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I have a new skill !!

January 13th 2010 5:35 am
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I learned a new trick and Mommy is not quite as proud of me as I expected her to be. I mean, c'mon, I am the smartest cat in the house. I am practically brilliant. Mom got mad at me because I kept getting into the back of the dresser and pushing open the drawers to nap inside. So she stuffed things under the dresser and I can't do that anymore. So yesterday I taught myself to open the cabinet door in the kitchen. Mom kept hearing a little banging noise in the kitchen while working in her office. So she said "Kira, what are you up to" hmmm...not sure how she knew it was me from that far away. So I stopped for a minute and came around to meow at her innocently. But when she came in the kitchen there was a cabinet wide open. So she shut it and hollered at me to leave it alone. Still not sure how she knew I did it. And then this morning, there it was wide open again. You shut it, I'm just gonna open it. Let's see who wins this battle. (Mom made a mental note to always rinse the pans in that cabinet before using them)
PS. We are getting a new baby sister named Lucy in a couple of weeks. I am not too happy about this. When Maggie came I hid for days and hissed all the time. Not sure why Mom thinks she needs to do this to me again. Just because I love Maggie now does not mean I want more of them.



October 15th 2009 5:11 am
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Mommy is working at home today and she was diligently typing an email when she began to hear a noise that drew her attention away from the computer. Licky, licky, lick! It was ME! I was stealing a taste of the cream cheese on the bagel she had on a little tv table where she THINKS it's safe to have food while she works. SURPRISE!~ NOT safe from the ever resourceful Kira! Not my fault Mommy spoils me. Ever since I was sick last year, she has shared a taste of whatever she is eating with me and now I take a taste even if she didn't offer to share. Mom would have wanted me to have some if she had noticed I was waiting. Right? She didn't even yell. She just scraped off the part I licked and gave it to me and then she finished her bagel. Mommy wouldn't tell THAT story to her non-cat crazy friends though. "Normal" people might think that was icky. MOL


Excuse me...the food bowls are EMPTY!!!!

July 28th 2009 12:15 pm
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Mom is really slacking. I do not think I have ever been hungry enough to come running when the crunchies hit the food bowl before. But we have 5 bowls and I have never in my life seen them all completely empty. HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....MOM what could you possibly be doing that is more important than feeding the cats? And then, as if that was not bad enough, the ONLY reason she noticed was because she was going to get a botttle of wine to chill before company comes tonight. So we would still be starving to death if she didn't have company coming! All of us from the smallest to the largest ran in and munched like crazy. I sure hope Mom felt guilty! I guess one of us had better learn to talk if she can't be responsible enough to keep those bowls filled on her own. I must remember to punish her by walking on her head when she is sleeping tonight.


Do cats burp?

June 25th 2009 8:04 pm
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Mommy just scooped me up for a snuggle and she swears that I burped in her face. Better than coming out the other end, don't ya think? Anyway, all is calm here at the kitty zoo. We are all living in harmony and I don't hate Maggie and I'm not mad at Mommy anymore. The only one doing any hissing is Chelsea and she just hisses at all of us all of the time if we invade her space. Nothing new there. Mommy left us for the whole day today and when she came home, nobody was missing or injured. I'm not ready to snuggle with Maggie or anything silly like that. But I have decided to let her stay.


Out of hiding but still a hissy brat

June 20th 2009 10:17 am
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Well, I'm venturing out but I still don't like that kitten one bit. Right now it's sleeping in a pile of towels Mommy was planning to put in the wash. She's almost the same color so I almost walked by without noticing but then I jumped 10 feet and hissed when I saw her there. I hope Mommy doesn't notice and sticks her in the washer too. MOL Earlier Mommy took me in the bathroom and shut the door to try to talk to me in private but I growled at Mommy and hissed right in her face. Mommy just snuggled me closer and laughed at me. Blaze really seems to like Maggie though. She seems to think it's a special toy Mommy brought home just for her to play with. She's following Maggie everywhere. Everybody else seems ok too. What is wrong with them? Can't they see that Mommy has committed a horrible crime?!? This thing...she's not like us. Mommy said something about being nice because some day Maggie may be 15 pounds and kick my little 8 pound butt for being so nasty when she was a baby. I don't care how big she's gonna get!


What the heck is that???

June 19th 2009 6:15 pm
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I am very mad at my Mommy. First she went away for 2 days and left us. All we had was Auntie Karen to come and care for us. Mommy did not ask me if it was ok to leave us alone. I ran and hid from her the minute she got home and refused to talk to her so she would know that she did something wrong. Then when I finally ventured out to see what i was missing, I found her with this awful kitten prancing around using OUR cat tree. So that's why she was gone? So she could bring home this little intruder? All of my silly sisters are just going about their business like nothing is amiss. Well, except Chelsea....she's doing a whole lot of growling and hissing. But I will show Mommy how mad I am. I will go and hide and never come out again. Try and find me now you bad Mommy!!


Oh, the shame and humiliation of it all!

June 11th 2009 8:54 am
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So it looks like the trip to the groomer is off. Last night Mommy noticed that I had some problems with my bottom. She tried to handle it herself but I ran and laid down inside my litterbox which scared Mommy. She called her friend (we call her Auntie Karen) and together, they pinned me down and pulled the mess out of my fur and washed me. (**down there**) Today I had to go to the V-E-T (not my nice lady vet, but the man who gets all of the family's crisis cases. Chelsea's injured paw, my sore hiney, etc) He poked me in several places to try to draw blood. I fooled him and wiggled like a worm to make it difficult. I feel fine but Mommy said they have to make sure I am not sick so he checked my belly and sent blood to the lab. Then he (OMG this is so embarrasing) he shaved my bottom!!!!! (I felt sooooo violated) When he finished I was so upset I was panting. And then they let Mommy cuddle me and put me back in my carrier to hide. When we got home, Mommy expected me to hide under the bed but instead I just went and layed up on the cat tree where I can watch the squirrels and try to forget my trauma. Remind me to try harder on the self grooming from now on so this doesn't happen again. I just can't smell as well since my surgery in my nose and ears. It's not my fault!


A Diary pick of the day??

June 8th 2009 5:55 am
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Yay for me! Mommy will be so proud. She's at work today so please don't anybody tell her that I use the computer when she's not home. (Oops! She will probably read this later) I am glad Mommy dressed up my page this weekend so people who visit my page will see the pretty butterflies.
Nothing exciting going on today. Just taking some naps and playing with my sisters until Mom gets home. But yesterday I got to lay in a window that Mommy never opened before and it was warm and sunny. Mommy was surprised when she saw me there. You have to climb up behind the headboard of Mommy's bed to get there so nobody came and tried to steal my spot because they couldn't find me. But I love snoozing in the warm sun and most of our windows don't get sun.
This Friday Mommy is taking the day off to spend some time with me. She said something about a place called the "groomer". What's a groomer? I hope they are nice like the people at the vet. Everybody there makes such a big fuss over me that I don't even mind going because I get extra cuddles. Mommy said she won't leave me though. She insisted that the groomer let her stay with me. Since I was sick before, Mommy never lets me out of her sight.


Thanks for the Birthday greetings!

June 2nd 2009 6:54 am
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I had the best Birthday ever! I got to be spoiled and have treats that I didn't have to share with my sisters. I got these fun squishy balls with little pawprints on them and I like to carry one around the house in my mouth and "talk" to it. Mommy thinks that's weird. I don't usually talk at all and when I do my voice is quiet and squeeky. But she keeps hearing this funny meow she knows is me so she calls me to see what's wrong and then I run by with my ball in my mouth. Nothing wrong Mom! Just having fun!

Special thanks to Kally Kat, Muppet, Lucy, (Sasha, TT, Tasha & Ellie) and (Tony, Anna, Greystone, Sam & Stormy) for my birthday presents on my Catster page. Makes me feel like one special kitty!


Today is my Birthday!!!

May 31st 2009 6:17 am
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Yay!! I am 1 year old today. Mommy is so happy because I was really sick for a while and now I am healthy and I am a big girl. Last night Mommy and Daddy went to this new store and bought us all kinds of cool toys for my birthday. There is a sparkly turtle and some squishy balls with pawprints on them and a plastic ball with things that rattle and spin inside. Mommy said she has never seen so many cat toys in one place. But they probably won't go there again because there were puppies there and they were all from KS and MO. Puppy Mill puppies? NOT COOL! Mommy was disappointed. Anyway, this is MY day so more about me. I woke Mom up at 3 am thinking it might be time to start my day of birthday spoiling but she didn't seem too happy. I tried again every 30 minutes or so because I was soooo excited about my birthday. But until 6 am when I tried laying on her pillow on top of her head, I didnt get much attention from Mom. (I think she was pretending to sleep) But then we all got up at 6:30 so Max could go outside. So then Mom fed us some really gross food for breakfast. I sure hope that was not my birthday treat. Allie, Bailey and Chelsea seemed to love it but I just walked away. I just really wanted mom to open the windows so I can smell the fresh air and watch the squirrels. And I am still hoping that there will be a better treat later for my birthday photos. hint...hint...even if Mommy has to go to the store to get something...hint...hint...MOM are you listening?

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