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My First Entry

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July 10th 2013 8:02 pm
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Mommy has a memorial stone for me. It's one of those cement kits that you make. She has had it for a year, in the box. It's got cute glow in dark stars and a mold that you pour it in. She has not made it yet. She was supposed to have it done for my birthday today.

I know she has been busy and sick. I know she is thinking of me. And she has Andy's birthday to celebrate too.

I don't think she has done anything special for him yet. She is losing her touch. She always had stuff for my birthday and other holidays. Oh well. I miss her.



Hi Leo

November 8th 2012 3:43 pm
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Hey mommy what's up? I am sorry to hear about your car. I guess you should ask for your money back from those people. I can't believe that you won't have it anymore. I traveled a lot in that car. Sad thing. But things change.

I think you mights like that car up in Winsted. I hopes it won;t be too small for you.

I have a question- Why is Andy a zombie hunter? I asked some cats up here and they say that zombies, vampires are the big thing down on earth now.

A lot of pets have come over the bridge today. Your friend Jess' dog came over and said he met you once.... and Heather!!! Jess was having a make up party. He remembers you because you spoke to him like he was a human.

Then Sebastian your nephew pup came over on Monday... He was spry like a new pup. But I can tell he had been sick. Then he chased me! I did not like that having a big English bull pup coming at me. But the other cats said he wouldn't have hurt me.

I miss you mommy. You were a good parent and friend. I missed being there for Halloween! I used to love to smell the pumpkin guts and look at the jack o' lanterns that you would make. The Holidays will be tough for you and I.

I get lonely up here sometimes. I had some great furiends just passed the bridge when I first came here. But I don't know where they all went too. Jackson and Cooper are here... your cousin and aunts cats. They said my other group of friends might have went back to earth to remain earth bound. Or were called to the big tree of life. Some kitties are different and have the reincarnation gene. They have to go back and be born again. I would not like that.

I am not one of those mammals. So I have to stay here. I was at home for a while. But I saw the new kitty and got sad. And I was upset when you couldn't see or feel me anymore. But sometimes I can see your head move real quick like you see me! :)

I wish I could have said goodbye to you.... but a goggie here said that is not good. She had cancer and she died at the vet, and her mommy cried and cried. The vets wouldn't let her drive home, she was too upset. They called one of her neighbors. Funny, because she really didn't like that neighbor. But now they are friendlier. Hoomans are weird.

I miss your weirdness... and the fat hoomans craziness...

Must sign off.
Little Leo.
I miss da Guido.


Thank you for nominating us for diary of the day

October 27th 2012 6:55 am
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I was reading over some of our entries just now. I haven't read them in a while. Even that last couple of months before he dissipated, I hadn't done many entries.

And now I am trying to get the new kitty - Andy acclimated. It was tough at first, Andy had never lived in a home before. And if you have ever tried to train a cat, you know what it's that is like.

But Andy is doing well. First I felt guilty getting another cat so soon and I hadn't really grieved Leo. It was difficult because we had that awful storm last October. So I couldn't really go look for him. And we had no power for 11 days! So I had to finally leave and go stay with friends. It was too cold. I was hoping that he was still alive. We had seen the coyote a couple of days before he disappeared. So we think he was taken by one of them.

Andy is on the couch with me right now and I am telling him stories about Leo. The nine years I had with him has turned out some cute little stories.

I hope this next awful storm misses us.
Andy, Lisa and the spirit of dear Leo.

"Mez miss all by Catster buddies!-Leo


Ode to Leo

October 26th 2012 6:11 pm
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Baby I have missed u. Today marks the one year anniversary of your death. We miss you a lot. Later I will post cute pics of you on FB.


August 21st 2012 6:36 pm
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Hello Leo -
I miss you very much. I got a memorial stone for you. I will be putting it on the deck in your fav corner.

Hope you are in peaceful place.



I miss you LEo!

July 10th 2012 5:56 am
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Today the most softest, colorful kitty ever would have been ten. Things change so quickly, I was going to make it a special day today for him. I was thinking about it last fall. And one day in October that coyote took him like that! Then we had that freak snow storm that weekend. We had no power for three weeks. What sucky year.

I think about you every day beast. Hope you are making many pet friends over the rainbow bridge.



No Leo...

December 13th 2011 4:38 pm
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It has been a tough time... Xmas is approaching and I dread it. Leo and I used to have so much fun during xmas. This year we were going to journey to Pa to grandpas.

Dec 26th will mark two months that Leo has been missing. I guess he was eaten by that coyote that we saw the day before.


Sad News

November 15th 2011 4:00 pm
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I have been avoiding making this entry now for the last three weeks. But Leo my kitty friend and roomate went missing on Oct 26th.

We kept him in Tuesday becuase we saw a coyote or wolf outside in our yard. We went out the next day and never came back. Which is unusual for him. Then the storm hit and we were a mess for two weeks. I wasn't here for a whole week.

I live in Simsbury, ct. Please take a look at Leo's pics if you live in my area. I have posted flyers but the storm ruined them...



Mousey I am totally on to you.....

August 19th 2011 4:40 pm
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Leo: Huh?
Mommy: Yep... this morning you woke me up for morsels and then you went and woke grandma up for morsels...

Leo: well, sometimes I wait until she comes down.. or I circle my bowl...

Mommy: Yeah and go into drama beast mode... "oh I am such a hungry kitty... I have had no noms since last night..."

Leo: HAH!

Mommy: Not nice kitty! Not nice at all. And stop stabbing us with your claws... I am cutting them!

Leo: yeah... you try it... I will shread you mommy!

Mommy: Mammal...

Leo ( starts cleaning himself and mutters) I will....

Mommy: You get enough snacks beast... you will get super tubby if you continue on this way.

Leo: Blah blah blah ..kitty is not listening to you..

Mommy: do you want to have to get insulin shots daily... you will have to if you get kitty diabetes.

Leo: Shots... no.. me no wants shots... they hurts me.

Mommy: Then we must stick to kitties diet..

Leo: (growls)

Mommy: Leo...

Leo: it's just extra noms....

Mommy: Well, lets see... if kitty is getting 80 calories more than normal at both meal times... thats 160 more morsels than his suposingly tiny body can take...

Leo: Huh?

Mommy: So... thats 1180 or so more morsels a week and around 4000 extra calories a month... kitten kinz.

Leo: Oh, crap,

Mommy: No wonder you are so portly.

Leo: What! Take a look in the mirror!

Mommy: I have lost 11 pounds this year.

Leo: I lost some weight...

Mommy: yes, when I had you on your kitty diet!

Leo: GEEEZ....

Mommy: So... you have to stop your morsel manipulation.

Leo: Ok... ( crosses his paws behind his back)

Mommy: Leo, I can see you....

Leo: Huh?

Mommy: I can see you crossing your paw-paws!

Leo: I isn't crossing dem' ... I is yoga stretching...

Mommy: That's it I am leaving...

Leo: Yes! Point for da kitty.

Mommy: win all the points you want... you're still not running your little morsel scam...


wahoo wez got diary of the day....

August 2nd 2011 11:50 am
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Most excellent. I have been inside all day today. Mommy left me out in the rain yesterday. I was one soggy cat. But she gave me extra crunchies and toweled me down. Then I joined her on the couch and she put a blanky on me. Funny little human I have fur!!! I am well insulated too. They are weird those furless ones.

Now I am resting. Just tired today. I was up early. And now I don't want to be with mommy cause it's cold in there. Don't want ot go on the deck cuz it's hot out there. I will find a happy medium and go fuzz up a new area.

Purr with ya later-

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