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Steve Cash and Sylvester Rule

September 2nd 2010 8:23 am
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I am in love and his name is Sylvester! He's the funniest cat I've ever seen! If you want to laugh so hard your sides ache, go over to YouTube and check out the video "Wake up kitty and meet the new puppy"! Sylvester has many other videos but this one is by far the best. The Mother laughed so hard she cried!


Oh Glorious Day!

October 14th 2008 8:57 pm
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The mother has been rather concerned lately that I was not responding at all to my given name. She knew I was surely not hard of hearing because the minute she takes a can out of the cupbaord i magically appear in the kitchen! It's not that I don't like the name Nefertari. I think perhaps, that deep in my heart, I know that name belongs to another great lady and I...well i am unique.
Tonight we sat down and had a discussion. Of course I need something fitting of my station as the Emperor's daughter. It needed to be grand and regal and beautiful. We debated a number of different names before I fell in love! Ahh, my new name, it is so beautiful that it fits me perfectly. I like it so much that I have agreed to answer to it!
From this day forward I am to be known to the whole Kingdom as Princess Tia Esmerelda Seraphine, the Mistress of Merrimore! Isn't it delightful? Merrimore, of course, is my home. It is a long name but if we are friends you may call me Tia, or Princess if you prefer.
I'm just so happy! I'm going to go celebrate with the boys!


Princess Tia


An Official Royal Adoption

October 6th 2008 4:18 pm
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Let it be known that from this day forward, that Nefertari Aurora has officially been adopted by the Great Emperor Armani. Nefertari will no longer be known as The Emperor's sisfur but as his Royal Daughter. She is now officially a Princess of the Roayl Family and must be accorded all Rights and Respects due to her new position!


Oh Joy!

October 2nd 2008 5:46 pm
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Today I found the most glorious thing in the world! Apparently it is called a space heater. It's small and has a tiny light, and warm air comes out of it! The mother came home from somewhere with a big white bag and inside of it was a box. I sashayed over pretending to say hello, of course I was just going to steal the bag from the Mother. And possibly the box. Boxes are so much fun! You can climb in them and on them, you can hide with them, you can chew on them! It's so exciting! Okay, I got a little off topic. Where was I? Oh yes, this space heater thing. The mother removed it from this box and set it up on the desk and turned this tiny dial and out came all this warm air. It's simply marvelous! Luckily there was room on the Mother's desk today ( I removed all the clutter that was there while she was out getting this space heater) and I curled up right in front of the warm air. It was simply divine. I could feel my muscles all warming up from the cold. And it didn't burn like that awful oven box. I might like to stretch out though. Perhaps I need to clean the rest of the desk. I think I will do that right now.


With every season

September 28th 2008 1:25 pm
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Today is another relaxing day. When the Mother woke up we had a warm little snuggle and then cuddled up on the couch over tea. This was my chance to ask about seasons. She told me that the changing of seasons is a lot like me needing my beauty sleep. In spring the earth is bursting with energy. It's all excited to be awake and renewed. Summer is like when I've calmed down a bit, sitting in the window and watching the birds come and go. Ready to pounce at any moment. Autumn is when I start to get sleepy. When cuddling up with another warm body to await sleep. Thankful to be well fed and sheltered. Winter is that delicious thing we call sleep. I need it to recharge my "batteries", to be healthy and beautiful and to recover from all the adventures I've had! And then I wake up and it starts all over again!
I can't wait to see the different seasons. This is my first one. The Mother tells me that in winter there is a thing called snow and that it is beautiful. I can't wait to see it.


A change of seasons

September 27th 2008 9:13 am
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The sky outside my window is very grey today. The birds and squirrels are hiding in their homes, for they can feel the rain that's just waiting to fall from the clouds. I've never felt rain but it sure smells fresh and sweet. The mother tells me that rain is water falling from the sky. I think I might like to taste it but I certainly wouldn't want to be outside like those poor other animals! A bath is bad enough for me, thank you very much!
The Mother tells me that the seasons are changing again. This is my first change of season as I am but a tiny kitten of 2 months old. Perhaps tomorrow I will ask just what a season is. Mother tells me that is is now Autumn and that the air will change. That each day it will become a little bit cooler and each day we will have even less hours of sunlight. I'm not too concerned about that. I sleep whether it's day or night. The coolness concerns me a bit but the Mother assures me that we will be warm inside the Palace. That the big metal white thing on the wall will keep us warm because it contains yet another kind of water! Hot water that travels through it's pipes, all through the building, to keep the chill from the air. I think that I might like sleeping next to this device or perhaps on it! I will have to ask the Mother to set my bed up somewhere near it.
I think I like Autumn. My rooms in the Palace feel like a big cocoon, all warm and cozy. At the moment I am dictating from the folds of a great fuzzy blanket. It is soft and feels like my fur mother's belly when I used to cuddle up for a meal. It is comforting because it holds all the scents of my brofurs and the Mother's perfume. She smells like vanilla and raspberry and just a touch of chocolate and almonds. Mmm, my Mother smells yummy like food. The Place smells yummy today too. Over on the desk I can see the wisps of smoke rising from what Mother calls the tart burner. Today the air around it wafts with the spicy scents of cinnamon and clove, mixed with earthy cedarwood and balsam, and it is lovely. Scent is such a wonderful thing.
I think it is time to catch up on my beauty sleep. The Emperor and the General have already settled down for their nap. Perhaps I will go snuggle with the Emperor. He's nice and warm. Ta Ta for now. I will come back tomorrow to speak with you again. Your company has been most charming.


Coming along nicely

September 25th 2008 6:37 pm
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I just wanted to let all of my furends know that I am doing very well in the new palace. I have come along quite well from the state I was found in originally. How could someone treat someone who was clearly royalty so poorly? Where were my guards then?
Anyhow I am almost completey flealess now. The mother is finding about one a day because the General and the Emperor were also infected once I came here. Next week I get my first trip to the vet and after that the palace willl be free and clear of those horrible pests.
I am getting along quite well with The Emperor and the Mother. The General and I get along but he is so excitable that I must be careful. The Emperor tells me that he is something called a d-o-g and that I must be careful or he might just squish me without even knowing. Apparently he is unaware of his awesome strength.

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