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~ Trails of a Krikit ~

~ how I got my name ~

October 2nd 2008 9:31 pm
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Dear Diary,

When I first was brought in this new territory, I was placed in an enclosed area in the back. I was told that it was called a rest-room. That was fine with me because I really needed some rest after the scary humans did something they referred to as ‘surgery’ on me.

I recognized something right away. It was my special house that I was given to sleep in when I lived in the outdoor territory. I crawled in it and slept for a long time. I was so tired and felt safe in my special house.

When I felt a bit better and when it was quiet I would come out and explore the rest-room. I found pretty dishes with fresh food and water in them. *purrs* I also found a soft round bed with a pretty, soft blanket in it up where I could look out the window. *purrs* Every evening the lady would bring me a plate with yummy wet food on it. *licks lips while purring*

I didn’t feel too well for quite a while. The lady started feeling guilty that I had to be in this rest-room alone for so long. Every night she would bring me a new toy. Round toys, bouncy toys, toys that made noises, toys that hung from a string, mousies of all kinds, etc. I never made a noise until I heard that all was quiet and the light coming from underneath the door disappeared. Then I would play up a storm with my new toys. I would have so much fun and I would bounce the toys off of the walls and make sounds of joy, high pitched trills. Only to the lady they sounded just like a cricket and I would hear her giggling that a cricket must be in the bathroom.

I still just make these ’cricket sounds.’ I’m keeping the lady guessing weather or not I can actually say ’meow.’ *sheepishly grins*

That’s how the humans came to call me Krikit.

Purrs & Trills,
*Thanks to all my new friends for their warm welcomes to Catsterland! And to Bobbi Boi and Anna for my gifts. *hugs* I have a ‘power of the paw’ to chase the ‘pretty butterfly’ with! Mol! Don’t worry Anna, the butterfly is safe with me.*


Krikit ~missing - we love you~


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