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There is SO much love in the world

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I'm blushing

November 30th 2009 8:18 pm
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Well, that was WEIRD! I kept looking at the TV everytime I cried. Of course, I watched it while sitting in Mommy's lap and/or on her shoulder.
Wow! Mommy needs to lose a couple hundred pounds....but she still looked like she loves me!
I am SO MUCH BETTER than I was. My neck is all healed and I haven't scratched in months.
I'd like to say hello to Jasmine , my bestie, as she always inquires about my neck .
I love her!

And of course, I LOVE Hazel Lucy and can't thank her enough or Wally and family for being so very, very kind to me, even before I was on TV! MOL!

Lots of love to everykitty who has befriended me on Catster.



Wow! MAJOR Faux Pas!

April 20th 2009 11:54 am
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I failed to mention that my television debut will be on "Animal Cops: Philadelphia". Jeez! Of all times to flub a diary entry! When so many Catster eyes are reading my entries.
Oh well, I'm only feline!
Thanks, everykitty for visiting my page.

Love, YH

I'd be a BAD kitty if I didn't give a meow-out to my BF Jazzie D, my friend Hazel Lucy and my 'cousins' Cuddles, Madeline, Vincent, Martin, Matthew, Francis, Hugo and Amelia


My lights to stardom

April 17th 2009 6:57 am
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apparently will shine sometime in November/December!
Mommy got word that my story will be featured in one of the episodes that the production company is editing right now. It should air in November or December. More details to follow when information becomes available!


Mommy, me and the 2am lovefest

January 7th 2009 6:49 pm
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Okay, so Mom and Dad got home last evening, ate dinner and did the chores that needed to be done. I got a few kisses on the head, a few chin scratches and then Mommy went into the room where Jake, the new baby kitty is. Okay, so he's cute and orange and he has the sweetest little cry...and I get it..he has Cerebellar Hypoplasia, which means he's 'special needs'. What I don't get is WHY a woman of reasonable intelligence would actively choose to sit in a room with the little furball, playing with him, crocheting him a blankie and generally loving him up when she has ME and all the other perfectlyacceptable kitties that love her on the OTHER side of the door! To top it off, what does she go and do???? She falls asleep with him curled up against her. She awoke about 1:15 am, collected the dogs(where's the appeal? they slobber and bark. But I digress) and Daddy and they went into the bedroom and shut the door. Now, they shut the door every night because one of the dogs is deaf and has a high startle reflex. M&D are afraid that if one of us kitties were to disturb her, she might hurt us. Apparently, she grumbles/growls if even M or D love their legs too much while sleeping....
So, there I am, sitting outside the door, trying to figure out a way to let Mommy know that this whole evening has been unacceptable to me.
Then it came to me! I started swiping at the door. You know, how we kitties stand on our hind legs and paw at something like a wall or door or a human leg without using our claws? Well, I did that about 3 times when I heard Mom say out loud "do you hear that?"
Dad didn;t answer her because he was already sleeping. So, I started crying. I have this knack for sounding just like a toddler crying out "Mom!" In fact, when I first came here Daddy hit the mute on the tv remote because he told Mommy he heard a 'kid crying for its mother" to which M replied, "No, that Yoo Hoo. That's what she sounds like". He said "No, I am telling you its a child." Mommy calls to me "yoo Hoo?" and I answered "Mom!" Dad's repsonse was "I stand corrected."
ANYWAY (jeez, did I digress again?) I start crying at the door as I am TRYING to get my face as close as possible. You know. For effect.
But this darn e-collar keeps scraping the door, so my plan to sound perfectly pathetic is marred by the interference of plastic (stupid plastic, BTW) against wood.
"mom" I cry.
"mom. mom. Mom"
"Yoo Hoo? Are you okay?" comes from the other side of the door. I answer her "No. I am NOT okay. I am sitting outside your bedroom door, making noises. Its after 2am. I'm distraught. I've missed you all night and this is it?"
"MOM" I cry.
and then I hear it, the sound of her socked feet on the hardwood floor. She pads over to the door and when she opens it, I am laying it on THICK! I am sitting so close to the darn door, there is no explanation why I didn't fall flat on my face into the room! My head bowed low, I looked like the monks in the "Ave Maria" segment in "Fantasia"! Mommy bends down and picks me up. She says "What is it, Yooey? Why are you upset?" Now, I am playing it cool..."upset? I'm NOT upset. Just because you can't sleep and decided to open this door doesn't mean that I am upset." But I can't fight it and I just HAVE to lick her chin and cheek! I press my head against her chin. She kisses me loads of times! Then she starts rocking me back and forth in her arms, exactly like she used to when I was in the animal hospital. This was our morning ritual...Okay, Lady, I have to give it to you. YOU'RE GOOD. You know how to work it!
She keeps kissing me and stroking my chin and I keep pressing my head against her chin and her forehead. I can't help but purr. Nor can I prevent the fact that I am kneading each shoulder of hers as well. Good Lord, she worked me over! She used every trick in the book...all my favorites! Finally, she says (and she darn near woke me, too!) "Okay, MomMom, I have to go to bed. I have work in the morning. I'll see you in a few hours."
She places me on the rug with a final kiss on the head and an 'I love you more than anything' and the nightly "Pleasant kitty dreams, babies!'. How am I going to argue with this??? I mean, she didn't fight me on anything, she went right into "Mommy mode" and made me feel like I was the only kitty in the world at that moment. I'd have been a heel to behave poorly at this point. I meowed again (not the "Mom" one either. You just can;t do that while they are looking right at you!) and she went back inside the bedroom. I heard her climb into bed, and Kismet started growling. As I walk away, I hear Mommy tell Kissy (although, she can't hear her) "kis, Its me, stop that. Go back to sleep."
I start down the steps.
You, too, Mommy. Pleasant human dreams.


You like me, you REALLY like me!

December 9th 2008 11:10 am
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MOL! Okay, so it won't be an Oscar winning performance, but Animal Cops: Philadelphia will be coming to the house in the next few weeks to film me with my family. Of course, this has the humans scrambling as they are in the middle of renovations and now have to put all the tools etc in the basement for the film crews. Mommy says its a good incentive for doing a knock-down, drag out cleaning for the holidays!
I just have to start working on my best behavior for the cameras. I think I'll do the ol' "come here, I need to love you' cry and stretch! Maybe I'll throw in the 'never fails' "MOM!" cry as well.
Jeez, I have SO much to do before the filming. Maybe I'll get my nails done or my fur glossed up for this....
I might need to hire some staff to answer any fan mail that might come my way!


I've been tagged!

November 9th 2008 6:49 am
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Here are 7 things about me:

1.) I HATE the e-collar!
2.) I get along with all the kitties in the house, but Tocca Dolce and I chase each other and like to look out the window together.
3.) I get crabby if another kitty gets near my canned food.
4.) I purr so loud that sometimes my family has to turn the volume up on the tv or radio!!
5.) Every morning, I jump into Mommy's arms, wrap my paws around her neck, press my head into her chin and start purring. I don't move!
That started when I was in the animal hospital not getting better.
6.) Last week, I came into the hospital for my neck to be re-wrapped and the vet said I was healed but that she wanted Mommy to give me a bath. Mommy started to protest but the doc said I had to have it since I hadn't been cleaning myself with the e-collar. Mommy took me to the grooming room and placed the harness around me. I pulled 2 times and opened up my neck boo-boo! Mommy cried.
7.) Did I mention that I HATE the e-collar?



October 10th 2008 8:20 am
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It might help if I had included the link, huh?

Please vote!



October 10th 2008 8:19 am
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Please vote for the PSPCA on Care2.
They have been VERY good to me and my family and we want to help them get some well-deserved funds!!
Thanks, Kitties!


Whew! What a week!

October 7th 2008 8:45 pm
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I think I am just getting my bearings after last week!
THANK YOU everykitty, for all the love, well wishes, gifts and rosettes.

A BIG Thank you to Alfie and Wally for sending me my Hazel Lucy Tranquility Blanket. I LOVE IT!!!!! Mommy places it on the love seat and I take up the entire sofa!
I would be remiss if I didn't say a humble and eternally grateful Thank you to the kitties who 'conspired' to have me voted COTW!!! It was the nicest thing ever and I am in awe of your conviction.
I am, and will continue to be overwhelmed by the great love that is Catster.

May you all know peace, comfort and the tremendous joy that you all have shown me.

All the best, always.


Wow! What a week so far!

October 3rd 2008 5:38 pm
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Well, fellow Catsters, the only thing I can say right now is "THANKS!" I am overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and well wishes.
My family is so very proud of me and my friends have been nothing but supportive. What more could a kitty want? I've gotten so many lovely gifts, pawmails, rosettes and well wishes. And lots of people and kitties wanting me to get better. So, I had better!! And quick!

*Ahem*...if I may...I received a Hazel Lucy Tranquility Blanket today in the mail!!!!! Its LOVELY and soft and perfect. Its the best thing EVER!!!! The card inside read: "This Tranquility Blanket comes with much love. Wally is watching over Yoo Hoo."

I am thinking that with the premiere of Animal Cops:Philadelphia starting this Monday, I can sit back , relax, heal a little more and watch some of my friends/roommates on the television.
I will turn away/close my eyes/leave the room when my story comes on. Its hard to watch yourself, you know?
My sister, Millie, will be a featured story as well. She had a tumor that caused sepsis and she nearly died. I know that when her story airs, we will all be crying in the house.
But, her and my stories are happy ending ones!

Thank you, everykitty, for visiting my page, leaving notes, pressies and best wishes.
It does a kitty a world of good to see/feel/recognize a world of good.
All the best,
YH, or as Angela, my FAVORITE vet tech calls me.."Y to Yoo to the H to the Hoo"

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