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Chance's Meows~

COTD Yahoo!!! Thanks Catster

March 7th 2014 6:53 am
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OMC me COTD thank you for all the friend request and rosette, I am so happy that catster picked me Yay

I will be responding all my rosettes and pawmails as soon Mom gets back home

Love you all



I am officially 4th years old!

October 10th 2009 8:31 am
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I am officially 4 Today! Mom sang me my Birthday song early today! I got lots of love and extra food! I am planning to have a very happy and fun day with the Troop playing with all the toys that I got from Them for my Birthday!!
Thank you Mercy & Family for my blue CupCake and for celebrating with me my 4th Birthday!!

Love to all
Birthday Boy


Thank you for those Puurs!!!

March 2nd 2009 9:53 am
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I want to let everybody know that I am doing well!!! Yayaya not more vomiting or diarrhea!!! Tomorrow will be my last day of that YUCKY antibiotic!!! I am eating pretty well so I am getting back to my old self!! Sorry we weren’t able to make an update sooner but our Home internet has been down for a few days now. Thank you so much for all those Puurs that helped me to feel better



Chance's Update!

February 24th 2009 7:39 am
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A little update!! Nothing has changed yet. I am still vomiting and now I started with diarrhea the Vet gave me a shot and also Imodium to stop that. I got fluids with all the medication in it! so hopefully I will start getting better, if I don't start showing some improvements by Tomorrow I will have to go back so they will run more test on me.

Thank you so much Princess & Family, Angel Sydney & Family & Pixie & Family, The Drifter♥ & Family for the Power of Paw rosettes.
Thank you Hazel Lucy for the email and for added me to the Get Well Purring list



I am not feeling well

February 23rd 2009 6:54 am
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Hi Friends! I am not feeling well lately. Yesterday I started vomiting and of course I won’t eat. Mom took me to the vet yesterday and they found some kind of bacteria in my Poop . They send me home with medications Flagyl (for that Bacteria) & Reglan. Mom is worried because I won’t eat a bit. Last night Mom feed me with syringe and because the Flagyl was in it I vomited all! This morning Mom fed me baby food and so far I haven’t vomiting yet but she didn't give me the Flagyl so Mom will call the Vet to ask him if she can inject it instead…Mom told me that she will be coming home on her lunch time to check on me… and decide what our next step will be….I might have to go back to the Vet for XR Mom wants to be sure that nothing wrong is inside of me! I humbly ask you for some healings Purrs for me

Thank you


Thank you Catster!!!

January 30th 2009 3:19 pm
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OMC!!! I can't believe it!!! Me Diary of the Day!!!
Mom didn't understand when she signed in this morning to check her emails, there was 3 rosettes and a message for me!!! me that I was Unknown and never got anything before except for My first furever diamond star that I got it the day I wrote the news that Mom decided to adopted me!!!
We were soooo happy to find out that I got to being chosen as Diary of the Day!!! Yayayaya

Thank you to:
The Family of Harry and Albus for my very first Furever Diamond Star

The Family of K.C., Snoopur, Bear, Shadow and"Cousin" Rascal for my Heart Rosette

The Family of Ciao-Li, Jean Louis "Weezer", Sheba (In Loving Memory), Katie and Arlo (In Loving Memory) for my Shrimp rosette

The Family of Jack Daniel (Jack), Bibi Anne-4Ever Loved 1.1.09, Sebastian Lee and Popeye (Cousin Ace) for the Power of Puur rosette

The Family of Moses, Boots and Friendcat for my heart rosette

Thank you Hazel Lucy for the warm pawmail



More Thanks you goes out to

The family of Chai Latte-Capone, Little Bit and Sugar Bear & The family of Andre, N'bikay and Gnomey for the Power of Purr rosette

Rocky Ann , The family of Sammie, KiKi and Ember & The family of Aldo: by Laurel, Tess: by Laurel, O'Malley, Squeaky and more! for the Smoochies rosette

Orion, The family of Casey, Grace, Leo, Bonnie , Pixie & Family, Toby Aragorn for the Shrimp rosette

Jason Hopper & Kujo for the Blue Ribbon

Tyler for the CupCake Gift

Beloved Angel Amelia & The family of Eli - In Loving Memory, Princess Allie (in memory), Coffee and Pandora for the Furever Star

Also wanted to thanks all the friend request & Pawmails that I've got and the invitation to join Orange Cats groups!!! So far has been a very happy and busy day for me!!! Thank you so much for all the love that I've received Today

A very Happy Sweet Boy


I am so very Happy!!!

January 27th 2009 12:12 pm
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Hi Catster Friends!!! Wanted to let all of you know that my foster Mom has decided to ADOPTED ME!!!! Yayayayaya I am now an OFFICIAL member of her family!!!!!! I am such a sweet boy and I love all my Siblings soooo much!!! right now I am helping brother Sock to keep clean!! I love to give him long baths!!!!tehehehe

Very Happy
Chance (New Member of Troop)

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