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The Tales of Bernie the Brave

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The Four Brothers-Part 3

November 12th 2009 5:47 am
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As soon as Bernie the Brave finished brushing his teeth he went out into the living room and met up with Myron.

"Ok Myron. What is this plan?"

"Well Bernie the Brave, it goes a little something like this..."

As Bernie the Brave listened to Myron's plan his eyes grew wide. Then he started to grin and chuckle. By the time Myron was finished talking they were both rolling on the floor laughing and holding their stomachs.

*snort*"heee heee heee!....oh...Myron...that is the best plan ever! Let's get started right now, we don't have much time!"

"I will get started Bernie the Brave. You need to go to the store and stock up on tuna and Party Mix. Besides, you need to act surprised when stuff starts happening. I don't want your brothers to suspect a thing!"

************************************************* *********

Bernie the Brave returned an hour later with a couple of grocery bags and a former Giant.

"Tollis!!" Myron ran up to his friend, "What are you doing here?"

"I saw Bernie the Brave at the store and he told me what was going on. I want to help."

"That is great! We could use your assistance. Here is what I need you to do..."
Myron told Tollis the plan and by the time he finished, all three friends were laughing like loons.

"Oh Myron!" Tollis said as he wiped tears from his eyes, " ha ha ha! Oh! I don't know how you came up with this plan, but it is a doozy! Let's get started!"

*********************************************** *************
The three friends worked day and night until everything was done.

When the day of the brothers' arrival came they were ready and couldn't wait to put their plan into action!

"Ok Bernie the Brave, today is the day. Are you ready?"

"Yes Myron" Bernie the Brave rubbed his hands together and began to chuckle, "Yes, I am soooo ready!"

*******************to be continued*********************


The Four Brothers-Part 2

May 28th 2009 8:03 am
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Myron entered the house and walked straight to Bernie the Brave's bedroom. The door was open and Myron saw his friend curled up on the bed, crying.

"Bernie the Brave what is wrong with you?" Myron sat on the edge of the bed and looked at his crying friend.

*sniff* "Myron, I don't want to talk about it." *weep*

Myron sighed. "Ok Bernie the Brave, I won't pressure you to tell me, but I think you should open this letter at least, it could be something important."

He held out the letter but Bernie the Brave just pushed it away.

*sob* "I can't read it...please!"

*sigh* Myron opened the envelope and pulled out a folded sheet of paper.
"It is a letter."

"Read it to me Myron...I don't have the strength..." Bernie the Brave threw an arm up and covered his eyes.

Myron rolled his eyes and shook his head. He didn't understand why his brave friend was acting!

He unfolded the sheet of paper and read it out loud:
"Bernie. Me, Rocky, Oliver and Spike are coming to visit you. We will be there on the 3rd of June. Make sure you have some tuna and some Party Mix treats for us to eat. Fred."

Myron finished reading and looked over at Bernie the Brave. "Well, it looks like your brothers-" he stopped talking when he realized that Bernie the Brave was no longer on the bed.

He heard a retching sound coming from the bathroom. He walked in and saw Bernie the Brave hugging the toilet bowl and vomiting.
When he finished, he slumped over and started crying again.

"Bernie the Brave!" Myron said in his sternest voice. "Enough! Now, I don't know what is going on, but this is ridiculous! I have seen you fight Witches! I have seen you dive off of cliffs! Heck, you even went up against a dragon for goodness sakes! Pull yourself together man!"

Bernie the Brave looked up at Myron. He had never heard him talk like that before and it surprised him. He began to feel ashamed.

"Myron, I am sorry. You are right, I am acting like a baby. It is just that...well...I was picked on by my brothers all the time. They are all so much bigger than me, even Rocky and he is younger than I am. I am scared of my brothers. I left home so I could make something of myself and not have to be compared to them. Now they will see that I have done nothing with my life...and they will never let me forget it!" Bernie the Brave looked at Myron with red-rimmed eyes. "Please Myron, will you help me face my brothers? I can't do it alone."

Myron grinned. He was starting to come up with a plan. "Bernie the Brave, I will help you face your brothers. In fact, I will help you show them how brave you are and together, we will bring them to their knees!! Muwhahahahahahahahahahahaha!" Myron laughed and rubbed his hands together.

This was going to be their biggest adventure yet!

************************************************** ***************


The Four Brothers

May 27th 2009 12:08 pm
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Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Ohio, Bernie the Brave and Myron were sitting outside of Myron's cave and relaxing when they spied a messenger walking up the road toward them.
He stopped in front of Myron's mailbox and then looked at the letter he had in his hand. He nodded his head and smiled.

"Hello there!" he called out

"How ya doin'?" Bernie and Myron both spoke at the same time.

"I am looking for a Mr. Bernstein Thomas. I have a letter for him. I was told to deliver it here."

"Bernstein?!" Myron looked at Bernie the Brave and started laughing.

"Ahem." Bernie the Brave cleared his throat and blushed bright red. "That is me."
He held out his hand for the letter.

The messenger handed him a clipboard to sign and after Bernie the Brave signed it, he handed him an envelope.

"Thank you, have a nice day!" The messenger waved as he walked back to the road.

"Thanks!" Bernie the Brave waved back then looked at the letter in his hand. His face had gone from bright red to a light green color with in a matter of seconds.

"Bernie the Brave, what is it? Who is it from?" Myron asked his sickly looking friend.

Bernie the Brave swallowed hard *gulp*. He looked at Myron with horror in his eyes.

"It is from my brother, Fred."

"Bernie the Brave! I didn't know you had a brother!"

"I have four brothers Myron. I haven't seen them in years. I haven't wanted to see them! I don't care if I ever see them again!"

Bernie the Brave tossed the letter on the ground and ran inside.

Myron picked up the letter, sighed, and walked in after his friend. He had never seen Bernie the Brave so upset before. He had to find out what was going on.

***************************************************** ************


The Tale of the Giant-Part 5

February 10th 2009 6:37 am
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As Tollis fell to the ground, Bernie the Brave shot out of his pocket like a rocketship!
He flew through the air and landed in a clump of bushes, about 20 feet from where Tollis lay, fighting the bird.

He could hear Tollis crying and flapping his hands at the crazy bird that attacked him. He could hear the bird screeching and flapping it's wings. He could hear the rumbling sound of many animals running coming toward him. He would have covered his head with his arms, had he been able to move.

The rumbling grew louder and the ground began to shake. The bushes moved and Bernie the Brave slipped further down into them.

He could see dust and he heard the snorts and grunts of the bigger animals and the squeaks and chirps of the smaller ones. But he saw nothing.

************************************************ ******************

As Bernie lay in the bushes, the animals charged toward where Tollis and the bird fought.

Myron led the charge, riding a moose and holding up a sword. "ONWARD!" He shouted. "We are almost there!"
Riding behind Myron was a girl with long brown hair. She had a brown leather pouch gripped in one hand. With the other hand she held on to Myron for dear life.

The herd of forest animals finally reached Tollis and they formed a circle around the fighting giant and bird.

Fox stood next to rabbit. Cat stood next to bird. All of the animals were united and stood together to fight!

Tollis was getting weaker. He could hardly fight the bird anymore. He lay moaning, with his arms covering his face while the bird screeched and pecked at him.

Myron's Moose skidded to a halt and Myron and the girl jumped down and ran towards Tollis.

"Tollis!" The girl cried out when she saw his bloodied face and arms.

The bird was so busy attacking Tollis that it paid no attention to the herd of angry animals. It also paid no attention to Myron.

Myron pulled a net out of his bag and with the help of a couple of bears they flung the net. It landed on the bird, causing it to fall to the ground next to Tollis.

The bird thrashed and screeched. "WOOOTAWILLLL! WOOTAWILLLL!"

The girl bent down over Tollis and gave him a quick kiss on the forehead. Then she approached the bird. Fury burned in her eyes and her voice dripped with venom.

"Witch. You have hurt others for the last time."

She opened up the leather pouch and flung a handful of green powder on the thrashing bird.

A puff of red smoke formed as soon as the powder touched the bird. The bird screeched and thrashed as it transformed back in to the Witch.


The Witch lay under the net, struggling to get up. It was no use. Animals stood around the entire edge of the net, holding her down.

"I am here to avenge Tollis and everyone else you have hurt. Your time is up WITCH!"

The girl reached into her bag and threw a handful of blue powder at the Witch. As soon as the powder hit the Witch's flesh, she began to scream.

This was Myron's signal. He ran toward the Witch with his sword drawn.

The Witch saw him coming. "Nooooooo! Wait! I'm sor-" Her words were cut off, along with her head, as Myron brought the sword down upon her neck.

The animals all gasped as the Witch's body exploded into a black cloud of dust.

The girl turned away from the dust cloud and ran over to Tollis.

"Tollis, can you hear me? Tollis!"

Tollis moaned. Then he began to scream and his body contorted. First one leg shrunk, then the other. Bones cracked and Tollis continued to cry and scream.
Finally, he grew quiet. And grew smaller.
Within minutes of the Witch's death, Tollis was the size of a normal man again.

He opened his eyes and saw the girl.
"Sophia, you saved me. I love you."

Tollis and Sophia kissed, and it lasted so long that the animals and Myron began to get embarrassed and started to shuffle their feet and hooves and clearing their throats.

"Sorry!" Tollis said when he came up for air.

"Tollis! I am so glad you are ok! Thanks to your brave friend Myron." Sophia looked at Myron and gave him a huge smile.

"Tollis, I am glad you are ok. But where is Bernie the Brave?" Myron asked.

"Uh...over here!"

Myron looked and saw a black and white paw sticking out from a clump of bushes and waving feebly.

"Help! I'm stuck!"

Myron laughed and ran over to help his friend out of the bushes.

************************************************* **************

Two days passed since the death of the Witch.
Tollis and Sophia were getting ready to leave Myron's cave and head home and Bernie the Brave was lying in bed, recovering from the a scratches and bruises he received from being thrown and then thrashing around in the clump of bushes.

He thought of how smart his friend was. He was never fooled by that Witch's fake bird. Myron knew that the Northern Hooded Buckbilled Jayhawk's cry was "Wootyshillll" and that they had all flown east for the season.

Sophia had found a way to kill the Witch and she had been searching for Tollis for days. It was pure luck that she ran into Myron in the woods.

There came a knock on Bernie the Brave's door and Tollis poked his normal size head into the room.

"Bernie the Brave, may we enter?"

"Of course!"

Tollis and Sophia entered Bernie the Brave's room and walked over to the bed.

"We wanted to thank you for helping us fight the Witch. We are forever grateful. You and Myron are invited to come and visit us anytime and if you ever need anything, we will always be ready to help you."

Tollis gripped Bernie the Brave's hand.

"Thank you friend." He kissed Bernie the Brave's hand, then Sophia bent and kissed it too.

"We hope you feel better soon." She said as she let go of his hand.

"Don 't worry about me!" Bernie the Brave said. "I will be fine. I am so glad you I met you both and I look forward to coming to visit you one day. Thank you for killing the Witch. The entire country owes you a great debt for wiping that scourge from the earth."

"It was my pleasure!" Sophia laughed and bent down to give Bernie the Brave a hug.

"Ow! My ribs!" he exclaimed. Then he grinned, "Just kidding!"

****************The End***************


The Tale of the Giant-Part 4

December 30th 2008 12:59 pm
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The three friends walked into the woods, unaware that danger lurked behind them.

Myron found a tree that was just the right diameter and Tollis knocked it over with one push. As soon as the tree fell, Myron got to work and sawed off two thick pieces of the trunk. He had Tollis place his feet on the circles of wood and traced around it until he had two perfect outlines. He then took a small saw from his bag and began the painstaking task of cutting the outlines from the wood.

While Myron was working, Bernie the Brave ventured off towards Myron's cave to pack them some food and other things they would need for their trip. He was almost to the edge of the woods when suddenly he felt an icy chill race down his spine. Bernie the Brave tried to move but found he could not. He tried to yell for Myron and Tollis but his mouth wouldn't open. He was frozen!

"Ah is the nosy pest! I was hoping you would be the first one I caught" The witch stepped out from behind a tree and walked over to Bernie the Brave. He struggled and struggled but could not move a muscle.

"Don't bother, pest! You won't be able to move unless I allow it to happen!" The witch flashed an evil grin at Bernie the Brave. Her teeth looked like a bombed city-blackened and broken. Bernie the Brave would have cringed if he were able.

"Now I am going to go take care of your friends!" She walked off towards where Myron and Tollis were working.

Once her back was turned Bernie the Brave tried again to move, but it was no use. He prayed that Myron and Tollis would be ok. Suddenly he caught a bit of movement out of the corner of his eye. A moment later he heard a voice : "Hello. Are you ok?"
Bernie the Brave tried to see who was talking to him but they were out of his line of sight. He was able to grunt in response, hoping that the stranger would know he was not ok.

"Oh my! You don't sound ok...what happened? Where is your friend?"

Bernie the Brave let out a series of frustrated grunts.

"I will go find him for you. Stay here!' Bernie the Brave could hear the stranger take off into the woods. He hoped they were faster then the witch.

Meanwhile, Myron had just finished cutting out the outline of Tollis' left foot and was starting on the right when he heard a noise.

"Tollis did you hear that?" Myron asked.

"Yeah, what was that"

"It sounds like the mating call of a Northern Hooded Buckbilled Jayhawk!"


"A what?!"

"It is a bird, and a rare one! I have been birdwatching for 15 years and I have never seen one. Nobody in this area has! I have to go see if I can get a glimpse. Do you mind? I will be right back."

"No, I don't mind. How exciting! Good luck!"

Myron grabbed his binoculars and bird book from his bag and took off in the direction that the bird call had come from.

A few moments after he left, a rabbit ran out of the woods. It skidded to a stop once it saw Tollis and started to run away.

"Wait!" Tollis called to the rabbit. The mama rabbit turned and looked at Tollis, her whole body was shaking with fear, but something in his voice made her stay and listen to what he had to say.

"I am not going to hurt you. I remember you from earlier, you ran by me with your baby. Is it ok? I am sorry I scared you."

"Y-Yes. My baby is at Myron's house. I came out here to warn Myron and Bernie the Brave, but I think I am too late"

"Warn them? About what?"

"About the witch. A squirrel saw her hiding in a tree, watching you and Bernie the Brave. It didn't see Myron with you so it ran to his house to warn him, but it had just missed him. It was too scared to come back, so I left it to watch my baby and I came myself. On the way here, I saw Bernie the Brave. He was just standing there and he didn't talk to me, he only grunted! I think the witch did something to him!" The rabbit started to cry.

As the rabbit was talking, Tollis began to get more and more angry. By the time she finished her story, his face was beet red and he looked like he ought to have steam coming out of his ears.

"That WITCH!" he cried. "Ms. Rabbit, show me where you saw Bernie the Brave!"

The rabbit ran off into the woods and Tollis followed, pushing trees out of his way and making the ground rumble with each step.

"There he is!" The rabbit pointed and Tollis reached the spot in 2 huge steps.

"Bernie the Brave, are you ok? Can you move?" Tollis' rampage through the forest had moved the earth so much that Bernie the Brave had tipped over. Tollis touched him with the tip of one finger.

"He feels as hard as stone!"

He gently picked Bernie the Brave up and placed him in the front pocket of his shirt. Bernie the Brave's eyes peeked out from over the top of Tollis' pocket.

"Thank you Ms. Rabbit. Please go back to Myron's cave, I will take care of that witch once and for all!"

He walked back towards where he and Myron had been sitting, working on the new shoes. He was almost there, when from out of no where a bird flew right at him and started pecking at his face and head.


Tollis slapped at the bird.


The bird was screeching madly and thrashing against Tollis' skull. Bernie the Brave started to grunt wildly. Tollis was swinging his arms around, trying to keep the crazy bird away from him. He blundered deeper into the woods and the bird followed.

Tollis was not watching where he was going and so it was no surprise that he tripped on a log and fell down to the ground with a huge *THUD*

He started to get up, but the bird was coming! He covered his head with his hands. Then he remembered Bernie the Brave. He was in his pocket! He was probably crushed in the fall! Tollis was crying so hard that he couldn't see anything in front of him. He reached into his shirt pocket with fingers that shook like jello-and found the pocket empty!

***************to be continued***********************


The Tale of the Giant -Part 3

December 10th 2008 8:34 am
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"A WITCH?!?!" Myron exclaimed, "Bernie the Brave, you don't think..."

"No way Myron! No way, it couldn't be the same one..." Bernie the Brave looked at Myron and shook his head, a look of disbelief on his face.
"Tollis, can you tell us more about this Witch? Who is she? What did she do to you?"

Tollis looked at Bernie the Brave and Myron.
"Well...she lived in a tree-"

"Bernie the Brave! That's her!" Myron screeched, interrupting Tollis.

"Wait Myron, that could just be a coincidence." Bernie the Brave patted Myron on the shoulder to calm him down. "I am sorry Tollis, please continue."

"Well...she was old and ugly-OH! And she mentioned you and your friend!"

"AHHH! Bernie the Brave, I told you it was her! What did she say about us?" Myron asked

"Well...she didn't say your names, but before she cursed me she said that she was going to take care of me like she did that nosy black and white pest and his scrawny friend."

"Scrawny!" Myron exclaimed.
"Nosy Pest!" Bernie the Brave cried at the same time. "Tollis, where is this witch? What did she do to you and why?"

Tollis wiped his nose with the back of his hand and used his shirt to dry his eyes. After he had composed himself, he answered Bernie the Brave's question
"I was walking by the lake near my cave, when I decided to take a shortcut through the woods. Well, while I was walking I found some rocks and I was throwing them, you know, just for fun, and one of them hit this tree. Suddenly, this evil voice cried out and asked me what I was doing and how dare I mess up her tree! Then she mentioned you, then she pointed her wand at me and turned me into a Giant! And she put a pebbles in my shoes and I can't get them out and my feet hurt and that is why I was lying here crying..." His face grew red with embarrassment and shame when he admitted the part about his feet hurting and his crying.

Bernie the Brave and Myron looked at each other. The two friends decided right then and there that they were going to help Tollis out.

"Tollis," Myron said, "We are sorry that the witch was so mean to you. We have dealt with her before and we would like to offer our help to you, but first, let's see if we can do something about those pebbles in your shoes."

"But I told you, I can't get them out!"

"I know, so we will just have to make you a new pair of shoes! I will be right back!" Myron said as he hurried off into the woods towards his cave.

While they waited for Myron to come back, Bernie the Brave shared with Tollis the story of his run in with the witch and how she had given him The Breath from the Grave.
He got a little hurt when Tollis laughed at his plight, but soon, the giggles from Tollis rubbed off on him and he started to laugh too.

When Myron returned from his cave, he was shocked to see Bernie the Brave and Tollis rolling on the ground, their faces bright red and laughing so hard they were crying and holding their stomachs.
"What happened?!?! Are you ok?!" Alarmed, Myron ran towards the two.

"Heee heee heee-Yes! Heee HEE! Myron-Hee! Oh My! Heee heee! Heee heee heeeeeee!" Bernie the Brave erupted into a new fit of the giggles.

Myron smiled and sat down to wait for the laughing to subside.

Finally, sweating and panting, Tollis and Bernie the Brave were able to compose themselves enough to talk to Myron.

"Oh I have not laughed like that in a long time! Thank you Tollis!" Bernie the Brave patted his new friend on the arm. "Myron, what did you bring from the cave?" he asked, looking at the huge canvas duffle bag that Myron had brought back with him.

"Well, like I told Tollis, since he can't get the pebbles out of his shoes, we would make him new ones! Ta Da!!!" Myron pulled his saw out of his bag, along with a roll of cloth and some other tools.
"I was thinking, we can get some wood, trace the soles of Tollis' shoes on to some wood and cut them out, then cover them with this material. It won't be the greatest, but it will be better than those pebble filled ones he has now."

Tollis looked at Myron, a big grin spreading across his face. "Thank you Myron! Now, lets go find some wood!"

The three friends took off into the woods. After they left, the witch crept down from the tree she was hiding in. A look of pure evil was on her face as she followed them into the woods.

***************To Be Continued********************


The Tale of the Giant-Part 2

December 4th 2008 11:14 am
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"A Giant? Here? That is odd...they usually stay up north."
Bernie the Brave looked at Myron, "Myron, take this lady and her baby to the cave, I will go find this Giant and see why it is here in our forest."

"But Bernie the Brave, I want to help! Wait here and I will be right back!"
Myron grabbed the rabbit's hand and led her and her baby to his cave.

He was back with in minutes, but Bernie the Brave was gone!

"Bernie the Brave! Where are you?" Myron tried to find Bernie the Brave's tracks, but the ground was a mess after the stampede and he couldn't distinguish anything. "Darn you Bernie the Brave!" he exclaimed. He started to walk in the direction that the Giant's roar had come from.

He walked for 20 paces when suddenly he heard a noise : "psssst"
He looked around. "psssst! Myron! Up here!"
Myron looked up and saw Bernie the Brave staring down at him from a tree branch, "Quick!" Bernie the Brave hissed, "Get up here!"

Myron swiftly climbed the tree and joined Bernie the Brave on the branch.
"Look at that Myron."
Myron looked to where Bernie the Brave had pointed.
"Oh MY!" Myron gasped.

On the ground, about 200 yards in front of them a Giant lay on the ground, holding it's foot and rolling around, crying.

"Bernie the Brave, what do you think happened to it?"

"I don't know Myron, but let's go find out!"

Bernie the Brave and Myron climbed down from the tree and cautiously approached the Giant.
When they were close enough Bernie the Brave shouted "Hey There! What is the problem?"

The Giant let out another "RRROOOAAAARRR" and kept on crying.
"Do you need help?" Myron shouted.

The Giant looked at the two friends, "Leave me alone!" he cried. "You aren't going to help me even if I said I needed it! Nobody ever helps me! Leave me alone! RROOOOAAARRR" He let out another ear splitting cry.

"We will help you, we promise!" Myron shouted. "Let us approach you so we can stop shouting!"

The Giant looked at them with mistrust in his eyes. He must have saw something on their faces, because he nodded, then sniffled, "Ok, you can come closer."

Bernie the Brave and Myron walked up to the Giant.
"Now tell us, who are you, and what happened?" Said Bernie the Brave

"My name is Tollis and I have been cursed by a WITCH!!!"

*********to be continued**********


The Tale of the Giant

November 12th 2008 7:39 am
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Once upon a time, in the Kingdom of Ohio, Bernie the Brave was relaxing in the Red Forest with his good friend Myron.
"Ah, Myron! This is the life!" Bernie the Brave exclaimed. He took another sip of his catnip tea and sighed. "Ahhhh...what a beautiful day! The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the best part-"
Bernie the Brave's words were cut off by a loud noise

"What was that Bernie the Brave?!?!" cried Myron

The tremendous shriek echoed through out the forest. Suddenly the noise of a stampede could be heard-and it was coming right for Bernie the Brave and Myron!

"Quick Myron! Get to the cave!"
Bernie the Brave and Myron ran into Myron's cave and shut the door just as a stampede of forest animals came running by.

Bernie opened up the peephole and looked out into Myron's yard.

"My new lawn chair! It is ruined! And Myron, they flattened your flower bed!"

"My gladiolus!" the dismayed Myron exclaimed "Noooooo!"

Bernie the Brave gave Myron a pat on the shoulder
"Myron, what was that noise? What made those animals run like that? We have to go investigate!" Bernie the Brave ran into the guest bedroom and put on his shoes. He grabbed his sword and opened the front door.

"Bernie the Brave! Wait for me!" Myron dried his tears, snatched his bag from the living room and followed Bernie the Brave out the door.

"It came from this way" Bernie the Brave pointed to the west and they both began to walk deeper into the forest, toward where the forest animals came running from.

A rabbit was coming towards them, she was carrying a baby rabbit and was moving slow

"Hey you there!" Myron walked closer to the rabbit, "What was that noise? What is happening? What are you running from?"

"I can't talk! I have to keep moving" the rabbit's voice was muffled from carrying her baby

"Please Ma'm, tell us what happened and we will make sure you and your baby are safe" Bernie reached out and took the rabbit's hand

She put her baby down and wrapped an arm around it. The baby was shaking and looking around.
The Momma rabbit was shaking too. She kept looking behind her. "It was the most horrible thing I ever saw! It was huge!"

"What was huge? What is out there?" Bernie asked

"It'''s a GIANT!"

************** to be continued****************


Bernie the Brave has been Tagged!

November 6th 2008 8:06 am
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Once upon a time, Bernie the Brave was sent a messenger from Lord Mr. Lollycat. The messenger brought greetings and a request for Bernie the Brave to tell Lord Mr Lollycat 5 things that he was thankful for, then Bernie the Brave was instructed to tag 5 other cats so that they could spread the news about what they were thankful for.

Bernie the Brave was happy to oblige.

"Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The following 5 things are what Bernie the Brave is most thankful for!

Number One: I am most thankful for my forever home. Shelter life was not the life for me!

Number Two: I am most thankful for my 3 new brothers, who like to play with me and let me chase them around the house!

Number Three: I am most thankful for my toys, especially the feather toy that I like to carry around the house!

Number Four: I am most thankful for my Vet, Dr. Wolfgang, who takes good care of me and helped me get better when I was sick!

Number Five: I am most thankful for my friends on Catster!

I hearby declare that I shall next tag the following 5 kitties:

Lucky Lorenzo (801455)

Captain (885437)

Frankie (867413)

Smidget (332050)

Lulu Hogg Bush (707448)

Please participate if you can, but if you cannot, I totally understand.

Thanks again Lord Mr Lollycat for choosing me, Bernie the Brave!"

With a flourish of his cape, Bernie the Brave turned and ran back into the forest, where he planned to meet up with his friend Myron so that they could discuss their next big adventure!


"The Breath from the Grave" part 2

October 1st 2008 6:13 am
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"My breath!" Bernie the Brave exclaimed. He put a paw up to his mouth and breathed out, then nearly fainted when he smelled the noxious odor that came from his maw.

"That witch! So she really did curse me! Myron! You must help me find the witch and lift this curse! I can't go on like this, nobody will want to come near me!" Bernie grabbed Myron's paw, "Please..."

"Ok, Bernie the Brave," Myron took his paw back, "I will help you, but let me go get my gas mask first!"

************************************************* *****************
It had been 2 days since Bernie the Brave and Myron left the Red Forest and still they had found no sign of the witch.
The green cloud around Bernie the Brave was growing more dense and Myron feared that soon his friend would not be able to see the road ahead of them.
They had walked many miles and asked every traveler who didn't pass
out if they had seen the witch, but nobody remembered her or her tree.

Suddenly Bernie the Brave fell down! "Myron..." he gasped, "I can't go on..."

"Get up Bernie the Brave! We will find the witch soon! I just know it!"
Myron pulled Bernie to his feet and they staggered on down the road.

Later that night, after they had stopped to rest, Myron walked off in search of some branches to start a fire.
Soon, he came across the biggest tree he had ever seen! The branches were thicker than his Grandmother-and she had been a thick lady!
He pulled his handsaw out of his bag and started to saw on the lowest branch.

Suddenly an ear piercing screech filled the air!
"AHHHHHH! My tree! What are you doing?!"

Myron looked up and found himself staring right into the eyes of the ugliest witch he had ever seen! This must be the witch that had cursed Bernie the Brave!

"Witch!" Myron shouted "Was it you who cursed Bernie the Brave? The cat who tried to climb this tree of yours? Tell me now or I will finish sawing this branch off, then I will set fire to this tree! Tell me now!"
Myron's hands were shaking, he was scared, but he did not let go of the saw.

"I don't know what you are talking about!" The witch replied.

"I think you do!" Myron moved the saw and cut deeper into the branch.

"Noooo! Stop! You are destroying my tree! Ok, Ok! I will tell you what you want to know!"

"What did you do to Bernie the Brave? Why does his breath smell so bad?"

"I cursed him," the witch replied, "because he would not stop climbing my tree. He was very arrogant and needed to be taught a lesson so I gave him The Breath from the Grave! Now he has no friends and will never be able to be normal again!!" The witch started cackling madly.
"heee heee heee!"

"He does have a friend! ME! And I am telling you now witch, lift the curse or you will pay!"

"Never! How dare you threaten me!" The witch pointed her wand at Myron, "Now, you shall join your friend in being an outcast! Eye of Newt
-*coff* Toe of Snail *coff coff*" The witch stopped and crinkled her pointed nose, "What is that smell?!?!" A green cloud was creeping down from the top of the tree and surrounding her.

"That, witch, is my breath! How do you like it now!" Bernie called from above her

"Stop it! Stop breathing on me!" The witch shouted, tears pouring from her eyes, "I can't take it! Ok! I will lift the curse! Get down from my tree and stand below, next to your friend!"

"No way! You can lift it while I sit here above you!"

*coff coff coff* "Very well," she croaked. "Lizards whisker, Possums dream, from now on, your breath is clean!" A white light shot from her wand, through the green cloud, and into Bernie the Brave's mouth. He let out a breath and the green cloud blew away-he put his paw up to his mouth and smelled peppermint-the curse was lifted!

"Witch! I thank you. I am sorry I trespassed on your tree. I promise to never do it again." Bernie the Brave jumped from the tree and stood next to Myron.

"Hmmph!" the witch glared at the two friends, "I don't want your apologies, just get your friend and his saw, away from my tree! Or ELSE!"
She pointed her wand at Myron.
Bernie the Brave grabbed Myron's hand, "Come on Myron, lets get out of here!"

Bernie the Brave and Myron ran away from the tree as fast as they could.

"Thank you Myron for being my friend. I have learned that it is hard to be Brave, when you have Breath from the Grave! I appreciate you staying by my side." Bernie the Brave gave Myron a big hug.

"Ok, I am famished! Let's go into town and get some mouse burgers!"

The two friends walked off towards town, never looking back behind them, for if they had, they would have seen the witch...staring at them with hate in her eyes!

********************The End******************

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