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Home:Youngstown, OH  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 9 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 9 lbs.

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"I.B.K.", "I.B.K.#2", "Bitty-Bitty", "The MOOCH", "The Licker-Picker Upper", "Itty-Bitty-SPAZZY-Kitty", "I.B.K.: "Is that the REDDI-WHIP I HEAR?, Kat"!! =^..^=

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sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

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Quick Bio:
-mixed breed-cat rescue

October 13th 2007


Looking out the window watching the Birdies & STILL Dreaming OF being OUTside!

Being "OVER-Petted", and PICKED ON, BY her "New" Sisfurs!!

Favorite Toy:
ALL of them!!! :-)

Favorite Nap Spot:
DADDY'S LAP!!!... AND, HER soft, comfy, WARM Kat-Bed!!

Favorite Food:
Friskies Moist, Purina Indoor Formula Dry Food, AND?, ALL TABLE SCRAPS!!

Playing SOCCER With Her KIBBLES!!


Arrival Story:
I.B.K., as we tend to call her, appeared in our back yard in late Spring, seeming to be "dumped", as there were two other kittyz with her. The other two kittyz had long since disappeared over time, only making an OCCASIONAL appearance here and there, soon becoming VERY "WARY OF", ANY HOOMANS!!... I.B.K. STAYED in our back yard tho, staying and sleeping in our "Center Circle Flower Bed", hiding amongst the tall, Wild Flowers, watching the Birdies at the Bird Feeder close by HER, "Flower-Bed-Hidey-Spot"!!... I took a "liking", (or shall I SAY, "LOVING" to her), LOL, and her?, ME!.. She was ALWAYS around TO greet me while I filled the bird feeders, AND tended TO my Flowers!.. And what STARTED as, "Casual Meetingz",, here and there?.. SOON turned into me feeding her on a REGULAR basis and ALWAYS, LOOKING OUT FUR HER!!!!... (She's ON my lap AS I type this TOO!!) :-) Well, we debated what TO DO, ALL Summer, OH SO WANTING to DO the right thing, while already HAVING, (3), WONDERPURR, "INDOOR ONLY" katz IN the house now!.. Well, after this going on aALL Summer, and time going by VERY QUICKLY, AND us having to CUT OFF the flea collar that SOMEone put on her when she was smaller, (AND "Dumped"!), which HAD gotten WAY TOO TIGHT, AND began choking her!! :-( We were coming VERY close TO taking her to our local Shelter, ONLY to find out that they are OVER full at this time... SO SAD, SO FURRY, FURRY SAD! :-( SOOooo, suddenly the weather was getting CHILLY, COLD, WINDY, AND "Changing Seasons",, and the weekend that WE had the tail end OF hurricaine Ike come thru?... Neither of us one's to LET, ANY CRITTER, SUFFER IN fowl weather??, WE BROUGHT "Itty-Bitty-Kitty", into our Garage, MADE HER a comfy bed, set up a food and litter box area, gave her toyz, blankies, and LOTZ OF ATTENTION & LOVINS' TOO,, and she SPENT a nice, WARM, COZY WEEKEND, IN our Garage!... Being Happy, Warm, Loved, Spoiled, and MADE TO FEEL?, WANTED AND LOVED, FUREVER!!! :-) After THAT??, we KNEW that the time had FINALLY COME, and KNOWING it WAS the right time, I took I.B.K. TO our V.E.T. just today (9/16/08), and after finding out she IS, ALMOST 1 year old, and VERY HEALTHY, THANK GOD!!.. I.B.K. and I, came home and came into the REST OF, the house, to meet her older "NEW" sisfurs, who I HOPE, WILL ALL eventually GET along, MOL... (Only TIME will tell!)... The rest shall we say?, IS, MEOWY HISTORY!!... So now?, Only time will meowy tell,, only TIME, WILL, TELL!!!... BIG-BIG Meowy SMILES HERE!! :-) Itty-Bitty-Kitty CHOSE ME,, CHOSE US!, and WE couldn't HELP BUT, "FALL IN LOVE, WITH HER! & QUITE QUICKLY AT THAT!! ALREADY, she has gotten MUCH Taller, having LONG Tall Legs,, has Grown Lotz LONGER IN length,, and is ALL BLACK, with a HEALTHY, SHINY, SLEEK, SILKY BLACK COAT!!.. From the tip of her wittle nose to the tip of her Fat, Plump, THICK Tail?, and EFFURYWHERE in between!!,, I.B.K, IS as BLACK AS MIDNITE, and as SOFT AS SATIN!!.. Watching her walk?, is like WATCHING a small, sleek, black Panther STROLL THRU the room!... She is SWEET, LOVING, VERY affectionate, and PURRRRRRRZ loudly & strongly, SWEETLY "Purrr-CHIRPING", almost MUSICALLY!! She LUVS to curl up on my lap to snuggle and sleep, and has shown us nothing BUT LOVE, since she found her way here!..BUT, fur SOME "kitty-Reason", has CHOSEN "DADDY", AS HER FAVORITE LAP, snuggles WITH HIM, every chance she CAN, and it would seem as tho, even tho she loves us both?, I.B.K.?, HAS BECOME?, DADDY'S "LAP-KAT",, AND, "DADDY'S KAT"?, all around!!... Life works in MANY mysterious ways, and as MYSTERIOUSLY AS I.B.K. came INTO our lives?, IT'S NO MYSTERY, THAT WE FELL IN LOVE WITH HER, and HAVE GIVEN HER, A NEW, LOVING FUREVER HOME!!.. FUREVER & ALWAYS!! =^,,^= AND, on 10/13/08?, little I.B.K., (who ISN'T LITLE any longer, MOL),, CELEBRATED HER FURST BIRFDAY, Turning 1 years old, IN a LOVING HOME, and her "Special Day" WAS Celebrated WITH lotz OF love, treats, cuddles, snuggles & LOVINS'!!... Not to mentin ALL her New "Furiends", who Celebrated WITH HER, AND gave her many "Special Gifties" and messages!!... Not only has I.B.K. FOUND a "Loving Furever HOME"??, but she's ALSO found AND MADE?, MANY WONDERPURR CATSTER FURIENDS, who she ALL, LOVES DEARLY!!....

I.B.K. is an Ohio kitty, and one of our Neighborhood's "Regular DUMPS"!.. (Which happens?, EVERY SPRING, by people that THINK because they can simply give them a Flea Collar when they're "Old enough", and then simply open their door, and send them on their way, OUT INTO, a SOMEtimes, cold, cruel, and even violent world, to FEND FUR THEMSELVES!!.. (FURRY SAD) Fortunately, I.B.K., DID choose US, and US?,, HER!... Otherwise?, I would hate to even THINK ABOUT what MAY or may NOT have happened TO HER!!... As far as WE'RE CONCERNED??,, I.B.K.?, WILL ALWAYS, ALWAYS, HAVE A LOVING, "INSIDE" FUREVER HOME HERE, WITH US!!!!.. =^,,^= CATSTER HONORS!!: (MY FURST MEOWY EVER!!): Catster's, DIARY PICK OF The DAY!! (#1 Choice!!): 12-22-08 =^,,^=

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The Flower Bed Kitty =^..^=

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September 16th 2008 More than 8 years!

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"Tails of a Flower Bed Kitty"


November 23rd 2010 10:26 pm
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"Meow meowmeow. Meow, purr purrrrrmeow purrrrCHIRP meowWOW!!.. Meow meowmeow, meowpurrr purrrr purrrrrrrrrrchirp-chirp meow, meowmeowow....."

Which will NOW BE 'translated' BY Mommy fur me. So that ALL OF YOU, will meowy KNOW WHAT I just meowed, errrrr, SAID!!... MOL MOL.
Now I KNOW, that all my FUR-Riends know EXACTLY what I meowed, but Mommy said I needed to meow it in people-speak TOO,, or at least let HER 'translate' fur me! So THAT WAY, all the purrreople, or 'Mommys & Daddys', will know WHAT I meowed,
SOOOooo, MY 'meowzzz' above? Are simply MY WAY of saying: "HI & MEOWZZZ EFFURFUR & EFFURY MOMMY & DADDY TOO!!!...
I know my sisfur's and I have ALL been awhol fur,, well??... A LONGGGGGG,, TOOOO LONG,,, MEOWY TIME!...
I THINK it MAY even be a year already! MeeeeeeeeeeeeeYowza!!.. But alas, I have no thumbs and NO TYPING SKILLS, HEE-HEE,, and well,,, my sisfurs and I, ALL have the same, ummmm, 'no thumbs - can't type', 'isses', mol. So we haven't been ABLE TO meow here, because poor Mommy just hasn't had the time (OR ENERGY),,
to type FUR US!....

She STILL spoils us ALL rotten and she STILL makes the time AND ENERGY to give US attention, snuggles, kisses, huggins & LOTZA lovins'! So if WE HAVE A CHOICE?.. My sisfur's & I ALL AGREE,, it's NO CONTEST, (OR EVEN A QUESTION!!)...
ATTENTION, LOVINS' & SNUGGLES??.. ARE ALLLLLL, LOTZ MEOWY BETTER,, than giving that time UP?? Just to have Mommy type fur us!!....
(We all begged her tonight tho, to PLEASE let US MEOW?? But she said that SHE? STILL has to type/TRANSLATE, FUR US!!.. We begged some MORE?.. And well, I guess you can SEE WHO WON! HEE-HEE)....

My sisfur's and I, ALL,, wanted to meow: HAPPY THANKSGIVING EFFURYFUR & EFFURY FUR-PURRARENT!!.. We've missed a LOT here! So many changes, so many new furry faces and TOO MANY MISSED gifts & 'events'. But MOST OF ALL....

We think about YOU ALL effury day and we MISS YOU ALL effury day TOO! AND FURRY MUCH, ALSO!! Once in awhile, Mommy let's us check in here, but it's usually too quick to DO anything, except miss ya'll MORE!!
We also wanted to meow THANK YOU!.. Thank you ALL, fur the gifts we've still been receiving. The little 'pop-ins' & 'reminders' written IN those gifts,, LETTING US ALL KNOW that YOU ALL, STILL REMEMBER & THINK ABOUT,, US!!...
(We all want to 'reciprocate'?, is THAT the proper word, Mommy?..)
But in plain MEOWZ,, MOL,, my sisfur's & I ALL, want to & WILL, (& hopefully SOON too!),, get mommy to sit still long enuff?.. So WE can send gifties BACK to all of YOU, our very much MISSED Furiends & Fur-buddies! But meowing & doing are different thingies, so we wanted to at least MEOW to ya's that we DO THINK OF YOU ALL! We DO MISS YOU ALL, (& we know that Mommy misses your purrarents/Friends that SHE knows too!)

***Looks at Mommy & nods, knowing and quickly paw taps ON the Laptop, MEOWING LOUDLY!!***

Ok, I got's to let Mommy git. SOOOooo,, please don't furget us, as WE HAVE NOT FURGOTTEN ANY OF YOU!.. We miss and think of you ALL, each & effury meowy day & we HAVE NOTICED and we HAVE BEEN VERY TOUCHED BY, alllllll the gifties, remembered Birthdays & 'Thinking of you's',, that you have SENT IN the gifties you gave to each of us. My sisfur's and I ALL THANK YOU!

God Bless effuryfur & effury purrrarent!.. My sisfur's & I are each gonna let Mommy post this in ALL of our Diarys, so that way??... EFFURYFUR get's to see it!!........
Me owz, Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrz & Love,
~Itty-Bitty-Kitty~ =^..^=
( I.B.K., fur short, mol ) =^,,^=


One YEAR?, SURE DOES MAKE, a BIGG, LOVING Difference!!- =^..^=

September 24th 2009 1:45 pm
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OH,, MY,,, CATNESS!!... What a DIFFERENCE a meowy YEAR?, MAKES!!..
AS OF, TODAY?, my then "New", "Mommy & Daddy", BROUGHT ME, INside their HOME,, AND their HEARTS!! :-)

I USED to live?, OUTside AND UN-wanted!.. Simply put?, I?, was "Dumped",, just,, "Let GO"... (Mommy tends to think that MAYbe, I was also?, hurt and/or, abused in SOME way, because of how I AM, sometimes!.. After all, BEING?, "Dumped", BEING?, "Let GO, AND UN-wanted??,, really DID HURT, a LOT MORE than I EVER "Let ON",, or even REALIZED!!...
SOOooo, after FINDING Mommy's "Special Flower Circle" IN their "Back-Yard",, I just KNEW, I "FELT",, as tho this place?,, IS/WAS?, a SAFE, Meowy Place?, TO BE!!... Plus?, it WAS NICE!.. Surrounded BY, SUCH Purrrrty Flowers AND getting TO watch?, ALL the Birdies & Squirrels that CAME TO?,the feeders that Mommy HAS?, nearby!!... MAYbe not so much OF, a "Purrrfect Life", but fur then?, I WAS happy & I KNEW?, I WAS, safe!!...

Eventually?, UN-able to simply, "Let me GO", (& with BAD Weather SWIFTLY approaching?), "They", brought me INside!, yet were still, UNSURE as to what TO DO!!.. Long story short?,, the only OTHER "place" to GO TO?, was a "Crowded, OVER worked, OVER FULL Shelter that MAY have HAD TO?, WELLLLLLL, I'd rather NOT meow what COULD have happened TO ME!!...
And THAT?, made UP Mommy's "Mind",, and INside?, I Meowy STAYED!.. (I TRIED to get BACK OUTside, but ONLY?, ONCE!..)
After THAT?, I REALIZED,, I KNEW!!,, I had FINALLY FOUND?, MY "Home",, MY, "Meant to BE",, MOMMY & DADDY, TOO!!...
NOW?,, I run AWAY from ANY doors that open TO?, the OUTSIDE WORLD!.. (And I MEAN, I?, RUN AWAY!.. Right back INTO, the Safety, Love and ALLLLLLLL, the SUPER, MEOWY SPOILING?, I never KNEW an "INdoor kitty"??,, COULD HAVE & RECEIVE!!!!!....

So, now,, one year LATER?.. I AM, a Happy, Content, LOVED & furry, FURRY SPOILED kitty kat!!... And I could NOT IMAGINE??,, BEING,, ANYWHERE ELSE?, EVER!!!.. And I know NOW,, that I AM, one furry LUCKY, furry LOVED & MOST of meowy all??,, a WANTED kitty!!...
And while I, CELEBRATE BEING HERE, FUR a YEAR now??... I am ALSO "Meowed UP", (EXCITED!, HEE-HEE), ABOUT my UP-coming Birfday, ON October 13th!!...

A "Date"?, that MOMMY picked out, SPECIAL?, JUST,, FUR ME!!.. Little, "Itty-Bitty-Kitty",, (OR, I.B.K.?, fur SHORT!!.. HEE-HEE)... HER?, Lucky # and MY?,, "SPECIAL, MEOWY DAY"!.. MY, Hand-Chosen & WITH LOVE, BIRFDAY!!.. (AND IN, A LOVING, PAWTASTIC, FUREVER HOME!!)....

How COULD, a kitty BE, ANY HAPPIER!?!.. How COULD, a kitty NOT WANT, TO BE HERE!?!.. To STAY, INside,, where I AM, Spoiled, Loved, PAMPERED & just SO, SOO, SOOOOOO MEOWY HAPPY!!...
I know if I HAD a "Choice"??,, I WOULD CHOOSE, (AGAIN!!, HEE-HEE),
THESE furry SAME,, Purreople!!.. "MY" - "Mommy & Daddy",, AND??,, THREE, SOMEtime's, LOVING & SWEET SISFUR'S, TOO!!...

I've BEEN GIVEN?, a Second CHANCE!!.. A CHANCE AT, a "Good, LOVING, SAFE & PAMPERED: Life, Home, Purrarents, Sisfurs & Oh SO MEOWY MUCH, MORE" !!.. And I WILL CHERISH, APPRECIATE & GIVE BACK!, ALLLLLLLLL The "Goodness" that HAS?, BEEN GIVEN TO ME!!.. TENFOLD!!!!!!!!!!..........

I'm not QUITE SURE?,, but I THINK, I MAY BE??,, ONE of THE, Happiest, Luckiest, AND MOST LOVED kittyz??,, in ALL of the WHOLE-WIDE Meowy WORLD!!...

MeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeYOWZA & MeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeWOWZA!!...

And you can take THAT??,, TO THE KITTY BANK!.. HEE-HEE-HEE...


OOH! OOH! OOH!!... AND!, I HAVE?, & am BLESSED TO HAVE??,, SO MANY WONDERPURR, PAWTASTIC & LOVING FURIENDS TOO!!.. More?, than I ever KNEW a kitty COULD meowy have!.. With my BESTEST, MEOWIEST FURIEND BEING?, "Itty-Bitty" ~PAWS~,, OR, as Mommy & I call her?, I. B. #1 !!!...

MY, "Namesake", the INSPIRATION FUR?, my name!.. And even tho I've never gotten TO, "Officially" MEET, I.B. #1's, Meowmy?.. I STILL, LOVE HER ALL THE SAME!.. I Love HER?, AS MUCH AS, MY "Mommy"!!.. My, "Auntie Cheri"!.. (MOMMY'S "Bestest, Meowiest Friend FUREVER", TOO!!).. (And if Mouse THINKS that the "Auntie Cheri - Handmade Lapghan",, IS HERS??... Well,, let's just SEE WHO CALLS, "Dibs", MOL,, and USES IT?, the meowy MOSTEST!!.. ME!, I.B.K. #2!.. THAT'S MEOWY WHO!!.. **SMILES & GIGGLES**

What a difference?, a YEAR MAKES!.. What a DIFFERENCE??,, BEING WANTED & LOVED,, MAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!..........
I never, EVER KNEW,, I COULD, (& WOULD), BE, SO FURRY, FURRY LOVED & HAPPY!!... And I WISH?, fur THIS MUCH LOVE & HAPPINESS??, to find it's way TO?,, ALL MY FURIENDS!.. And ALSO TO?, ALL the kittyz OUT THERE, who still WANT, NEED & DREAM OF, FINDING & HAVING??,, their OWN, Furever Homes!!... May THEY TOO, FIND & RECEIVE, ALLLLLLL?, that I, Meowy HAVE!!....

I am glad, SO GLAD, that I CAN SHARE, MY Happpiness WITH YOU ALL!.. And I am ALSO GLAD?, to KNOW & LOVE YOU ALL!.... EFFURYFUR & EFFURYONE!!...

Sandpaper Kisses & Huggy Snuggles to ALL!!.. &

Purrrrrrrrrrrrz & PurrrrrrrrrrCHIRPZ!,
I.B.K. (# 2) HEE-HEE :-)
I love you Mommy!... (Thankies, fur letting me meow here!!)....
(9-24-09 / 4:45PM - EST)


TAG!!.. I'M IT!!!!.. MeeeeeeeYaY!!,, I Get To PLAY!! =^,,^=

February 24th 2009 9:46 pm
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Dear Diary,,

Jazz IS RIGHT!... She IS a SPAZ!!.. MOL MOL

That's okay tho, because NOW??, I get to meowy PLAY TAG!!.. Sure, I AM LATE, (as Jazz HAD TO REMIND EFFURYFUR, MOL),, but I CAN blame it on MOMMY too!!.. Ya see,, I may BE the youngest kitty living here. And I MAY BE the NEWEST kitty, "The here the least yet kitty", BUT,, I've learned a lot and I've learned FURRY meowy QUICKLY!!...

SOOooo, I KNOW I can blame it ON mommy and STAY OUT of trouble, because furst, Pooky, Mouse AND Jazz all do it, and it IS mommy's FAULT fur being too bizzy ELSEWHERES when she SHOULD have BEEN typing fur ME, HEE-HEE :-)

NOW, I AM IT!!.. SOOooo, LET'S PLAY TAG!!.. And LET'S NOT FURGET, I was TAGGED BY, my BESTEST meowy FURIEND, "Itty-Bitty PAWS"!!.. Who "Inspired" my name AND the Happy Life I now have INside!! :-) I love's ya Itty-Bitty!!...

Ok, the questions!!........

1.) What color is your collar?.. Welllll,, MY Collar is Purrty BRIGHT PINK, with Shiny, Diamond looking studs on it!!.. And on it are also my Tags! And with them, a Medal, a Charm AND a Purrrty BLUE Heart with my name and mommy's phone number on it!! :-)

2.) What kind of food do you eat?.. Hmmmm... What DON'T I eat!?!.. **GIGGLES** I think I heard Jazz call it Purina,,, something or other, two kinds, (TWO FLAVORS, I know THAT MUCH, HA-HA-HA),, of kibble, which mommy keeps fresh and is down fur us at alllll meowy times!...

3.) What are your favorite treats?.. Once again?, what kind of treat WON'T I EAT!?!.. HEE-HEE-HEE... I like Greenies Tuna flavor treats, but right NOW??,, I REALLY LIKE what mommy JUST brought home today!!.. "Whiskas All Natural Temptations"!!.. TUNA FLAVORED, of course!!.. They're whole grain, (according to mommy), on the OUTside, but INside???,, OMC!!, it's a rich, creamy tuna FLAVOR!.. Meeeewowzy!! YUMMMMMMMY!!!...

4.) Do you have a valentine or significant other?.. Nahhhhhh,, I'm still a "Youngin" yet!!.. AND NEW to all of this INside stuff!.. I mean, I KNEW, I SAW, that there were other kittyz when I was OUTside,, but I NEVER KNEW there were kittyz INside a House, not to mention kittyz INSIDE of this box that mommy taps ON!!.. She tells me I HAVE lotz of Furiends and I meow here and there TO them... Mommy's even shown me their pictures, yet, WHERE ARE YOU ALL IN THERE!?!.. If I can't figure THAT OUT??,, then I don't think I'm anywhere NEAR READY fur a "guy-kitty" yet, ya know?.. HEE-HEE-HEE...

5.) Do you get table scraps?.. This one get's a BIGGG MEOWY YESSSS!!!!!... BOTH mommy & daddy will give me little "Tastes" of whatever they're eating and I'll purrrrty much eat??,, ANYTHING!!.. MOL... I LUV WHIPPED CREAM, YUMMM!!...

6.) What is your favorite toy?.. ALL THE TOYZ ARE MINE!.. OH!!, my FAVORITE toy!.. Ooops, sorry, I misunderstood, MOL... I guess my favorite toy would be the new, "YEOWWW! STiNKKiES - Cat Nip Sardines",, that mommy ALSO JUST got fur us!!.. (Gee, **wonders** "Do ya think we're meowy SPOILED here"???... I KINDA see a "Pattern", HEE-HEE..) :-)

7.) When is your birthday?.. Hmmmm, well, you know I was ONCE UN-wanted, living OUTside and mommy "dubbed" me, "The Flower Bed Kitty"... (SHE EVEN WROTE A POEM ABOUT ME OUTSIDE, BELOW THIS ENTRY!!)... But THEN I was scooped up and brought INside one day and some Hooman called a "V.E.T.", told mommy I would PROBABLY be a year around October!.. Gee, once AGAIN, mommy & daddy's FAVE month!.. SOOooo, since BOTH Mouse and Pooky Celebrate THEIR Birfdays ON Halloween, mommy chose her FAVORITE number, and WAA LAA, October 13th, is MY, I.B.K.'s FURRY OWN, PURRRSONALLY PICKED, WITH LOVE, BIRFDAY!!!.. HEE-HEE :-)

8.) How many times a day do you get to eat?.. If I WANT TO??, I can eat non stop ALL meowy DAY!, but I just nibble the kibbles, here and there!.. (When I'm not eating the kibbles??,, I LUV playing with them!.. I chase them all over, then SUDDENLY FLIP THEM HIGH INTO THE AIR AND CATCH & EAT THEM, one at a time!..) MOL... Then, in the evening mommy gives us EACH a small bit of moist food, I THINK she called it "Whiskas", all I know is IT'S GOOD!.. AND I WILL FINISH?, EFFURYTHING my sisfur's DON'T EAT, TOO!!.. Hmmmm, maybe my name should be "GARFIELD"!!.. MOL MOL :-)

9.) What is your favorite color?.. ME!!.. BLACK!!, HEE-HEE-HEE **GIGGLES AND GIGGLES**

10.) Do you hope all your pals put this in their diaries?.. I SURE MEOWY HOPE SO!! OH YES I MEOWY DO!!.. I mean, we're KATZ, right?.. Which means when we're NOT sleeping and we're NOT eating??,, we're SUPPOSED to be having?, LOTZ OF MEOWY FUN!!... And I?, HAD FUN!!.. I think you will too, so if I Tag you??, well,, YOU'RE IT!!.. Get your mommy's typing fur ya's AND PLAY!! :-)

SOOooo, even tho they meow more with Mouse & Pooky, I am TAGGING:

1.) Little-Blaze PAWS #672521
2.) CupCake #511347
3.) Lily #647722 AND~~~~~~>
4.) Patches #494699


Huggz, Purrrz & PurrrrrCHIRPZ,
Itty-Bitty-Kitty =^,,^=
I.B.K. (Fur short, MOL) =^..^=

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