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Lucy Belle went to rainbow Bridge this morning

July 5th 2013 9:31 am
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A letter to Lucy
It does not seem it was that long ago when Daddy heard you & your twin Daisy meowing under my mobile home. We took the two of you into our home with love. Almost 5 short years later it is time to say good bye little girl. Oh Lucy, I will miss you so much my little lap kitty. You are a feisty one Lucy just like Daisy was. Those first few days with your dirty faces after eating your "kitty gruel." So sweet ~ impossible not to fall deeply in love with both of you. You two were a terror to the other kitties. But, Mommy & Daddy saw another side too, The soft sweet & loving side. Your place is at Rainbow Bridge now - It was your time - time to end our suffering. Even though Mommy & Daddy's hearts will be aching ~ it is out of love for you. Enjoy the sunshine & play with Daisy. And then go find you human grandma (my Mommy) & she will love & take care of both of you - as will grandpa. As you soar on your angel wings. Know for now & for always and ever we love you. Good bye my special girl. Do not be afraid to stop by and say hi once on awile - you might even bring Daisy along.

Love Mommy

*~Lucy’s Poem~*

Little black kitty
Ball of fur
Do you hear it?
My darling girl
Rainbow bridge is calling your name
Mommy & Daddy have tears in their eyes
They love you so
Sweet little ball of fur
It is your time to go to Rainbow Bridge
Good bye little girl
We will miss you dearly
Until we meet gain…


Jail break!

September 20th 2008 10:42 am
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Ok, so Momma had to get us a used dog crate as the other kennel-habitat was collapsible & Casper got on it a couple times yesterday squishing us. Once we were in the new home Momma said we looked like little jail birds. Momma had been sleeping on the sofa last night (she said there was a snoring monster in the bedroom) & she was sitting up this morning when she saw me squirm my way through the top! And Kirby followed right after me. She quickly grabbed us up -- so much for that escape. Then put us on the desk to interrogate us. Casper came up to the desk to help and Kirby popped him in the nose! Momma took us back to Daddy and said we were being little miscreants. I am not sure what that means but I am thinking it means cute & adorable! Which we are! Then when Momma and Daddy were eating lunch they heard a plop and I was on the floor. I managed to squeeze through 2 of the bars that were a little bit wider apart. I was persistent until Momma put up this plastic canvas stuff to stop me. Darn! I will have to figure another way to escape now....




September 17th 2008 9:21 am
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Hi Kitties ~

Mommy wrote of how Kirby & I came to live with Mommy & Daddy. Last night Mommy weighed me n Kirby and looked up kitten weight/age. And we are not as old as she was told. We are only about a month old not 7 weeks.

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