn't get along. He had to leave. We will go see him at Xmas.

Leo: Oh, boy Santa.... screw brother... presents!!!

Mommy: And you can chase and scratch the dog!

Leo: Oh no, I will only scratch her if she gets too close. I like Precious. She is just too hyper for me.

Mommy: So you like Santa?

Leo: Do you?

Mommy: Christmas is one of my favorite holidays.

Leo: I can tell. You always make it special. I get so many kitty presents. I feel special on that day, mommy. And in July on my b-day. You know how to make a cat purr.

Mommy: I try.

Leo: I will try not to bite you anymore. I think I hurt you...eek.

Mommy: No matter, beast. Oh are you going sleepies?

Leo: Yeah.... but can I have some more crunchies first.

Mommy: sure...


cool photo

December 2nd 2008 12:22 pm
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December 27th 2008 11:48 am
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I hope that all the cats and dogs everywhere had a fun xmas. Hopefully their humans got them little gifts. But kisses and hugs are the best gifts!!! I also hope that many pets found great new homes this year.

I had to go in the car for four hours. Now, granted I hate the kennel. All of those barking pups non stop, weird crunchies and being in a small cage for x amount of days makes me nuts.

But the car? I was so scared. I squeeked and yelled. Then I went to sleep on my mat. Later, we were driving along... and that tubby human slammed the car to a stop. I rolled off the seat and on my back. I was on the floor in the middle, My belly was up and mommy rubbed it. I wiggled and got back up on the seat. Of course she asked if I was ok. I think she gave me a kiss too.

When we got to grandpas, mommy brought me up to our room. I sniffed around and then remembered that I had come here when I was three. I can when they cooked that big bird thing. I could smell it cooking all day that time. I even ventured down and hopped up on the counter to investigate. But grandpa got worried that I would eat it so he made mommy come and get me.

She set up my crunchies and water bowl. And this tiny makeshift cat litter tray. I am sure her nerves were testy from the four hour drive,so I didn't want to say."Who the hell are you kidding? I can't fit my fat butt in that!" You know she really still thinks I am still a kitten. Geez...

SO I was up all night scratching in it. Trying to make it work. Granny was sleeping in there with us. She was telling me to stop scratching. Apparently, everyone in the house heard me scratching. They were not happy with me!!!

So the next day I got a biggger box that some toy trucks came in!! I could fit my fat but in that. I also slept with mommy in a small twin bed. How could she stand that? She sleeps on the whole full bed we have at home!! And usually diagonal. Or all over the place. Wild sleeper that one... You should see her fur when she awakes... damn...BUT I WAS THE ONE THAT FELL OFF THE BED!

Everyone was sleeping away including me. I made one small move and bam! Down on the floor!! Mommy woke up and said "Leo?"
I cried and came over to her. She patted me and said "poor boy. honey let's get crunchies and water for you. So she went to her box down the hall and peed. Then I ate and climbed back in bed with her and cuddled for a bit.

On the way back I stayed in my carrier. Mommy had it belted in. Much better and safer. I knew I was going home! Where all my toys and normal sized liter box was.

So, I guess it was ok. Mommy had to spend time downstairs with the family. I stayed upstairs because of Precious, grandpas and brothers doggie. Mom came up on occassion and played with me. It wasn't too bad.

Nothing can be perfect. We always think the holidays will be currier and Ives scene. But what can you do? This year everyone is alive and well. I was hoping to play with brother like old times. But I guess he has moved on. :(He has his own little pet. She is cute. Even though I tried to scratch her.

But I was dreaming of sitting under a chrismas tree with mommy and brother unwrapping presents and patting me. But I am home now and mommy has been kissing me. And we slept together this morning... fall free!! Life is bitter sweet.

Purrs and hugs,



January 2nd 2009 11:20 am
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My human went away for New Years Eve. So I was left with the other grumpy human. I had no one to celebrate with.:(

But mommy is back now. We got a new modem. We were in trouble shoot mode for two days.... ugh... sucks major. After three calls to at&t we finally have everything working. Accept Aol. We can't get on. That's why it's always good to have a second and third and forth email account. So I am now sharing an acount with mommy at yahoo.

Otherwise I think Mommy wants to play string with me. I am getting that sense. I am upstairs hiding. We can play string ... but after I nap damn it.

Must go sleepies....

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