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We are Manny and Mo

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East Side Story - The musical!

September 10th 2008 8:36 am
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Tonight tonight, we're going home tonight
We're going home to live with our mum!
Tonight tonight, it all begins tonight
Sleeping in, chasing tails, having fun
We're living in the local shelter
Which can be helter skelter
Because we're more than one......
So moon grow bright and make this endless day endless NIGHT.....

snap snap
When you're a cat with a great brand new home
You've got places to check out and closets to roam
When you're a cat with a brother in tow
You can jump on the counters whenever you go.

We're always around, we're never out of trouble.
When mummy comes home we blame it on the big guy DOUBLE!

When you're a cat with an Ikea house
You can sleep all day long,
There's no chasing a mouse.
When you're a cat there's nothing elllllssssseeeeee!


Mum going to get them at 6:45. Film at 11:00!!!


Mum's been thinking about us...

September 8th 2008 1:37 pm
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Mum has too much time on her hands. She dreams about holding us and cuddling us in our new home. She thinks Manny looks like a little panther and his new nickname is Manus ben Pantera. Oh great!

She thinks Mo looks like his namesake Mo, Evil Cat Genius. Not so much in appearance, but in attitude! But she will stop short of asking MoECG to be catfather MOL!

She is SOOOOO silly.

And she worries about Kramer. What will he think when we two beautiful baby boys arrive on his doorstep? Will he take us in and love us? Will he run away? Will he eat us? Wow, those are scary thoughts.

Well, tonight we go to the vets and tomorrow come home with much higher voices. MOL! (we make ourselves laugh!)


Waiting Waiting Waiting

September 7th 2008 1:31 pm
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Well, we are at our foster home and life is just dandy.

Our new expectant mum thinks she is being induced or something, because she is so nervous about us coming.

What is they turn down her application? What if she appears too anxious? What if? What if?

All she knows is she met us once and she loves us already! She can hardly wait to hug us and squeeze us and love us and call us George. Hey wait a minute, she wouldn't do that, would she?

She will be a silly mum. She already figured out our personalities. Mannie loves to stretch out in your arms and melt. He enjoys belly rubs and tactile stuff. Mo is a silly butt and will let you scritch his head and then he will wiggle and play bite your fingers. We fear already we know who Mo's mentor will be!

We think we will have a love of fun in our new home with our new big brother Kramer. Let's hope the paperwork goes thru quickly or our new mum will have to be sedated! MOL


Our first entry

September 6th 2008 11:20 am
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Hello, Catsters!

We are Manny and Mo and although we still live at the shelter, our understanding is that next week after we are "tutored" we will come home to live with meowmy and big brother KRAMER.

Manny says: "I am all black and very mellow. I have he most beautiful copper eyes and I love to lie in your amrs and have my belly rubbed.

Mo says: "I suspect I will be a little devil. Already I have mischief in my eyes! I'm on the lookout for trouble and I bet I find it."

Kramer says: "Dear God help me!"

Ha ha! Well, we are da babies, gotta love us!

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