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An Angel's Visit

My Mission

January 4th 2008 6:59 am
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Mommie had begun to wonder why I was coming back to visit so much... repeatedly since she and Lucie moved from Denver to Longmont. Basically I was trying to reassure Mommie everything was fine on the other side--and trying to befriend Lucie. Unfortunately Lu was a shy little thing and afraid of my shade, so to speak...but I persevered. For you see, I had a mission as well--to be a guide to the beautiful little princess when it was her turn to cross over, which was much sooner than she or Mommie imagined! So that day in December when the little heart stopped beating and she opened her eyes to a new reality, the first thing Lucie saw was me, angel wings and all, holding out my paw to her. "It's you," she squeaked. "Is this why you were coming around all the time?" I nodded. "The angels told me to help you make your way, because they knew your time on earth was almost up. I'm sorry if I scared you in your earth body, because I was trying to let you know that I was okay on the other side and that it was nothing to fear." "But what about Mommie?" she wailed. "It will break her heart!" I nodded. "It broke her heart to lose me, too, but eventually the pain will lessen. Another kitty will come into her life--we can help pick it out--and keep her company. And you can go back to visit her! I'll show you how." She put her paw in mine and giggled softly as we fluttered off to the Bridge together, her dainty wings in use for the very first time. She was amazed to see the beautiful fields of flowers and butterflies, birds and even Pepper's lizards scampering everywhere. Eventually Sassy and Pepper, Miss Mickey, Bear and Izzy, Fancy Pants and Mr. Penny, and all the other Catster angels who are our friends raced up to meet us and to give Lucie bittersweet hugs. We showed her where the bottomless bowls of tuna and of milk could be found (she was amazed, as her delicate digestive system wouldn't allow such delicacies on earth). And the first time it was practical--about a week later in earth time--I took her back to visit Mommie in a dream, which you can read about in Lucie's diary. When Mommie knew Lucie could come back and visit, she wasn't quite as sad, and promised to start looking for another kitty to honor our memory....>^..^< purrs, Gremlin


Scoop-Away Celebrity Kitty Quiz

July 23rd 2006 10:03 am
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As you may have seen in Lucie's diary, the Scoop Away kitty litter website has a silly little game going--a quiz where you can plug in various attributes of your cat's personality in a multiple-choice quiz format, then it tells you who your cat most resembles. I, of course, am "Catpoleon"--guffaw!!! Description: "Your cat is a warrior; he likes to explore and conquer territories and rule the roost". Sounds a lot like "the Cat is the Center of All Things", does it not? MOL! The quiz can be found at:


Silly Lu and other news

July 4th 2006 2:17 pm
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As those of you who have read Lucie's diary probably have gleaned by now, she and our long-suffering Mommie moved at the end of April to a town a bit north and west of Denver. It is close to the mountains and a big lake; nearby fields have prairie dogs and rabbits in abundance, and waterfowl of all sizes fish in that lake. It would have been a wonderful place for an outdoor cat to roam and hunt--except for, of course, the inevitable coyotes in the area. Alas, I was not an outdoor cat in life anyway, and can only dream of what might have been. Lucie isn't an outdoor cat either, as she suffers from the same affliction I had to endure --declawing by the previous owner. Of course as a pampered little Persian princess, Lucie wouldn't have been allowed to roam anyway (no matter how excited she gets at the birds she sees on the balcony). But I digress. This pampered little puffball princess had a very bad habit that cost our beloved Mommie dearly. I warned her of the consequences of not using the litter box for its intended purpose, but she held her head high, little smushy nose in the air, and ignored my advice. This past week Mommie got a bill from the previous apartment complex for $900--because they had to replace the carpeting that our precious little princess used for her elimination activities! Mommie was not amused. She threatened to take it out of Lucie's Fancy Feast allowance, but we know that would have done no good and would only have caused a serious rift in their relationship. At any rate, I feel no guilt and compunction whatsoever that a few weeks ago, in an effort to remain visible, I (in ghost form, of course) overturned Lucie's water bowl one night while she was eating dry food a few inches away and Mommie was reading in bed within earshot. Guffaw!



January 3rd 2006 7:23 am
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Hey! Baby's mom showed my Mommie how to make links on Catster, so we made one for Lucie's page and one for Baby's. . . two beautiful kitty chicks if you want to check them out . . .





September 11th 2005 8:27 am
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Boy, is it true! Every day in every way, Lucie is getting more and more like ME!!! While Mommie was gone (less than half an hour) this morning to stop by the 24-7 vet clinic to pick up yet another prescription for antibiotics, Miss Lu jumped up on the dining room table and overturned a half-full pint cup of water! It got all over the newspaper, drenched a pile of napkins, and when Mommie came in she caught Lucie lapping the water off the table! As if she didn't have a nice full bowl of water by her food dish and yet another one on the balcony for when she goes out. Hahahaha! She didn't tell me, so I don't know whether she did it because 1) she knew more pills were coming or 2) because she saw Mommie put all her unopened cans of Fancy Feast and special Venison formula cat food, as well as the nearly full bags of dry stuff, (none of which she can eat any more because the vets have her on a special diet) into sacks and cart them away to donate to the local animal shelter on Friday. At any rate, it was a supremely Brattish act of which I would have been proud myself! =^..^=


Gee Whiz!

August 27th 2005 3:31 pm
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I spend a few days romping in the fields chasing butterflies and lizards with Sassy and Pepper--and what do I come back to? My little shy buddy Mr. Fuzz has fallen head over paws for Lucie! And what's even more incredible, she has returned his affections! Wow, if that don't beat all. It is kind of a shame that on Earth they can't get together and play and snuggle in real life, but at least they can e-mail (and if his diary is any example, it's probably pretty mushy stuff!). I'm going to have to go give both of them a hard time about this for sure. Guffaw!!

At least I see she took my advice about using the litter box and being more assertive. I could have sworn I heard Mommie say to her "every day in every way you're getting more and more like Gremlin". . . *snerk*


Coaching Lucie

August 3rd 2005 4:41 pm
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So little Miss Lu thinks she's training Mommie how to cater to her every whim, does she? That ditzy blonde could learn a lot from me--as her guardian angel, I can pass on a lot of advice from my 14 years of experience living with our Mommie. 1) That pooping on the carpet has got to go. More cats have been kicked to the curb for litter box problems than anything else. If you're sick, just roll over on your back, paws in the air, and moan piteously until she realizes something's wrong. 2) Get over your lap phobia. Mommie has a nice plump lap just tailor-made for kitty comfort. She'll pet you non-stop, even more if you purr (which I know you are good at). 3) You're already learning this one--don't just loll on the bed waiting for her to come to your throne; meet her at the door when she comes home from work, giving her your sweetest little squeaky meows, rubbing around her ankles. She'll drop everything to get out your Fancy Feast (canned catfood--yuck! I got her to give me the *good stuff*, chicken and tuna--and other "people food!"). 4) Show her who's boss. When she tries to put you in the carrier for a trip to the vet, don't just make those wimpy little cries, really let loose with *loud* moans! Let the entire neighborhood and the clinic know just how mean she's being to take you there. With all apologies to Paul Gallico and his neighbor's bossy little cat, "Silent Miaows" are for wussies. You take big brother's advice and you'll become not just a princess, but a queen! ^..^


An Angel's Visit

December 12th 2004 4:36 pm
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I decided to pay my mommie a visit from beyond the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. Of course I was invisible to humans, but Lucie sensed my presence. I hissed at her--who's this interloper? She went under the dining room table and hid. I hung around and waited, hoping my mommie would know I was there. Finally she went into the bedroom and started reading in bed--then that Lucie came into the bed with her and got her to pet her, purring and purring. Finally Mommie turned off the light and I made my move. I hissed again and made Lucie jump right off that bed! I jumped on the bed and walked over Mommie's feet like I always did in life--and she knew it was me! She talked to me in her head--now that I'm on the Other Side I can hear it--and she said she was delighted to see me, but that I shouldn't scare Lucie, so would I come visit her in a dream instead? So later that night I visited her in her dreams, and she petted me and I purred even louder than I ever did in life, so she'd know that I'm still around, and I'll always love her. This morning when she called *her* Mommie to tell her about it, she shed tears, so I know she still loves me, even if that interloper Lucie lives there now. Maybe we've had some closure. . . maybe not. You never can tell with a Gremlin, even in angel form.


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