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Yesterday was a sad day because our furiend Chelsea Louise- went to the Rainbow Bridge.

March 29th 2014 12:35 pm
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Yesterday was a very sad day, indeed, for my furmily and me and for so many of our Catster furiends. We were shocked and saddened to learn that our beloved furiend Chelsea Louise took a turn for the worst and made her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Catster lost one of it's best when Chelsea was called away. We will forever love you, Chelsea. You made us smile always.


Thanks to Auntie Judi for my pretty page.

August 27th 2013 4:55 pm
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Thank you so much, Auntie Judi, for making my beautifur page for Catster. You surely are talented. You are so sweet to do such nice things for us. Love you, Karisma


I am 5 years old today!

July 1st 2013 7:14 am
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Today is the 5th birthday for my brofur Cannoli and me! It is so hard to believe we are 5 already. Where did those years go?

I got purrty birthday pictures from my Auntie Dana and from Tundra and furmily. I love both pictures and thank my dear furiends and auntie so furry much.

I got a nice birthday note from Jezebel in my inbox this morning and I got a fun ball from Anna and her furmily and from Victoria, Big Harry and his furmily sent me a sweet lady bug, my sweet furiend Newman and furmily for the delicious drink, Angel Queen Tallulah and her furmily sent me a purrty rose, Teebo and his furmily sent me some purrty tulips and Norman and his furmily sent me some delicious watermelon . Thanks so much for helping me celebrate my 5th birthday.

It will be a pawsome day!


Thank you for my purrty birthday page to Auntie Judi

June 30th 2013 1:51 pm
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I will be turning a big 5 years old tomorrow but I want to thank my Auntie Judi for making me such a purrtiful birthday page. I just love it. Thankies to Auntie Judi.


I am 4 years old today!

July 1st 2012 2:35 pm
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I am a big 4 years old today. My birthday has been pawsome with many birthday wishes from sweet furiends. Manytoes and family made a really lovely birthday picture for me and I am using it now. Isn't it purrty? My handsome Lolly sent me a BIG cake and lovely message. I received a birthday cupcake from my handsome brofur Cannoli, a birthday hat from my brofur PorkChop, an ice cream cone from Anna and her furmily and a fun bouncing ball from Newman and his sweet furmily. I got some really nice birthday messages on my meowmy's Facebook wall, too. Thank you to everyone who has helped me celebrate my 4th birthday is such style.

I haven't written since the passing of our dear furiend Cocoa. So much has happened since then. Meowmy has been busy taking care of all the kitties in our home with the different ailments they have ongoing.

My wonderful doggie brofur McDuff died unexpectedly on August 7, 2011. He had a canine hemangiosarcoma. He never had a sick day and we are all thankful for his good health. It was a shock to my pawrents and to the whole fumily. While my pawrents were trying to accept and recover from losing McDuff, my sisfur Kujo became ill with renal failure. We thought she was improving but unknown to us or the vets treating her, she had developed pancreatitis. Kujo made her Bridge journey on November 29, 2011. The losses really were painful to my pawrents but were the hardest on my meowmy. Then on May 22, 2011, my precious brofur Prince, died after a short illness with lymphoma. He died just barely four days after his first chemo treatment. The cause of his death is thought to be tumor lysis syndrome. His passing took us all by surprise and has taken the greatest toll on my meowmy. So, in part, those are many of the reasons that our diaries have fallen so far behind.

Thank you to all my furiends who have helped me celebrate my 4th birthday in grand style. My love and kisses to each of you.


Sad news ~ Our dear friend Cocoa passed away during the- night.

August 1st 2011 6:03 am
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Shortly before 8:30am EST, we got some very sad news. Auntie Barbi called Meowmy to tell her that our dear furiend Cocoa had crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He will always be a special part of our furmily and always in our hearts. He left some big pawprints in each of our hearts. We are all still in shock. Please remember Auntie Barbi and Unkie Rob and all the sad siblings that Cocoa has left behind to mourn and miss him. Cocoa was and is very special to my meowmy... she always loved to hear his cute little meows (sometimes very loud) as he chatted when Auntie Barbi and Meowmy were on the phone chatting. Rest in Peace, dear and special furiend. You will never be far from our hearts. We LOVE you, Cocoa.


I am 3 today!

July 1st 2011 5:43 am
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Oh boy! I am a big 3 years old today. Meowmy says she can't believe I made it this far. You see, I love to chew cords. I get into lots of trouble because of my love for chewing electrical cords. Meowmy says she lost count of the cords we have had to replace. She makes a mad face when she scolds me about it. Can you believe that Meowmy would make a mad face at ME?

Meowmy told me she will be home with me almost all day long. Is that a good thing? I have so many cords to chew. Maybe I can encourage her to go somewhere so I can celebrate my birthday in grand chewing style. MOL.

My brofur Cannoli is celebrating his 3rd birthday, too. We were adopted the same day and got to ride back to Cannoli's home and I met all his new brofurs and sisfur before we headed to NC. Cannoli is furry special brofur.

My littermate and most special brofur Cannoli sent me a yummy chocolate cupcake. He said, "Dear Karisma~ I'm so excited to be celebrating our 3rd Birthday's together and I am very proud that your my sister. May your special day be filled with lots of love. KIsses~ Cannoli xoxo 7-1-11"

Sweet Angel Wanda and her precious furmily sent me a party hat. They said, "Hope you have a lovely birthday Karisma! Hugs to all! Love Wanda, Norman and family"

My handsome brofur PorkChop sent me a yummy chocolate cupcake. He said, "Wishing my beautiful sister, Karisma, a very Happy 3rd Birthday!!! I know you'll get spoiled today Hope you get extra lovies and more!! Love your bro, PorkChop!! *bonks and kisses*"

My wonderpurr furhusband, the most famous Mr. Lollycat McNoNo sent me a big cake. He said, "Happy Birthday to my beautipurr wife! Do you want me to sing to you? I've been practicing...Happy birthday to you, you know I love you, happy birthday my wifey, happy birthday to you!" Did you hear how PURRfect his pitch was and how sweet his song was? I think I am in kitty heaven after his serenade!

Ciao-Li and his pawsome furmily sent me a purrty pink ribbon. They said, "Happy birthday, beautiful Karisma! We hope you have a fabulous day and that all your wishes come true! May your family spoil you rotten, mol!We love you, precious girl!"

Milo and his wonderpurr furmily sent me a beautipurr rose. They said, "Happee Birfday purrty Karisma! I lubbs ur name! Shur hope u haz a great day 'n pawty lots 'n get many spawcial prezzies 'n playtime!! Hugs 'n nudges, MILO, Smokey Joe, Sam, Timmy 'n Ziggy"

11:55 PM EST ~

Oh my goodness! This has been a most purrfect day. I did not have to dress up and have my picture taken. Yay. My pawrents ended up having to take my doggie brofur to the doc doc because of his ears. He ended up having a hematoma inside his left ear and an ear infection and he has a hot spot on his right hind leg. He is a mess. After they took my doggie brofur to the doc doc, they had so much catching up to do because they have not been home much while they were clearing my dad's mom's home. They finally finished that yesterday and are hoping things will settle down in our home now. So, my pawrents were not home much of today. However, when they got home late in the afternoon (almost 5), they found a package with my mom's name and mine on it. I have been expecting a pawresent from my handsome furhusband Lolly... so I knew it was my gift from him. Meowmy helped me open my pawresent after she unloaded the car. Oh my catness.... Lolly and my wonderpurr mother-in-law got me a portrait of me... done by Tyler's mom, Auntie Jill. I squealed with delight when I saw it but I think my meowmy outdid me in the squealing department. It is just PURRfect. Along with my portrait, I found one of my favorite toys. It is the crinkle noise kick toy. I love those. And I got 20 catnip pompom balls, too. What a surprise! Lolly sent me a card that meows furry loudly. I love, love, love everything I got from my precious Lolly. I have made my portrait from Lolly my main picture now. Isn't it beautifur?

Riley and Skippy sent me a purrty pink ribbon. They said, "Happy Birthday Karisma! Here is a birthday badge for you to celebrate your special day! Enjoy getting lot's of extra hugs and kisses! Hugs & Purrs Riley and Skippy"

Sweet Angel Mr. Sam and his furmily sent me a fun beach ball. They said, "Happy Birthday Karisma! We love you!"

Cole sent me a purrty heart. He said, "Happy Birthday Beautiful Karisma! Hope you have the best day ever. Love. Cole"

Teebo and his wonderpurr furmily sent me a fun kite. They said, "Happiest of Birthdays Karisma! Hope you have a great day!! Purrs, Teebo, Callie and Rose"

DA TABBIES O TROUT TOWNE sent me a yummy slice of watermelon. They said, "Stopping by with best fishes for a veree happee day oh birth karisma; hope yur day rocks, ewe get plentee oh treets, cake, purrhaps some new toys N hope ya get a new catillac !! happee day frum all oh us ! peace out N rock on "

Anna and her sweet furmily sent me a delicious lemon drink. They said, "Happy Birthday Karisma! We hope you had a furbulous day filled with lots of goodies and extra loving. We thought a cool glass of catnipaid would go great with all that cake! happy birthday hugs and headbonks Anna and furryones"

Mikey and his sweet furmily sent me a yummy chocolate cupcake. They said, "Happy Happy Birthday, Karisma! We hope you are celebrating your special day in style and really living it up! Loving purrs, Mikey, Bubby, Aria, Bitta, Simon, Charm, Katie, Tatti"

Ozzy and Harriet sent me a purrty pink ribbon. They said, "Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday Dear Karisma! Happy Birthday to You! Hope your day was filled with love and treats! ^paw and meowies, ozzy and harriet"

Harry and his pawsome furmily sent me a purrty sunflower. They said, "Happy 3rd Birthday, Karisma!! Hope you are enjoying your special day! Purrs, Harry, Albie, and Family"

I can't thank effuryone enough for helping make m 3rd birthday the best one a girl could ever want. Thank you for all the comments, messages and gifties. My most special thanks to Lolly, Mama Rachel and Auntie Jill! My love to effuryone!


A lovely thank you.

June 17th 2011 7:55 pm
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Wimseycats MISS PHOEBE sent me a Share the Love heart. She said, "Thank you from Miss Phoebe - love and purrs sweet friend xx"


I am a DDP today.

May 3rd 2011 6:04 am
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OMC. I woke up to learn that I am one of today's DDP honorees. Thank you to Catster HQ and to the Diary Gal. I am so excited. I will get back to my diary later today when Meowmy has the time to help me. I am serving as a diary honoree today with a sweet furiend named Rose who is the DOTD honoree. My concats to her.

My pawrents are in the middle of finding a place for my human grandmother to live since her Medicare coverage ends at her nursing home/rehabilitation home since she got out of the hospital in January. Yesterday, my meowmy and my dad's sister went around searching for a place for her IF she qualifies for assisted living. The doctor must sign a paper in order for her to be able to live in assisted living versus nursing home. So, I know they will be back at it today as time has run out with her financial coverage. So, while I am furry excited, I will have to return later to check on things with my diary and this honor.

One thing, however, Meowmy discovered that she had NOT published two of my diary entries. She is getting furry bad about that. She is going to publish one right after this one but the other one still needs some more work. I really need to take applications for a typist upon which I can depend. Meowmy is not that purrson! Pffffffttttt.

Be back later ~


More almost painting fun and Happy Easter!

April 24th 2011 6:48 am
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Well, yesterday Meowmy DID scold my dad about leaving the paint lid where we could find it... and do you know what he did after the "fiasco"???? He decided to paint the "missed" spots of the green wall paint. You will never guess what Meowmy found.... YES, the lid on the counter upside down AGAIN! Meowmy said thank goodness that she found it BEFORE we did. She put it in our microwave and shut the door so none of us could assist Dad in the painting effurts!!!! I think green would have been lovely all over the kitchen, don't you?

Happy Easter to all my beloved furiends and their humans!

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