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October 6th 2008 4:35 am
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I did pretty well posing while wearing Halloween collars and bandanas. I didn't do so with the pumpkinhead hat. I told Mommy to shoot fast as I didn't plan on keeping that thing on my head for very long. She tried and got all of me except for the top portion of the pumpkinhead. She wasn't fast enough to capture everything. Yep, she blew it.

Also, I had longer intro sessions this weekend. Bail didn't attack me. I batted his tail a few times while he sat on his foot stool. Of course, he hissed at me and said his tail wasn't my feather toy.

As to Merl, we did several nose to nose sniffings, and when I walked away he always bobbed me in the britches. I don't know what his problem is.

And as to Sampy (my fav), we had good, fun times together. We had fun boxing matches (front paws to front paws) and a few fast chases around the house.

Anyway, that's my weekend in a nutshell. I got to go now 'cause Mommy has to take out the trash.

Purrs & Breeps,




October 4th 2008 7:43 pm
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I'm late tonight. I usually blog around 6:00 a.m. Today, I decided that I wanted to play with every feather in the house. I've been grabbing the ones on sticks too and carrying them around in my mouth. I'm very careful when I do this, so don't worry.

Mommy took a cople pics of me wearing the cowboy bandana. I didn't like the hat at all. I pulled it off my head as a matter of fact.

Sooo, I think Mommy's going to photoshop some kind of pirate pic of me like my brothers have on their pages. Of course, the cowboy bandana one will be added tomorrow and she's thinking of putting the pumpkin head collar on me and taking my pic.

Anyway, one more thing . . . I'm a pillow sleeper. I don't lay on the bed itself. I'm on the pillows. I like how soft and feathery they are. There you go, I'm feather crazy!

I got to go back to bed now. Have a pawsome night, my friends,




October 3rd 2008 4:35 am
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No, I don't go to school (except for Mommy teaching me a few rules around the house like no jumping upon the stove or tv).

Anyway, I graduated to a BIGGER litterbox as I knocked my smaller one over. I guess I got carried away when I was trying to bury my treasures!

When Mommy came home, she found my box laying on its side and litter all over the floor. Luckily there were no poopies in there yet.

She gave me the biggest litterbox in the house and said, "I bet you can't knock this one over."

UMMMMMM, I thought. That'll definitely be a challenge.

Well, I got to keep it short this morning as time is running out. I let my bro, Sampy, do his diary first.

Purrs and Breeps,




October 2nd 2008 3:44 am
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My fav bro got DDP today! MEOOOOOOOWZA! He told me that he's gotten DDP before, and it's something to look forward to each month. If you don't get it for the first month, you're bound to get it the next one.

He told me our Catster friends will give gifts, concats and treats. Also, sometimes you'll get friend's requests and invites to new groups! WOWA! I'm looking forward to that day when I get my first DDP!

As to this morning, I had a total work out, breakfast (one and a half cans of Fancy Feast) and more exercise. NOW, I'M HUNGRY AGAIN!

Mommy doesn't know where I put all that food. She's never seen a kitty eat like I do! She calls me her little "glutton". WHATEVER, THAT IS!

Anyway, I got to roll.

Have a purrfect day, my friends,




October 1st 2008 2:20 am
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I was told to keep it short this morning. Mommy has an 8:00 a.m. doctor's appoinment and the computer has to be turned off soon.

First of all, I thank NAKITA and her family for the lovely, sparkling diamond! I SIMPLY LOVE IT!!! They also corralled me and have become our furpals! WOWZA!

Also, we had a chicken pawty last night. I had a few yummy pieces and finished off Sampy's and Merl's beef with gravy and asked for more. I don't know why I eat so much. I'm alway hungry. It must be my age!

Lastly, during the chicken pawty, Sampy and I got along, and Merl did okay. Merl sniffed my tail while I was cruising the leftover stuff from Bail, and I hissed at him. Of course, he was nice enough not to hiss back. Now, Bail's a different story as he's still hissing. At least he stayed put on his foot stool while I was downstairs for almost 1/2 hour.

Well, I got to run. Have a nice day, my furriends.




September 30th 2008 3:42 am
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Mommy brought up the feathers on a stick to my room when she came home from work. I was on her bed and she waived the thing way above my head and flapped it like a bird. I was captivated and flew up in the air about three feet to catch the thing. I did it again and again and again. I'M FLYING!!! She said she wished she had the Van Halen song "Jump" and had taken a video of me to that music. WHATEVER! I never heard of Van Halen or the song "Jump". All I know is KITTIES LIKE ME CAN JUMP!

Also, later on last night, Mommy had some salmon and gave me a couple leftover pieces. She said we have "salmon pawties" and "chicken pawties" here a lot. I already had the chicken pawty the other day. I LOVE SALMON TOO!

As to this morning, I was let out of my room to do a little exploring. Sampy greeted me with a couple of nose kissies. HE DID NOT HISS NOR GROWL. After that, I saw Merl on the top step. We nose kissed and at first nothing happened, and a minute later, he hissed once.

I went downstairs and Mommy followed. She brought the kitty teaser with her so I could play and leap down there. I went into the kitchen and there sat Bail on the foot stool. That's "his" perch and he sits there every morning peeking out the glass portion of the funny-looking back door. I walked up to him and sniffed the tip of his fluffy tail which hung almost to the ground. HE HISSED AT ME!

Of course, Mommy tried to calm him down which worked. She told him not to be jealouse and petted him.

Of course, I wasn't going to challenge him. I'm not that kind of kitty. I love to play and I don't want to fight.

Anyway, my tummy is growling. It's near my breakfast time. Got to go!

Purrs & Breeps,




September 29th 2008 3:30 am
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As you all know, I love feathers! French for feathers is "plume" also for pen. Anyway, at 5:15 a.m. I heard Mommy up and about so I started singing. Soon thereafter, she came in with a thingy that looked like Sampy's tail on a stick with feathers attached to it.

Of course, it wasn't Sampy's tail! Mommy told me it's called "Plume Crazy" and it was a hand-me-down toy that my brothers never wanted to play with.

I told her, "it's mine now!" and tore into it! BOY WAS THAT FUN! I bunny-kicked it, chewed on it, and jumped at it when Mommy shook it above my head.

Also, yesterday afternoon, I had another photo shoot. This time I wore ties and a tiger striped collar. I was a good sport about it too. Mommy says I'm a male model. She then tried on the black top hat with the spiderweb band on it that Cammie Rose wore last halloween. I tilted my head backwards to get the thing off. I also did the same when she tried to put the pirate's hat on me. I DON'T DO HATS! Ties and collars are fine. I love them.

Anyway, this is my third day inside and my third day blogging. I'm still a happy cat!

Also, after I had finished playing with the plume crazy thing, there was a knock at my door. Mommy picked me up and there stood Bailey Gray Cloud with a wide-eyed expression on his face. Mommy said, "hi Bail". We walked toward him and he ran down the stairs. I really can't understand him. He was a bully to me yesterday and now he's running from me today!

Lastly, while I was still in Mommy's arms, Sampy was in the computer room and she let us do a nose-to-nose. There was no hissing or growling from either of us. I did wiggle though.

Well, I got to go now. Have a pawsome (hey, I'm talking the Catster lingo now!) day.

Purrs & Breeps,




September 28th 2008 6:10 am
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I love being on Catster! I love blogging! WOW, this is fun!

So far I have 37 friends. I also thank the following for their cool gifts:

1. Catster Cat for the blue star;
2. PORK CHOP for the Power of the Paw;
3. EDGAR, EMILY FELICITY & family for the cool beachball;
4. PUMPKIN for the Febreze collar; and
5. CHAI, LITTLE BIT & SUGAR for the shiny yellow star.

Also, my oldest brother, Sampy and I got invited to a group called THE KIT KIT CLUB by two doggies named DUKE and SIMON!


Also, as you know, I love feathers. In fact, I'm pretty rough with them. I'm known as the feather destroyer! The cute little colored batch of feathers held together with a rubber base was ripped apart by me last night. The base of the feather toy has sand in it and when I chewed on the base, the sand poured out of it onto Mommy's pink bedspread. The feathers were pulled out of the base. She had to throw away the base and she let me keep the feathers.

There are only three more of those feather toys left. She has lots of other toys for me. I have a hard time keeping track of them all. I know I'll never get bored around here.

Today is my second day in the house and I'm very comfortable. Mommy told me she doesn't need the Feliway stuff in my room for me to be comfortable. I haven't hid under the bed the whole time I've been inside. She tells me I'm going to be much easier to work with(heheh, I'm a sociable guy already) than the previous stray named Yingy.

I have a big start already: I'm neutered, younger, and have not been in the wild for very long. I love people and other cats (Sampy and Cammie Rose). Merl is an exception because he's a scary-looking panther close to three times my size. Bailey Gray Cloud is scary too as he's so fluffy, and it's hard to see how much muscle he's packing.

Anyway, I'm going to wrap it up for now.

Purrs & Breeps & Nose-Kissies,




September 27th 2008 3:51 pm
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As some of you may know, I am the new addition to Sampy's family. My name is ORLANDO BLUE, Landy for short. I prefer to be called "Landy" as a matter of fact.

About a week ago, I got caught pillaging the leftovers from Cammie Rose's dish (the mostly outdoors cat of the family). Of course, I have been doing this a bit before but never was seen until then.

The nice lady started to give me my OWN dish and a bunch of chicken. From that day on, she had won my heart. I let her pick me up and pet me. Of course, it started out with a sniff, and then two sniffs, and some pets. By mid-week I let her pick me up, and in fact, I ran inside her house on Thursday evening!

I'm now inside and have my own bedroom for my period of adjustment to my new surroundings.

This morning was rather scary for me as I was put into this box with holes and a door on it. I was then put into this big green thing with wheels on it and was transported to a place that smelled like other animals (mostly dogs). Various people wearing while jackets were walking around. I then got taken back into a room where they took me out of the carrier (that's what it's called). I got weighed, temperature taken (ouch!) and then they stabbed my paw to get some blood so they could test it. At first, I refused to give them my paw. Of coure, eventually, they managed to get the blood out of me.

Next, I got carried into another room wherein Mommy joined me. My heart was listened to (sounded good), two shots were given (ouch), and a pill for worming was given. I did pretty well when I was given the pill. I flinched a bit when I got the shots.

All in all here are my stats:

I weigh 9.5 lbs;
They say I'm between 9 months to a year old;
I'm an oriental mix;
And the most shocking and happy news of all, I'M ALREADY NEUTERED!
Whoever used to own me had that taken care of. My current Mommy thought I was much younger (5-6 months old) and hadn't fully grown my equipment. Oh, how wrong she was!

Also here's more good news, I don't have those terrible diseases such as FELV and FIV!

I'm a HAPPY CAT and I've decided list my diary as such: Diary of a Happy Guy.

Also, I love to play and boy did I have a good time flinging around two mousies, a feather toy, and crinkle butterfly. I also jumped for the feathers on a stick and got into a bit of mischief such as knocking some picture frames on Mommy's dresser face down.

Lastly, I got to meet Bailey Gray Cloud (from a comfortable distance of course). Mommy still held me while she introduced us. She didn't let us get close as it's too soon for that.

Anyway, I need to take a nappy as I've had a very busy day.

I'm happy now as I have a roof over my head to keep me dry when it rains or snows.

Purrs and breeps (yep, I breep too)


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