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dad and i had lunch today

October 18th 2008 2:43 pm
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dad knows my favorite sausage is lingusa,so today at lunch,dad had lingusa and i got to have a piece..i got really excited,but i had to wait until it cooled off and dad cut it up into little pieces for me..i kept telling him it was ok id try the whole piece but he wouldnt let me...i finally got my pieces and i really scarfed them down..i chewed though..didnt just a good girl that way..dads proud of me for that....

dad was watching tv and talkin to gramma and grampa ..we eat at thier house on weekends too,and dad wasnt watching i took another BIG pioece and ran away....i didnt chew it very well and kinda chocked a lil....i got kinda upset ...but dad callmed me down by stroking me and then cut my stolen piece into small bits and let me have it....

a looooong time ago,dad and i were living in gramma and grampas had the big garage door open and had just made a linguisa and cheese sandwich....the cute mail carrier,,dad still has a crush on her and she thinks im "pretty for a kitty"...well dad and her were talking and not watching me...i need to be watched i got up on the desktop and took a BIG slice of linguesa and ran into the back yard with took me all afternoon to eat it..but by gosh i did it...weeeeeee


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