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We are Manny and Mo

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Mr and Miss Cat Universe Beauty Pageant

July 5th 2014 8:34 pm
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Hi Efurrypawdy.
A few years ago our mom, along with help from our late siblings, Kramer and Tiny Krazy.
This year mom has decided that we should do it again.
All monies received from entry fees are donated to several animal charities.
And the winners receive great prizes.
You can read more about it on the contest website

Klancy and Kozmo


Attn cat friends.

February 20th 2014 3:50 pm
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Dear Catster Friends,
Mom just found a portrait of a kitty from Catster she painted a few years ago. We don't know who it is. Well post it on our photo section. If you know who it is and we will send it to you.


We are Refugees

September 12th 2013 9:56 am
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Yes we are refugees from that war torn place called Facebook.
Facebook has started progroms and purging of its' cat members. We have lost 39 friends to date. I'ts only a matter of time before thay come for us.

We have decided to start a FaceBook refugee forum where we can chat with our FB friends who have also faced this utter and devastating anniliation.

First they came for the cats, and we said nothing. It won't be long before they come for the dogs and then charitable organizations, pages, causes and finally people. The world will be run by computer overlords!

Bad FaceBook, bad bad FaceBook



Klancy is on Cats vs Dogs today!

July 16th 2013 7:56 am
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Hey everyone,

Just a quick note...Our Klancy is featured on Cats vs Dogs today.
If your read this entry, PLEASE head over to and vote for him. The doggie is catching up fast! We need your votes. You can vote every ten minutes.



Wowweee WOW WOW!

October 8th 2012 10:39 am
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Can you believe it? We were chosen Diary of the Day!
We are humbly grateful for this honor bestowed upon us.

Mom was excited too, Dad was all, "you've got too much time on your hands"! MOL

Last night we were very good kitties. On Saturday mom didn't feel very well. Kozmo went up and meowed at her til she woke up and said hi to him. Then he leaped and frolicked all over the bed to cheer her up.

We all stayed home yesterday and when mom and dad came home from errands we were extra needy. "Pet me, hug me, scratch me" But that's what we do, right?

Kozmo tried a new cinnamon crunch cereal and thinks it's just super. Mom says he's too fat.

Oh, maybe some of us weren't as good as they could be....KLANCY? Klancy jumped on TOP of the double decker dryer. That puts him way too high and he could jump down the back and never be seen again. Mom told him, he's gonna ruin it for everyone! Stoopid!

That's it for now. We're getting antsy because mom and dad are going away for three days and leaving us all alone. I bet we can find some trouble to get into. (where she keep her yarn?)


We're Still Here

October 2nd 2012 7:14 am
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Hey Efurrybody!

It's US! Klancy and Kozmo! We're four years old now and have the run of the house. We're very vocal and tell our mum what we want all the time.
Klancy says Merro? and Koz says Milp? We have very different voices.

Last night mum brought home one of those constant water bowls. Well, Koz was in heaven. You'd think he never had a sip of water before. When she came down this morning the thing was half empty.

We get to go out on our balcony one a day to check on the neighborhood. We're three stories up so we can see all the goggies taking walks etc. It's pretty neat. One rule though, is we're not supposed to sit on the railing. Mum fears we'll fall off. So stoopid Klancy did last night and we had to come inside. Stoopid stoopid.

That's pretty much it, we sleep, play, jump on dad, keep mum's feet warm and are just the most lovable guys around.

See you all later!


Party Party Party

August 1st 2011 10:52 am
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We iz da happiest of widdle cats!
Except we iz not so widdle!!! MOL

Our mummy is very busy sewing fo a huge event called a runway show. (where her show is running away to, we have no idea)

But she has threads and fabrics and BOBBINS!!!!!! WE LUVZ BOBBINS!


he he ehehehehehehehehehehehhe Gazowy!

Wait til she gets home tonight.. heh heh..
Da house is a mess!

Oh, you can see mummy's stuff at: and

K & K



July 21st 2011 11:48 am
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Two blind cats named Twinkie and Blinkie must be airlifted to a new home for blind cats.
someone has been found to transport them, but they must raise funds for the flight.

Please go here:

and donate what you can.
every little bit adds up!

Thank you
Klancy and Kozmo


Hot Town! Summer in the City

July 13th 2011 6:21 am
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Whew... It's been hot in our town. Humid, hot and sticky. And when youre covered with fur, it makes it hard o stay cool.

Thank goodness we have AC! Dad and us hang low all day and try to keep cool Sometimes we hide in the closet or under dad's desk to keep our energy low.

Of course that means we have extra energy to run around and scream all night! MOL

We had a great birthday. Mom held us up and let us see the fireworks in the sky. All in honor of us!!!

Its been a little over two months since big brother Kramer went to the rainbow bridge and we miss him every day. It's just not the same without him around. :-(

Hope you are all keeping cool this summer!


Kitty Doodle Dandies

July 4th 2011 1:58 pm
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Happy Birthday. It's our birthday. Let's party like it's our birthyday. Whhheeeeeee were threeeeeeeee!!!

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