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Pawritings of a Black Kitty

Lots of Secrets

January 5th 2010 4:33 pm
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Oh there is so much going on! And I can only tell you bits and pieces.

First is my sister Katrina. She is having a big event next week. Yes it's her first birthday, but there is something even bigger than that to happen with her! I don't know what is bigger than a birthday, but mom says we will see.

The other news has to do with two friends that are retired from the cat show ring, Beepers and Ashlynne. Their person has been wanting to find them a really good home to live out the rest of their lives. We helped them find that home! They will be leaving Ohio on Sunday for their new home. With a little bit of luck, you will see pages for them within the next few weeks, so be on the look out!


The Thai Is Here! The Thai Is Here!

July 4th 2009 11:55 am
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That Thai kitty is here! She is my mom's bedroom now. Her name is Katrina. That girl needs to chill, but mom says she had a long day with the plane flight from Denver and all. OK, but she better chill out soon!


A Thai Is Coming!

July 1st 2009 3:28 pm
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Oh dear, I heard mom talking on the phone. Said something about a Thai and getting one. Then came out, "arriving at the airport on Friday!"

Mom why are you getting a Thai?


What's a Thai?

June 30th 2009 5:26 pm
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Do you know what a Thai is?
I do!
Not so sure I like Thais.
But I know what they are!


Do You Know What Day It Is?

March 24th 2009 10:37 pm
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I live in Ohio which is the Eastern time zone. That puts us 3 hours ahead of Catster time. So it is now Wednesday, March 25th. And for me there is something special about this day.



I've been tagged

November 13th 2008 9:24 pm
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I've been tagged be the cutest little gray guy who doesn't have a name yet. LGG is part of the Texas Wild Bunch.

I want to think about what 7 things I want to tell you about me. Details to come!


The Other 2 Cats That Live Here

October 19th 2008 8:46 am
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Oh wow, so much has happened since I have come here to live. Where do I begin?

About a week after I arrived, the lady took me to the vet. That was fun at first. I weighted in at 5 pounds, but things turned down hill when I got blood taken and 2 shots! Get me out of here! So we went to the pet store near by and I got to pick out a new toy. Oh yes, I got a name that day too! - VELVET! So the lady put a page about me on Catster the next day!

That next day was also the beginning of lot of new stuff. I got to explore the whole house and met nose to nose the other 2 cats that live here. Let's just say that meeting was not very cordial. The big fluffy one named PJ hissed at me and the calico one growled ... a lot. I just sat there and looked at them. I would have rather played with them, but that obviously wasn't going to happen.

I think the other 2 cats aren't happy with me because I now sleep on the big bed with the lady. They won't come on the bed with me. PJ use to sleep with the lady all the time, but only once since I came. The calico only comes in the bedroom if she thinks I'm not in there. So yes, things aren't the greatest with the other 2 cats, but I'm working on it.

PJ now plays a little bit with me, usually a game of tag. The calico doesn't like us playing tag and will attack me if she sees PJ and me playing. After that happens, PJ turns all hissie again, so I just go find some toys to play with and ignore them both. Well, most of the time that is what I do. Now I will hiss at the calico if she gets too nasty with me. Hehe, she doesn't know how to react to that! The lady worries that I will turn into having a personality like the calico. Nope! I'm an all black kitty, so no calico cattitude here!


A Change of Life Style

September 24th 2008 9:26 pm
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Two weeks ago I was running around this diary farm, playing with my littermates and being served fresh warm milk 2 times a day. The human kids caught me and I thought we were going to play. Instead they showed me to this lady who held me and petted me and talked to me. After a while she told the mom, the dad and the kids that she would take me. WHAT!?!

She put me in a thing she called a car on her jacket on a seat next to her. I layed there on the jacket as the thing I was in rumbled and moved. Every once in a while I would get up and look out the window. Wow, things are moving by us fast! I then would lay back down on the jacket and look at the lady and purr. Sometimes she would reach down, pet me and say, "Oh but you are a good kitty for sitting there so nicely."

We stopped at what she called a pet store so to pick up some things just for me! I rode in this thing called a shopping cart. It was cool looking around at everything. Really liked the birds. They were colored much different than the ones I use use to seeing, but I know a bird when I see one!

Soon we were back in the car and arrived at what she called "home". She carried me into the house and passed a couple of cats who didn't seem to notice me. I was placed into the lady's bathroom with a bed, litterbox, food and water plus a couple of toys. I was told this would be my home for a little while. She told me I would get out as soon as possible to see the rest of the home and asked me to be patient. So I settled down in my bed after a quick bite to eat. I soon was asleep wondering what else was going to happen in my life now, because this place is definitely not a farm!

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