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October 16th 2008 6:22 pm
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First of all, I give all my CONCATS to Sampy! Way to go, dude!

Also, I thank my new friend, HANNAH for her very kind words and "Power of the Paw"!

Lastly, I'm tired as Mommy got out the feathers on a stick, and I jumped and spun around in circles. She has scheduled these playtimes for me so I don't get bored and/or pick on Sampy all the time.

What can I say. Sampy's the one I like really like to play with. He'll wrestle with me when my other brothers won't.

Anyway, I'm going to cut it short.

Purrs & Breeps,




October 15th 2008 3:31 am
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This morning I found out I got two new Febreze collars, concats & pawsome words for my DDP yesterday:

1. BUDDIE, McKENNA & Family;
2. IVAN & Family.

Thank you so much my, purrfect friends!

As to this morning (well, it's too early to tell) except that I'm ravenous! Mommy called me a bottomless pit 'cause she doesn't know how I could pack in sooooo much food. I'm always hungry.

There's a young Siamese kitty named HK from UK who is/was a BIG eater. I wonder who would win if he and I had a eating contest.

Anyway, I look forward to another day of freedom. Everything is going pawsome around here. No, bitting, scatching or "bust each other up fights" happen around here. Mommy says it's such a relief that I didn't turn out to be another fighter like Yingy.

Again, I'm a player not a fighter!

Got to go and get that anticipatory purr running!

Love & Meeps,




October 14th 2008 4:13 am
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I'm going to say it again and again and again: WOWZA, WOWZA, WOWZA, WOWZA (ad infinitum)

I'M DIARY PICK OF THE DAY!!! I've only been on Catster since Sept. 27, 2008 and I was chosen! THANK YOU, Catster for this honor!

I thank SAMOA a/k/a Snow White & family for my very first pumpkin and their concats.

I also thank the following for their gifts, kind words & concats:

1. Sir Sonny Bono & Family - Febreze collar;
2. Pumpkin & Family - Febreze collar;
3. Margo - Febreze collar;
4. Edgar & Emily Felicity - blue rosette;
5. Samoa & Family - pumpkin;
6. Fido & Family - pumpkin;
7. Karisma - sun glasses;

My brothers (even Bail) gave me their concats. Sampy high-fived me. I know Merl will give his high five to my butt like he always does when I walk past him.

Sampy is the one who encouraged me to keep blogging and sooner or later I would get DDP! IT WORKED! THANK YOU, SAMPY!

Anyway, I'm going to enjoy my day to the max. I'll also add my thank you's to this entry like my sibs do when they get more gifts.


& Breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeps,

Landy =^ . . ^=



October 12th 2008 4:44 pm
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"I'm free to do whatever I want any old time. I'm freeeeeeee"

I have full run of the house (computer room and cellar not included) except during the following activities"

1. When Mommy has to take out the trash or feed Cammie Rose;

2. Mealtimes (I have a habit of eating all food in sight);

3. When Mommy cooks for herself. She doesn't want me jumping
on the stove.

Other than that I have earned the priviledge of having full run of the house. I'm not closed in the bedroom by myself at night anymore. Also, Mommy went out for several hours each day and all of us got along great.

Mommy, Sampy and Merl slept with me last night. Bail slept in the same room except he stayed in the windowsill perch.

I'm thankful that I've found this nice place to live. I picked the right dish in the neighborhood to eat from.

Well, I'm feeling great and this weekend was a milestone.

Purrs and Breeps,




October 11th 2008 11:54 am
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Mommy told me that I did great i.e. no fights or hissing matches with my brothers when she left the bedroom door open last night.

Of course, Sampy was the only one who slept with Mommy and me(only two hours). The other two were more than likely sleeping on the couch downstairs. I guess they didn't want to sleep with me as I have a habit of running around on the bed and/or purring and kneading a lot.

As to today, I'm still on the loose. I also got a nail trim. Mommy has one paw to go (I didn't let her do that one).

Lastly, I got three pics entered into the photo contest so I'd appreciate some votes. Mommy has a couple more new photos (tail and sleeping one to enter later on).

Well, that's all the news I have right now.

Purrs and Breeps,




October 10th 2008 4:23 am
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Tonight, of course Friday night, Mommy is going to let me have the run of the house all night long (minus the computer room).

She will sleep in her big bed and is curoius to see who will join her. Will it be only me or will my other sibs be there too? We shall see. That'll be the big test to see if we can all sleep together overnight.

Mommy tells me that I'm making big progress in getting along with the others. A lot of it has to do with: I'm already neutered; I'm young; and I've not been in the wild for very long.

I was a stray and not a feral. If Mommy hadn't rescued me, I could have turned into a very wild kitty like Yingy had been last year.

Anyway, vote for my pic so far (costume). More will be entered this weekend. I have a feeling all of us will be seeing a lot of bright flashes.

Got to go now.

Purrs to all,




October 9th 2008 4:45 am
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What a morning! I got a longer runaround session! I loved it!

Music was playing, and I grooved on it all! Merl was nice to me (he didn't bop me).

Sampy and I had our early morning chase, and when he got tired of it he hissed and swung at me. Of course, I adhered to his requests.

Bail has a BIG problem when both of us are on the stairs together. He thinks the stairs are his cat tree! I challenged him by running super fast past him and uttering a loud " BREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP". He wasn't ready for that and hissed like a tea kettle at me as I flew past him. Of course, Mommy told us to break it up. We were good boys and went our separate ways.

I understand this weekend will be more fun for me as I'll have longer sessions outside of my room. I CAN'T WAIT!

Well, I gotta run. Poor Mommy needs her breakfast.

Purrs and Breeps,


P.S. I thank my new furriend, RIZZA for her cool Power of the Paw and friend's request. She's from the Land Down Under! Where she lives it's spring while it's autumn here!



October 8th 2008 3:57 am
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Sampy and I were naughty this morning. We created the ultimate "no-no" as follows:

We were having our usual chasing game (which is okay). Where we did it was wrong and naughty. We ran behind the tv in the computer room and got ourselves tangled (for less than a minute) in the tv wires and computer wires which were plugged into the surge protector. The surge protector was pulled almost off the little table between the tv and computer.

Mommy absolutely hates us kitties getting behind the tv and the table. Luckily we can't fit behind the computer or she'll get a big attitute about that.

Anyway, she yelled for us to get out of the room and we took off for downstairs.

MOMMY'S NOTE: I don't know why all my cats want to run and play where there are wires and cords. Bailey and Merl go behind the tv a lot and I feel uneasy about it. I'm constantly waving the kitty tease to deter them from that area.

When I'm not sitting at the computer they leave that area alone. Go figure.

BACK TO LANDY: Anyway, I think I'll chill for a while. Sampy and I love playing "chase" and I guess we did it in the wrong place. Oh well!

I go to go now. Have a happy Wednesday, my friends.




October 7th 2008 4:56 am
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WOWZA what a title! What I'm getting at is, I love all three subjects mentioned in it.

First of all, Mommy's best friend Mary, came over last evening, and before they went to dinner at NOODLES & COMPANY, I was a very non-scared kitty.

When Mary came in the front door, I didn't run from her like Merl and Bail did (chicken brothers). I held back for a few secs and then I sniffed her hand. I sensed that she was a cat lover and everything was fine.

She picked up the feathers on a stick and played with me just as Mommy does. She did one thing differently, though. She waved the feather wand over the bathroom door jamb and up I went four feet and slid back down. I did it a couple more times. Door jamb jumping is fun! I think I'll start a new game for kitties called "olympic door jamb jumping"

After Mommy came back from her dinner with Mary, she let me back out my room for more exercise. I had a fun game of "let's chase Sampy around the house". For being an old man, he's hard to catch.

Anyway, all in all, yesterday was a very fun day.

Got to go now as Mommy has to eat her breakfast and go to work.

Purrs & Breeps,




October 6th 2008 4:35 am
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I did pretty well posing while wearing Halloween collars and bandanas. I didn't do so with the pumpkinhead hat. I told Mommy to shoot fast as I didn't plan on keeping that thing on my head for very long. She tried and got all of me except for the top portion of the pumpkinhead. She wasn't fast enough to capture everything. Yep, she blew it.

Also, I had longer intro sessions this weekend. Bail didn't attack me. I batted his tail a few times while he sat on his foot stool. Of course, he hissed at me and said his tail wasn't my feather toy.

As to Merl, we did several nose to nose sniffings, and when I walked away he always bobbed me in the britches. I don't know what his problem is.

And as to Sampy (my fav), we had good, fun times together. We had fun boxing matches (front paws to front paws) and a few fast chases around the house.

Anyway, that's my weekend in a nutshell. I got to go now 'cause Mommy has to take out the trash.

Purrs & Breeps,


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