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Sable's Happy Life

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September 15th 2013 10:22 am
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Yowza meeeyowza I is so-oooooooo happy to be here again!!

Things was arful difficult fur my mommy fur a lo-oooong while, an I couldn' live with her for a YEAR AN A HALF. Then a MIRACLE happened, an I gotted to move to my mommy's new place an live with her AGAIN, an I is in paradise, lemme tell yous!

Furst there is my mommy, who pets an grooms an cuddles me an feeds me loads an loads of TREATS. Second, there is my fun new doggy-brofurs, Moppet an Soleil, who lets me chase em and who chases me! Third, there is the PLACE! My new home is in the middle of five acres, at the end of a dirt road an a lo-oooong driveway, surrounded by furrest, with a POND! There is butterflies an dragonflies an froggies an birdies an skwirrels an allllllll kinds of things to play with... I lives in PARADISE! I LOVES it here.

Plus I gots my furry own kitty-door fur only just meeeee (my doggy-brofurs is too shy to use it even though it's big enough fur thems, heeheee), an I can go in an out alllll day long! (At night the door gets locked so's to keep us all safe from big-mean raccoons an army-dillows an things.) All day long I spends lots of time hiding in the grass an then POUNCING, or lolling around on the old wooden picnic table that was here when my mommy moved here. When it rains a bunch, we has a happy little stream that runs out of the pond... I sits by that stream fur hours an watches the water. And, there is plenty of nice Florida sand to rolllllll around in, too!

An my brofurs doesn't even mind if I sleeps on the bed with them! (Good thing it's a big bed, or my mommy would have to sleep somewhere else, mol mol.)

I does a LOT of purrrrrrrring, these days!



April 30th 2011 4:44 am
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WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Today, or somewhere close to it, I was BORN, four years ago!

We doesn't know exactly WHERE, an' we doesn't know exactly WHEN, but here I is, *four* pawsome years old!

An' I gots a HOME! An' I gots deeeelicious FOODS! An' I gots a CALVIN COLLAR! An' I gots TOYS! An' I gots pawrents who LO-OOOOOOOVES me!

Okay, yeah, so I is still somewhat weird. I gots trust issues. I never sits on laps an' purrrrr. You can't reach down to pick me up, 'cause I'll skitter away. But I *does* nap on the couch now, instead of jus' on the floor-- an' I DOES come an' ask my mommy for pets & cuddles & loves every single night! Sometimes during the night I even curl up on the furry end of the bed, near my pup-brofurs, an' close my eyes!

It's much easier for me now when peoples come to the house. I don't panic an' run away so much-- I jus' kind of keeps my distance but I meows hello. I talk a *bunch* more than I ever did befur!

Sometimes I even come running when Mommy calls me!!!!!!!!

I is obsessed with my two special hanging toys, an' spend *hours* bat-batting thems. An' I is nicer to my pup-brofurs now, kind of ASKING to play instead of just POUNCING at thems with my clawsies out. I gots my favorite spots on the deck an' on the back porch an' in the yard, an' I can usually be seen in one of those spots, lolling around enjoying life.

I HAS COME A LO-OOOOOOONG WAY! An' I is so-oooooooo happy an' content. I think I is gonna LO-OOOOOOVE being four!




August 9th 2010 11:51 pm
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Oooooh I can't believe it, I can't believe I did it, but I did! Tonight after my usual jump-up-on-the-bed-an'-get-loving, instead of jumping back down when I gotted done, I --PLOPPED-- right down on the bed, all cuddled up next to my mommy, an' I *stayed* there fur a whole half a hour!

It felt deeeeelightful,I gots to tell yous. It maked me feel so furry safe, an' loved, an'cherished. Meeeeeyowsers! I might even have to try it again,one of these days!

An' guess what. The whole time I was there cuddled next to Mommy I purrrrrrred-- an' my mom purrrrred right along WITH me! Teeheeeheeeeee!


Tagged by Alexis Tippy PAWS!

August 9th 2010 11:45 pm
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Oooooooh, purrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Thanks so-ooooo much, sweet Alexis, fur including me in all the fun! These is my answers in the tag game....

1. Do you ever wake your parent up in the night?

Yup. Teeheeheee! Mostly at night I sleeps in the living room, but a couple of times during each night I gets a little bee in my bonnet an' decides that I wants some loving-- so UP I jumps on the bed, and MEOWWWWW I says to Mommy, an' PURRRRRRRRRRRR I says, an' I stays there whapping my fluffy tail in her face 'til she wakes her self up an' PETS me! Hahahahaha!

2.Do you ever tear up things?

Not yet. My pup-brofur Charley always seems to beat me to it. One of these days maybe I'll learn how to rrrrrip an'clawwwww!

3.What's your favorite treat?

I lo-oooooove my Fancy Feast kitty food that comes in a CAN! I always gots all the dry food I wants, but the Fancy Feast is special... I gets a bit of it every single night when I comes inside, an' I laps it up like it's candy. Yum, yummy, yummers!

4.Can you fetch something when ask to do so?

I don't know NOTHING about fetching. I let my brofur Charley do all that kind of stuffs, since it makes him so happy. Teeheee.

5.Have you ever lived any place other than where you live ?

The furst 6 months of my life are a blur to me now... I guess I din't really live ANYwheres, jus' tried to survive in the underbrush-- especially after I gotted shot. Ever since my mommy found me a couple of years ago, this has been my furever-home. I am so-oooo glad I don't gots to go anywheres else!



I PLAYED!!!!!!!!!!

June 3rd 2010 6:24 am
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Oooooh, a couple of impawtant changes in my life in the past week or so! Meeeeeewowsers, I feels so-ooooo *happy*!

Furst. I, me, Sable, The Odd One?-- well, I might, I jus' *might* pawssibly have-- (BLUSH...)-- met... a.... BOY? This furry cute kitty named Daniel has been purrrrsuing me lately-- he has, really! I can't believe it, but he must actually pawssibly maybe **LIKE** me!! Or maybe he is jus' being NICE, I'm not completely sure. But he did send me FLOWERS, an', an', an' a RING, an' even a DIE-MINT!!!! I think he even called me his gurrrlfuriend, too!!!!!! I wonder if-- could it be? Does I dare hope that he might could maybe be.... SMITTEN? I don' gets it, but who's arguing! Teeheeee. Did I mention that he is FURRY cute?

Second. Guess what guess what guess what!!! Prob'ly from all this feeling all warm & fuzzy inside an' good about my self from Daniel coming around, I DID something the other night. This was a thing that isn't like the usual MEEEE at all at all. A lo-ooooong time ago when I had my kitty-gurrrls growing up here I tried it once or twice, but it wasn't never a big success with me. This time, THIS time, though, it was FUR REAL! I really really did it, an' I *lo-oooooved* it!!!

(a big fanfur, folkses...)

***** I PLAYED!!!! *****

I did I did I did, I really-really DID!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
I was jus' hanging out on the nice-cool floor, an' right where I was lolling around there was this... well, a TOY, a little furry TOY that belongs to my pup-brofur Charley. I don' know what on earth gotted into my head (prob'ly a die-mint or something), but suddenly I had this idea out of the blue, like-- what would happen if maybe I jus' tooked a little SWIPE at that thing? So I did! Bat-bat! An', --whoooosh!, it wented skittering across the tile floor like a little mousie, an' who could resist THAT? I played, an' chased, an' bat-batted that thing fur over fifteen minutes straight!!! IT WAS SO-OOOOOOO MUCH FUN! So I rested a bit, an' then...


I can't wait, I can't *wait* to do it again! My mommy is gonna pick me up some real actual KITTY toys tomorrow... oooooooooooh, this is all SO furtastic! --Hmmm. I wonder if this means that I won't feel the need no more to LEAP out at Max an' Charley all the times an' bat-bat THEMS.... naw. I'm gonna keep doing that, it's too much FUN to ever give it up-- I jus' lo-ooooooves to see THEMS go skittering across the floor, too. Teeheeeheeeee.

***** I PLAYED!!!! *****

THANKS, Daniel... :)))))))))))))



May 2nd 2010 12:57 pm
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Thank you, thank yous one an' all-- you made my birthday so-oooooo special! It made me feel all warm & furry inside to get all them prezzies an' notes an' flowers an' cards. (I *still* feels all warm an' furry inside, an' I think the feeling is gonna last all year long, teeheee!)

An' guess what, guess what, guess WHAT! My mommy had to be in Tallahassee all day, but when she comed home again she bringed me.... a.... a-- nice, shiny, new, *pink* COLLAR with a bell an' DIE-MINTS on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!


Meeeeyowzers! It was JUS' my birthday, an' now it's my- birthday AGAIN??!!?

April 30th 2010 5:00 am
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Wow, wow, I LO-OOOOOVE BIRTHDAYS! I think I will have one every week.

It *feels* like I haves one every week, you know. Always, here at my furvorite place in the whole wide world, there is wonderfur things going on! I goes to pawties! I *dance*!! I meet warm nice new furs, an' make new furiends! I has a little house by a lake, an' I make cakes, an' get my self new clothes, an' play games, an' giggle a WHOLE bunch, teeheeeheee! I help out when folkses is sad or lonesome. I hug my furiends a lot. My life is full to overflowing, an' it's jus' PAWSOME!!!! Around here, EVERY day is my birthday. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

When I woked up this morning, I looked an' saw that somehow I have gotted my self ANOTHER life back!! I think it's from being happy.


~~pawty, pawty, it's my BIRTHDAY!~~

April 30th 2009 3:28 pm
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Oooooooooooh, I've had the bestest day ever-ever-ever, today!

It's my BIRTHDAY! I am two hole years old. Is that furry old? I'm not sure. I sure have managed to pack in a hole lot of living into two little years.

Let's see... I gotted borned-- I bet THAT wasn't easy, hehe! Then something happened an' I losted my mommy an' my litter-mates, an' my HOME too. Then I gotted shot. Then I gotted starving an' skeered an' lonely an' completely lost. THEN I found my now-meowmy an' my Furever-Home!!! Then I had three beauuuuuutiful little girls, who are all growed up now an' living all together up in Georgia. Then I gotted fixed (what was wrong with me, anyway?). Then, I gotted to know my pup-brofurs Max an' Charley, an' I discovered the joys of CHASING, an' POUNCING, an' BAPPING!

Now I am a truly happy kitty, an' I spend my days lounging around on the deck or in the grass or in the garden. Sometimes I even hunt fur mousies or squirrels! I gots lots of furiends on Catster, folkses I really-really care about. I gots a pawfect life now, an' I will never-ever-EVER stop being gggrrateful fur it. THANK YOU, WORLD!

I already lo-oooooove being two! :))


PS: I gotted a brand-new collar today!, an' a new feathered catnip toy which is my all-time furvorite. My meowmy spended over an hour petting me this morning... I have been learning how much pleasure there is in a head-scratching or a tummy-rubbing, purr-purrrrrrr. This afternoon Max an' Charley let me CHASE 'em an' POUNCE on 'em to my heart's content! An' tonight I'm gonna get a yum-yummy tasty TREAT fur my dinner, oooooooh, meowsers! The bestest thing of all, though, is-- guess what! I GOTTED ANOTHER *LIFE* BACK!!! Ooooh, my ears an' whiskers, birthdays is FURTASTIC!! :D


Pooky Tagged Me Back!

December 17th 2008 10:59 am
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Ooooooh, that Pooky, my sweet, wonderful look-alike TWIN 2000 miles away, is something! I tagged her a lo-oooong time ago. It took her a while, but she played-- only, she changed the game! She made it much-much better, an' she asked if I would play it the new way. Well, it's taken me even LONGER!, but here I am! I hope I am furgiven fur taking so long. In writing this, I'm learning that gifts come in all shapes an' sizes, an' that every single one of them should be honored an' cherished.


1) I gots three really-really good legs! What if I had only TWO legs? Ooooooh, that would be bad! So, if I hobble a little, so? I can get any where I want to get! (Almost.) That's why first of all, right off at the beginning, I am grateful fur my three good, strong legs.

2) I haves a HOME, a real HOME! I'm safe, I'm warm, my tummy is full, no buddy will ever-ever hurt me again, an' I get cuddles, toys, pats, rubs, an' all the love a fur-critter could want. I'm in heaven! LAST Christmas I was only a few months old, I had a turribly injured leg, an' although my furever-mommy was feeding me by then, I was still too skeered to come to her. LAST Christmas I was all alone, freeeezing cold in the sleet an' wind, skeered, an' hurting. What a diffurence a year makes! Thank you, thank you fur my furever home.

3) Last February I had three beauuuuuuytiful baby daughters. I'm grateful fur them! They stayed with me fur 3 months, an' they taught me how to love unconditionally. They taught me how to put some one else furst. They taught me how to laugh an' play an' be a kitty! And, they taught me that even when you have to let go of the ones you love, they will always-always stay warm an' snug in your heart. My three girls have a wonderful furever home now in Georgia. They're all together, an' I get to hear about them all the time. I'm so-oooooo thankful fur all of this!, and fur the very FACT of my babies.

4) I know I don' act like it sometimes (-well, a lot of the time!-)... but I just ADORE my two pup-brofurs, Max an' Charley. I am grateful that we share a home together, an' that they love me, too! I am slowly, slowwwly learning how to play with them. At furst they skeered me!, an' I kept away from them. Then, I learned how to hide behind things an' LEAP out an' bat-bat Charley with my little pawsies! Now, finally, I'm learning how to play the right way with Charley. I chase him, an' he wags his tail an' runs! Then HE chases ME, an' I swish my tail an' run! This is all SO much fun!

5) This is so-so-so-oooooo impawtant to me: I am more grateful than I could ever, ever express, fur all the special kitty-furiends I have now on Catster. I feel loved an' cared about an' supported, all the time! My furiends are strong an' smart, sweet an' understanding, kind an' loving... they never judge me! (even when I mess up) --they just accept me fur who I am, an' they might even LIKE me that way!

Some of these furiends have gone wayyyyy out of their way to help me, like Callie Rose, Pooky, an' Margo. Some of them are fun new furiends, like Hailey & Ashleigh, Cassidy an' Mojo, an' Margo's Mikey. And, some of them are jus' there, always watching out fur me and being kind an' supportive, like Baby-G, Little-One, an' Emily. How I wish I could gather all my beauuuuuytiful furiends up an' wrap my arms around 'em, an' tell 'em how much they mean to me!

SO. That's my five things. Oooooooh, I'm the luckiest kitty in the world!! Thank you, thank you world, thank you my 3 good legs, thank you my home, thank you my furmily, thank you my furiends, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I can't believe how purrrrrfectly **HAPPY** I am!

An' GUESS WHAT! Right in the middle of my writing down all this gratefulness, when my heart was jus' so FULL of love an' joy I wanted to cry, it happened again! It did, it did! My Christmas miracle! I gotted back another life.... I really-really did! It's the JOY, I jus' know it! All this JOY I've been learning gave me back another life. How could any kitty's life be more blessed?

Meeeeoooowwwwww!!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!



December 5th 2008 1:30 am
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...So, I did bunches of thinking over the Thanks an' Giving holiday. I remembered last year's Thanks an' Giving, which is when my now & furever mom rescued me. I must have been shot about a week befur she saw me. I was in such pain that I could barely walk, an' I hadn't been able to find myself any food at all fur days an' days. I think the angels sent her! If she hadn't fed me, there's no doubt that I would have died.

Getting shot made me skeered an' shy, and all this past year my heart was filled with anger at the man who shot me. Every day, I would remember what had happened, an' get mad all over again. It was so unfair, an' so unnecessary & cruel! Because of that bad-bad man, I would never be a whole kitty again. I thought I would keep this anger inside me fur the rest of my life.

Something happened on Thanks an' Giving day this year, though-- something wonderful! I was thinking, as usual, about how awful it was to get shot, an' I was thinking about the man who did it to me. Then, suddenly, out of the blue, I felt my anger start to melt away! I saw clearly that I *had* to let it all go if I ever wanted to heal my soul... an' I knew that I needed to furgive him.

Once I saw this, I made a decision: I would FURGIVE the bad-bad man, an' make my peace with who I am now (even if I'm not a whole kitty any more). My Thanks an' Giving could be a Thanks an' FURgiving! Then, a huge-enormous weight seemed to jus' float off my back, an' a great happiness filled me. I saw that it doesn't matter if I'm not whole on the outside. My INside is whole, an' that's what counts!

I started to purr an' purr an' purr... and somewhere, somehow, during all the purring, another miracle happened. I GOT ANOTHER ONE OF MY LIVES BACK!!!

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