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SEPTEMBER 20, 2008


October 2nd 2008 4:05 am
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I have been tagged by another Little Bit of San Francisco, CA!

I am new on Catster - my page being made as a tribute by my loving Godmommies in my memory. I crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge on Saturday, September 20, 2008 at 2:20 PM (Eastern Daylight Time).

Let's see, some things about me:

1. I kept the other godkitties in their places by hissing at them. Even the 15-pound girl would obey me! I am a little girl but someone had to be in charge and I figured it might as well be me. So far, nobody has replaced me in my capacity as ruler with the title of SHE WHO IS ON HIGH.

2. I loved my Godmommies to pick me up and hold me in their arms. I would snuggle down, warm, comfy, very loved and take a nap. The Godmommies loved this as much as I did!

3. I liked to sit on top of a bookcase located up against the stairs in the living room. I would just walk up a few steps and could walk right on top of it. When not surveying my domain, I would sleep there.

4. My meow was soft (my hiss was loud!). Although my meow was soft, my Godmommies always heard me. I never had to meow much at them as they were always very attentive to me!

5. I was never spayed. This was something my Godmommies were upset about. They said all responsible pet owners need to spay and neuter the pets they have. They even have a magnet on their car stating to SAVE LIVES with a pawprint in the middle and under the pawprint SPAY & NEUTER. They got it from a great store called CAT MOON BAY.

6. I could really go up and down the stairs very fast but quite ladylike. I was always first downstairs when I heard my Godmommies unlocking the front door!

7. Nobody knows what breed of cat I am. Even I don't know. I have long hair and I loved when my Godmommies combed me.

I am tagging:

1. Burr
2. Hamilton
3. Allie
4. Lucy
5. Luna
6. Annie
7. Gray

I hope I did alright on my tag.

Flying about the Rainbow Bridge on my Puppie created wings - Angel Kitty Little Bit signing off!

Love to my Godmommies! ♥


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