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Miko's Meowings

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Birthday Thank Yous and More

June 30th 2013 10:23 pm
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I want to thank all my friends that stopped by and left me paw mails and rosies on my 10th birthday. It was a very special week. I had a wonderful birthday spent with family and friends and then three days later we celebrated my sisfur, Mikki's 21st birthday.

It has been a very long time since the last time I wrote. It has been very busy at my house. Since my last birthday, we have adopted a new brother. Little Mokana is going to be nine months old on July 8th. He is just a little guy. Not thinking his is going to be very big.

My brother, Mokka, is all grown up now. He is as big as me and a very handsome young man. He and Mokana have become play buddies.

Brother, Molokai, is doing better. He is not peeing in inappropriate places anymore. That cat attract litter that Mom found worked wonders according to her. He is also doing much better at controlling his biting issue. He has only bitten Mom once in the past year and that was because she was trying to cut mats out of his fur. Mom is hoping that eventually he will learn to trust again. He does let her and Dad pet him now which is a good thing.

I'll let Mikki tell you about the rest of the crew as she will be writing in her diary soon.

The other reason it has been busy at our house is that Mom has started a new business. Her pet basket business was not doing very well so she is in the process of closing that and she has decided to open a pet barkery selling all natural doggie treats. She has been busy baking every weekend. My doggie brothers, Kaiser and Jaeger are in heaven.

Got to go for now. Mom has to work tomorrow and I have to go snuggle with her to make sure she gets a good nights rest. Good night everyfur.

Loving Purrs,


Merry Catmas Everyone!

December 24th 2012 8:28 pm
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We want to wish all our friends and their families a very Merry Catmas. May you enjoy a wonderful day surrounded by family and friends.

Loving Purrs,
Miko & The "M" Crew


Birthday Thank Yous

June 24th 2012 8:23 pm
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Thank you to all my friends for celebrating my birthday with me. Thank you for the beautiful birthday picture, the rosettes, and all the wonderful comments you have left on my page.

It has been a very busy week and weekend at my house. Mom was crazy busy at work this week and she was so tired this weekend that she spend part of the day sleeping on my birthday. That was okay cause I got to nap with her and that was kind of special. It was a big birthday weekend at our house. I turned 9 on the 22nd and my sisfur Mikki turned 20 today. Mom and Dad have spent the weekend loving on both of us.

Gonna run for now so Mikki can post in her diary. Happy 20th Birthday sis!

Loving Purrs,


Heigh-Ho Heigh-Ho, It's Off To The Vets We Go

June 1st 2012 1:18 pm
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Yes friends, Mom has taken the week off so she and Dad can take all of us to the vets for our annual exams and shots. My doggie brothers were the first to go last Friday. They both got clean bills of health, a few shots and their nails trimmed.

Then on Tuesday, it was my turn. Mom scooped me off the floor and into the carrier. I was not happy at all. I screamed my way to the vets and I even peed in my carrier. Once there, I was as calm as can be (can't let strangers know you are scared). I was given two shots and loved on by the vet and the techs. The vet gave me a clean bill of health except Mom has to pay a little more attention to my back teeth when brushing.

The ride home was nice and quite. I didn't scream at all. Mom thinks it is funny how we all know when we are on our way back home. MOL

All is well around here and I will let my brothers and sisters tell you about their visits to the vet.

Loving Purrs,


Stop By and Meet Our New Brofur

February 12th 2012 9:09 pm
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Please stop by and meet our new brother and send him a furiend invite.

Mom just got his page up. Now she needs to start typing for him. I hear he is composing his first diary entry as we speak. He says Mom will have a lot of typing work to do tomorrow.

Loving Purrs,


CCCL Convention in Las Vegas

September 25th 2011 5:08 pm
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I attended the CCCL Convention in Las Vegas today. Actually my flat cat went with Mom and Dad. We had such a good time!

We got to meet Annie the Spokescat of Calico Junction's Mom; Casey, Leo, and Grace's Mom; and Rex, Max, Bugsy, Simba, Spice, Tutti, Abby and angel Sadie's Mom. We spent three hours at the French Market Buffet in the Orlean's Casino talking about cats and other things.

This is the second year for the convention, but the first year Mom and Dad have attended. They had great fun meeting with everyone and talking about cats and more.

Plans are in the works to have another CCCL Convention in Las Vegas around this time next year. If you think this sounds like fun, mark your calendar, and we will give out more information as we get it.

Got to run. My sis Maui is pulling my tail and telling me it is her turn to write.

Loving Purrs,


Birthday Thank Yous and Exciting News

June 22nd 2011 8:27 pm
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Wow! What a wonderful Birthday it has been! Mom says she can't believe that I am 8 years old today. She and Dad got me when I was just a six month old kitten. I was much lighter in color and only weighted 8 lbs. Mom says I have grown into a beautiful mancat. I loves my Mom!!!

I want to thank all of my furriends for the beautiful pawmails and rossettes. It has been a wonderful day of celebration with my furriends and family. I got extra treats when Mom got home from work, a new toy mousie, and some new balls to play with. Mom has been very busy but promised me that that she will help me to send out individual thank yous to each of you this weekend.

Now, since it is my Birthday, Mom says I get to tell all of our furriends the exciting news. As most of you already know, Mom has started her own business selling gift baskets for kitties and doggies. She has made all of us co-owners in her business as she says we are all so helpful. We have decided to have a monthly give away starting in July. We will be giving away one of our "Bucket of Balls" or "Bucket of Rawhides" gift pails (winners choice). We are still working out the details but Mom is hoping to have it all ironed out by the end of the weekend.

If you would like to enter into the give away, we will be posting details on our Facebook Fan Page for Pawtastic Baskets and also in our blog which is attached to our website at: Let's have some fun and tell your furriends.

Loving Purrs,


Mother's Day, Family Update, and a Big Surprise

May 8th 2011 4:15 pm
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Happy Mother’s Day to all of our friends and their Moms! Hope you are all having a pawsome day :)

Family Update:
We are all doing well here. My dog brothers are full grown now and starting to calm down a bit. Mom has let them out of the kitchen when she and Dad are gone. For the most part they do really well. Every once in a while they get upset about being left alone for a long period of time and if something like a book is left within their reach they chew on it to let Mom and Dad know they are not happy.

I have decided that it okay to be downstairs with the dogs. I still hiss and give the smacky paw if they get too close. I even made Jaeger’s ear bleed one day when he got too close to me when he was playing. His ear bled a lot. I didn’t mean to make him bleed but I did want him to keep his distance.
Milo and the girls are all doing fine. Milo is the mellow cat in the family. He will let both Mimu and Maui sleep with him and he will even bath them. He will even hang out with the dogs.

Mikki will be 18 years old next month but she is still pretty active. She is the alpha around here and we all listen to her when she speaks. She does have to take a ½ of an aspirin every four days as she has a leaky heart valve but other than that she is doing great.

Mimu insists on teasing the dog boys and then yelling at them. She will even talk to them to get them to come and play with her.

Maui is still very shy. She will only let Mom and Dad pet her on her terms and that is not often and she absolutely refused to be held. Mom says it took Mikki three years to trust her enough to want to be petted and Mikki still does not like anyone to hold her, so Mom and Dad are being patient and working with Maui to get her to trust them. Maui is a little chow hound so when she gets her treats she forgets all about running from Mom and Dad and will let them pet her when she is eating.

The Big Surprise:
Mom and Dad are both doing well. Dad has been working on his photography and Mom recently decided she wanted to start a business of her own. About a month ago she started researching her business idea on the internet and the last few weeks she has been setting up her internet shop; her Facebook account; ordering product; and designing a banner, gift tags, Thank You cards, and business cards. She plans on spending this week setting up her workroom so she can make her items when her product orders arrive. Then she will have Dad take pictures to upload to her shop.

Mom says we have to keep the business name and all a secret for now because she wants to surprise everyone once the shop is up and running. If you haven’t guessed already, Mom’s new business has something to do with Kitties and Doggies. She wants to hear what you all think of her new venture once it’s up and running.

Well I must be off to take a long nap. All this writing has made me tired.

Loving Purrs,
Miko & the rest of family


Happy Thanksgiving!

November 25th 2010 1:05 pm
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My family and I want to wish all of our friends and their families a very Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings for the year to come. May your Thanksgiving day be filled with the love of friends and family and lots of yummy turkey.

We have much to be thankful for this year. We are thankful for our new doggie brothers (even if they chase us at times), for our health, the wonderful forever home that we all have, Mom and Dad, and for all of our loving friends. We purr for all those less fortunate than us that the coming year brings them the same fortune that we have found and more.

Must run now. Helping Mom with the veggies and guarding the turkey while it cooks.

We love you all.

Loving Purrs,
Miko & Family


Welcome to a New Furiend

November 15th 2010 5:56 pm
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One of Mom and Dad's friends got a new kitty yesterday. His name is Melvin Habanero. Dad told Melvin's Mommy about Catster when he was chatting with her on Facebook. She checked it out and created a page for him.

We would like to welcome Melvin to Catsterland. If you get a chance, pop on over and say hello. Mom doesn't know how to create a link but here is Melvin's page address:

Welcome to Catster, Melvin!!!!

Loving Purrs,

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