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Five Years

June 4th 2011 9:58 am
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It will be five years this month on 6/12/11 that Mommy helped me to the Bridge.

I'm up here helping welcome everyone - it's kinda nice cause I can hear now.

Sissy my brother is with me too. He is my best friend ever. I lived with him for 17 years and I'm sure that I got on his nerves cause I always followed him since I could not hear.

My real name was Mr. Claus since Mommy got me near Christmas and I was solid white coloring. I got my nickname from getting in the Sugar Bowl all the time. I climbed counters and opened door to find that sugar.

I had a wonderful life and Mommy helped me until the end. I had lung cancer - even though I was never around smoke.

I loved my Mommy so much and really miss her as she misses me.

Mommy now has Sky and Princess Big Girl to look after. I know they are getting up there in years too so I hope they stay with Mom for a long time.




June 7th 2009 9:03 am
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Well here we are again - another year has passed since I went to the Bridge.

Mommy still misses me very much.

She is so concerned for others who are now loosing their little ones - but she hopes they remember the good times they had with them like she does me.

You cannot take away the memories that are in our hearts. They bring joy and sorrow.

I'm up here with Sissy, Autumn, PP, Catsy and many others awaiting reunion with our loved ones some day.

Right now I'm watching Sky and The Big Girl. Gotta make sure they give my mommy lots of love this week.

We are also purring for our Country and the many people losing their jobs and healthcare insurance. Keeping our paws crossed that this country will survive this horrible situation.

Love to everyone.


Two Long Years

June 9th 2008 5:30 am
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This week I will have been at the Bridge for two years. Boy, does time pass fast. My hair even grew back and is so pretty and does not even get mats. Mommy would be proud.

Mommy wrote this about me.

I walked in the door and what did I see but Little Sissy looking at me.
It was love at first sight for me you see. I always wanted him in my sight.

Mommy said Sissy this little one cannot hear so let’s make him welcome.
Sissy sniffed me here and sniffed me there and said OK, so he’s here to stay.

I stayed for 17 years with Little Sissy. My favorite friend of all time left me 6 months earlier than me. I grieved and missed him so much, as my Mommy did.

Sissy was waiting for me at the Bridge and said Welcome Sugar, I have been waiting for you. OH MY GOSH – I heard him!! I can hear! I can hear! What a blessing!

Sissy says all blessings come from above. I cried and cried and said I miss Mommy so much. He said, don’t worry, it is promised you will see Mommy again. I can hardly wait but I don’t want her to come too soon.

I love Mommy and all the little furbabies at the Bridge.



March 30th 2008 3:30 pm
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It has been a long time since Mommy wrote in my diary so she thought she would tell you a little about me that made her love me soooo much.

She named me Mr. Claus since she got me in December around Christmas.

She called me AKA Sugar since the first day she got me I got upon the counter and got in the sugar bowl.

I loved to eat and at specific times. I would get upset if it was not at the right time.

I was beautiful and had odd eyes - one blue and one gold. I was deaf but really understood some signs that mommy taught me.

The minute I walked in the door I saw Sissy and we were best friends from that day on. I think sometimes I got on his nerves but we never had any fights or hisses.

If I was caged for any reason I figured out how to get out.

I loved my mommy soo much.


One Year Gone

June 11th 2007 5:02 pm
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I will have been gone from my mommy for one year tomorrow. It seems like a life time for both us.

I really miss her and she misses me too.

Someday we will meet again and things will be so wonderful.

Sissy loves you too Mom



Winner of the Month

September 24th 2006 7:47 am
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I won cat of the month on the Cat Connection Web Site for July 2006 with the picture OH NO - NO HAIR.

Mommy was so proud. So was Sissy.

Sissy and I miss our mommy so much but she has those girls to keep her busy.

We're keeping watch over them - will write later

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