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My First Entry

Mousey I am totally on to you.....

August 19th 2011 4:40 pm
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Leo: Huh?
Mommy: Yep... this morning you woke me up for morsels and then you went and woke grandma up for morsels...

Leo: well, sometimes I wait until she comes down.. or I circle my bowl...

Mommy: Yeah and go into drama beast mode... "oh I am such a hungry kitty... I have had no noms since last night..."

Leo: HAH!

Mommy: Not nice kitty! Not nice at all. And stop stabbing us with your claws... I am cutting them!

Leo: yeah... you try it... I will shread you mommy!

Mommy: Mammal...

Leo ( starts cleaning himself and mutters) I will....

Mommy: You get enough snacks beast... you will get super tubby if you continue on this way.

Leo: Blah blah blah ..kitty is not listening to you..

Mommy: do you want to have to get insulin shots daily... you will have to if you get kitty diabetes.

Leo: Shots... no.. me no wants shots... they hurts me.

Mommy: Then we must stick to kitties diet..

Leo: (growls)

Mommy: Leo...

Leo: it's just extra noms....

Mommy: Well, lets see... if kitty is getting 80 calories more than normal at both meal times... thats 160 more morsels than his suposingly tiny body can take...

Leo: Huh?

Mommy: So... thats 1180 or so more morsels a week and around 4000 extra calories a month... kitten kinz.

Leo: Oh, crap,

Mommy: No wonder you are so portly.

Leo: What! Take a look in the mirror!

Mommy: I have lost 11 pounds this year.

Leo: I lost some weight...

Mommy: yes, when I had you on your kitty diet!

Leo: GEEEZ....

Mommy: So... you have to stop your morsel manipulation.

Leo: Ok... ( crosses his paws behind his back)

Mommy: Leo, I can see you....

Leo: Huh?

Mommy: I can see you crossing your paw-paws!

Leo: I isn't crossing dem' ... I is yoga stretching...

Mommy: That's it I am leaving...

Leo: Yes! Point for da kitty.

Mommy: win all the points you want... you're still not running your little morsel scam...


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