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Not Going Anywhere!

September 3rd 2014 9:56 am
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Wowza, we sure are glad that Catster got bought out by some new cats! We know they are working really hard to get this place back in shape. We're gonna be more active when we can move around here without hitting all the caution signs and construction tape!

I wanted to let you cats know how brave I have become. Yesterday some air conditioner guy was here. He was sitting in the kitchen writing up stuff, and I came right in the room to see him. I even ate some of my lunch with him sitting there.

That is real bravery!


Catster Friends Forever!

January 31st 2014 7:56 am
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This is going to be my last diary entry. It sure makes me sad to think about all the friendship and fun I've had since I got my forever home and came to Catster.

We want all our pals to know how much they mean to us. We have had so much fun sharing the good times and the sad times.

We will be friends forever. So, if you'll notice, all of us have changed our profile picture to a special ribbon we made to honor our Catster friendship.

We don't have auto-protect on our pictures, so feel free to save that picture to your computer and put it as your Catster profile picture too if you want.

We know we'll see most of you around other places on the internet, but this was our home. Losing your home is sad, very sad.

We'll never forget you, Catster! FRIENDS FOREVER!


On My Honor . . . . . .

October 2nd 2013 9:47 am
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Hey, pals! What's happenin'? I thought I'd tell you what I've been up to lately.

The MRS. and the DD were talking awhile back about when they were in scouts. My DD was an Eagle Scout. He doesn't have a pooping eagle on his chest like Pansy does, but he got a cool badge. My MRS. was a Girl Scout when she was little, and then when she grew up, she became a Girl Scout leader.

I started wondering why I couldn't be a Cat Scout, and then guess what, I found out that I could be a Cat Scout!

I saw a link to the Cat Scouts over on Skeezix's blog, and so I joined! Inky and Gleek joined too. Skeezix was the very first Cat Scout, and his little brother, Buckaroo Bonzai, is in charge of the place now that Skeezix has gone to the bridge to start the Angel Troop!

The neat thing about being a Cat Scout is that you earn merit badges. There are lots of fun merit badges and all you have to do to earn one is post a picture in the badge group. I've earned these badges: Basketry, Automotive Expertise, Bird Study, Bunnykicking, Friendship, Dentistry, Mammal Study, Journalism, The Bitey, and Tree Climbing.

There are advanced badges too like Swimming. I'm still working on my Reptile Study badge. I almost got kicked out the Cat Scouts because I thought a centipede was a reptile. Luckily, they didn't say anything cause I'm only 5. I need to study harder to earn that badge!

Girls can join too, but they are required to sell stuff on the street corner! MOL!

So, if you want to have some fun, stop over at the Cat Scouts and check it out! Tell them Newman sent you cause I get points for pals that join. The points don't get you anything except higher up on the Leader board!


Gotcha Day!

September 13th 2013 4:03 pm
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Five years ago today I was gotcha'd. The MRS. told me my Gotcha Story this morning. She got all mushy and was kissing me and stuff. I think I picked a good family.

In fact, I was so excited that in the middle of eating my lunch, I threw it all up! But then I finished Gleek's lunch, and I'm okay.

Thanks to all my pals who have helped me celebrate today with the pawsome pictures, rosettes, and messages!

Don't forget next Thursday we all have to talk like a pirate. I'll be putting up my pirate name next week!


A Mouse Wins Out!

July 22nd 2013 10:15 am
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Thursday is my birthday. I'll be five years old. I'm kind of bummed because the MRS. isn't going to be here to celebrate with me. I won't have a left arm to suck!

She is going to the happiest place on earth! I thought being home with me was the happiest place on earth! She is going to help chaperone four girls. She told me they have huge mice at this place - one is named Mickey and one is named Minnie! It sounds like a perfect place for a cat!

So, I'm going to have to party with my DD and my brothers. I might even let Samoa party with me too! If you cats want to stop by, be sure to come to the back door. The DD will be in his study at the front of the house. He won't even notice that we're having a party in the kitchen!

We're gonna party like it's 2008 . . . . .


Staycation Party!

May 16th 2013 9:40 am
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The MRS. and the DD are leaving us again. Something about a vacation, but we're stuck here for a staycation! Samoa is going to the spa because she is afraid of me! MOL!

We'll be having our same non-Catster catsitter - you remember her, don't you? She is the one that let me get locked in the bedroom with Gleek when I wasn't supposed to be there. She is the one I hid from, and I almost starved to death because I wouldn't come out for my wet food.

I might be brave this time and come out of hiding. Or maybe not! I haven't decided yet. Since we don't eat dry food anymore, the MRS. says it is tricky because she wants the non-Catster catsitter to leave dry food for me but Gleek can't have any (because of that Crystal chick).

So, the plan is for Gleek to get locked in the big bedroom at night with his wet food, and then dry food can be left down for Inky and me.

Don't forget if you're coming by the for party, to slip around the back and tap on the window. We'll get you in somehow, and then you have to remember to hide when the non-Catster catsitter shows up. We can have a grand party since Samoa won't be hear fussing at us - all boys, woo hoo!

You'll have to leave on the 24th when the MRS. and the DD come home! See you later!


Drink Up and Smell the Flowers!

May 13th 2013 5:20 pm
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I thought it was a little odd that the free MRS. Day gift in the shop yesterday was a Passover Cup. But, dang, I'm part Jewish, so I thought it was okay!

But today I found out it was fleas! Fleas for MRS. Day! MOL! So, Catster is giving out free vases of flowers to make up for the goof yesterday!

We didn't have a chance to give out Cups yesterday, so we're giving out Flowers today!



Diary Pick and Ragdolls!

March 8th 2013 9:00 am
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Thanks to the Diary Gal and all my pals for the congrats on my pick today! I guess she liked the story about our non-Catster catsitter!

Speaking of our non-Catster catsitter, the MRS. stopped by at her house yesterday to take her some bar-b-que sauce from Texas. She has three cats, and the MRS. only got to see two of them because the third one is old and hid under the bed.

The two she saw are ragdolls! They are humongous. One looks like Nikko and Scooter, and the other one looks like Rufus. The MRS. said the one that looked like Rufus had the most gorgeous blue eyes. Of course, she told me I'm cuter, but he was pretty handsome. His name was Carmel. I think that is a city in California but I've never been to California, but if I went to California, I'd like to visit Zack and Zoey.

My catsitter might take care of us again in May. I'll try to be very brave and come out to see her. She gave the MRS. some catnip spray. Did you cats know that catnip comes in a spray? We haven't tried it yet, but we will this weekend.

Thanks for all the diary congrats! Have a pawsome weekend!


The Tale of the New Non-Catster Catstitter

March 6th 2013 7:33 am
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I thought you cats might like to know how it went with our new non-Catster catsitter! Wowza, did we pull some wool over her eyes! MOL!

It's complicated at our house. Gleek isn't supposed to eat dry food, so we've all turned into wet-food-only cats. However, I like to hide! The MRS. was afraid that if I hid from the non-Catster catsitter the entire weekend, I wouldn't get any food.

So here was the plan:

1. Keep the master bedroom door closed at all times. Gleek would be put in there at night with his evening meal. The reason the door needed to be closed at all times is because of me. If I got in there and hid, I wouldn't get any food!

2. Samoa would get put in her room at night with a bowl of dry food (cause she is a pig and is hungry all the time). However, instructions were given that if there was a possibility that I was in Samoa's room, don't lock her in there because then we would be in there together and you can just imagine how that would turn out!

3. Inky and I would get the run of the rest of the house with a bowl of dry food (so that I could get some food if I hid during the wet food feedings).

I told you it was complicated! Of course, the MRS. had signs up all over the house on what doors to keep closed and stuff like that.

Here is what happened:

1. Friday afternoon the MRS. got a call that the non-Catster catsitter's computer died and didn't send some notice to her phone, so she forgot about us. Luckily, she was on her way over and it was only about an hour past when she was supposed to get here. That didn't leave the MRS. feeling too good to start off the weekend! MOL!

2. The MRS. was glad that she had left detailed instructions on feedings, pills, etc., because that info was also in the non-Catster catsitter's dead computer. The MRS. told the DD to never question her micro managing, whatever that means!

3. Somecat left a hairball on the carpet.

4. I ended up in the master bedroom. I hid under the sheet on the bed, and the non-Catster catsitter video taped me and sent it to the MRS.

5. Because I was in the master bedroom, I got to stay in there with Gleek. I got wet food but no dry food that night. Inky had the whole run of the house because Samoa was in the guest room.

6. Somehow Inky ended up spending one night with Samoa in the guest room.

7. The non-Catster catsitter made a toy using our Calvin Collar yarn. The MRS. spent all day yesterday trying to figure out how she did it. She finally texted her to see what kind of crochet stitch she used. She told the MRS. she used her fingers. It is called finger knitting and kids learn it in Girl Scouts. The MRS. never learned it in Girl Scouts, but she knows how to do it now.

8. The non-Catster catsitter told me about catnip spray. I've never heard of it but her cats like it. She has ragdoll cats!

9. The non-Catster catsitter took pictures and sent those to the MRS. along with updates. The MRS. says that was really nice and she appreciated getting the updates during the weekend.

So, as you can see, nothing quite went as planned, but we all survived! Gleek got his medicine which is the most important thing. The MRS. says she needs to become a Catster catsitter because they make good money - $25 a visit! We're worth three visits a day, don't you think?

We think we like this non-Catster catsitter. The MRS. and the DD are going away for a whole week in May, so we'll have her do this again! Thanks to all my pals who came by for the party Saturday night. We had fun playing with that yarn toy, didn't we?


New Catsitter!

February 24th 2013 10:44 am
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Guess what, pals? We have a new non-Catster catsitter. Our very first Arizona catsitter. She seems pretty nice. I hid under the cover on the chair, but when treats came out, I came out too!

Also this past week some fireplace fixing dude showed up. I even came out to see him and his tool box. So, the MRS. said she feels that I will come out for the catsitter to eat my wet food.

The MRS. and the DD are going to be gone just for a weekend to go to a wedding, so that is why we need a catsitter. I get too stressed at the vet's office, and they wouldn't let us stay there unless we all get FeLV tested. We've already been FeLV tested, and the MRS. said she wasn't about to pay $65 each to be tested again when we are indoor cats.

And guess what else is going on around here? We're getting all cultured and refined. Da Tabbies O Trout Towne told us that harp music is good for keeping the stress down. The MRS. downloaded 28 minutes of harp music for 99 cents and burned it to a CD. We have it on continuous loop, and we're all chillaxed. I think I'd like to attend an opera next, or maybe the ballet!

Don't forget - party at my house when they're gone! Just watch out for the catsitter - she is coming over 3 times a day, so you'll all have to hid when she is here!

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