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Much to be thankful for

November 27th 2008 4:12 pm
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Happy Thanksgiving!

While scoping out the neighborhood from the front window, I realize what a very lucky cat I am (and not just because I managed to snake a bit of turkey from my human either!)

Just a couple of months ago I was wandering the streets wondering where my next meal would come from. The people who owned me had put me out on the street when they had to leave their apartment here. Somebody was supposed to take care of me but they didn't; they left me out on the street. Chloe's owner (my now dog sister) lives in the building my former owners lived in. I always liked Chloe and she liked me. I'd sometimes see them when they were out walking. They started to bring me food. Sometimes, when it rained, they'd bring me in. That felt good. But then I'd have to leave. The building's owner didn't want me there because my old apartment had fleas. Not my fault I wasn't properly taken care of . After a couple of months I started to follow them on their walks and they always had food for me. Chloe's human never gave up on me. When I was injured, she made sure I got to see a vet (I have to say I didn't like the cat carrier or the car ride too much) and started flea treatment. They finally convinced the building's owner to let me stay. That was 7 weeks ago.

I am thankful I'm no longer on the street and I have a warm place to stay. I'm thankful for a playmate even if she is a dog and she hogs our owner's bed a night (although our owner thinks we both hog the bed.) I'm thankful that I get regular meals (I've gained some much needed weight since moving in ! I'm called "Pudgecicle" now and sometimes so is my sister!) I have cat toys but I find the human's things w a y more interesting.

I have a blanket to knead now and a snooze to take. I am thankful...and sleepy. :-)

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