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Pooky Tagged Me Back!

December 17th 2008 10:59 am
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Ooooooh, that Pooky, my sweet, wonderful look-alike TWIN 2000 miles away, is something! I tagged her a lo-oooong time ago. It took her a while, but she played-- only, she changed the game! She made it much-much better, an' she asked if I would play it the new way. Well, it's taken me even LONGER!, but here I am! I hope I am furgiven fur taking so long. In writing this, I'm learning that gifts come in all shapes an' sizes, an' that every single one of them should be honored an' cherished.


1) I gots three really-really good legs! What if I had only TWO legs? Ooooooh, that would be bad! So, if I hobble a little, so? I can get any where I want to get! (Almost.) That's why first of all, right off at the beginning, I am grateful fur my three good, strong legs.

2) I haves a HOME, a real HOME! I'm safe, I'm warm, my tummy is full, no buddy will ever-ever hurt me again, an' I get cuddles, toys, pats, rubs, an' all the love a fur-critter could want. I'm in heaven! LAST Christmas I was only a few months old, I had a turribly injured leg, an' although my furever-mommy was feeding me by then, I was still too skeered to come to her. LAST Christmas I was all alone, freeeezing cold in the sleet an' wind, skeered, an' hurting. What a diffurence a year makes! Thank you, thank you fur my furever home.

3) Last February I had three beauuuuuuytiful baby daughters. I'm grateful fur them! They stayed with me fur 3 months, an' they taught me how to love unconditionally. They taught me how to put some one else furst. They taught me how to laugh an' play an' be a kitty! And, they taught me that even when you have to let go of the ones you love, they will always-always stay warm an' snug in your heart. My three girls have a wonderful furever home now in Georgia. They're all together, an' I get to hear about them all the time. I'm so-oooooo thankful fur all of this!, and fur the very FACT of my babies.

4) I know I don' act like it sometimes (-well, a lot of the time!-)... but I just ADORE my two pup-brofurs, Max an' Charley. I am grateful that we share a home together, an' that they love me, too! I am slowly, slowwwly learning how to play with them. At furst they skeered me!, an' I kept away from them. Then, I learned how to hide behind things an' LEAP out an' bat-bat Charley with my little pawsies! Now, finally, I'm learning how to play the right way with Charley. I chase him, an' he wags his tail an' runs! Then HE chases ME, an' I swish my tail an' run! This is all SO much fun!

5) This is so-so-so-oooooo impawtant to me: I am more grateful than I could ever, ever express, fur all the special kitty-furiends I have now on Catster. I feel loved an' cared about an' supported, all the time! My furiends are strong an' smart, sweet an' understanding, kind an' loving... they never judge me! (even when I mess up) --they just accept me fur who I am, an' they might even LIKE me that way!

Some of these furiends have gone wayyyyy out of their way to help me, like Callie Rose, Pooky, an' Margo. Some of them are fun new furiends, like Hailey & Ashleigh, Cassidy an' Mojo, an' Margo's Mikey. And, some of them are jus' there, always watching out fur me and being kind an' supportive, like Baby-G, Little-One, an' Emily. How I wish I could gather all my beauuuuuytiful furiends up an' wrap my arms around 'em, an' tell 'em how much they mean to me!

SO. That's my five things. Oooooooh, I'm the luckiest kitty in the world!! Thank you, thank you world, thank you my 3 good legs, thank you my home, thank you my furmily, thank you my furiends, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I can't believe how purrrrrfectly **HAPPY** I am!

An' GUESS WHAT! Right in the middle of my writing down all this gratefulness, when my heart was jus' so FULL of love an' joy I wanted to cry, it happened again! It did, it did! My Christmas miracle! I gotted back another life.... I really-really did! It's the JOY, I jus' know it! All this JOY I've been learning gave me back another life. How could any kitty's life be more blessed?

Meeeeoooowwwwww!!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!


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