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Life of a former foster kitten

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More Gifts!

March 7th 2009 8:15 am
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I want to thank the kittys who gave me presents to celebrate my adoption and birthday. First I got a star from The family of Martin(after StMartindePorres), Beloved Angel Amelia, Vincent, Hugo (in loving memory) and more! who said

"Hooray for your furever home!!! "

Then I got a yummy shrimp. But like the cake, shrimp go bad after about 30 days and has to be thrown out. The sentiment will last forever. It's from The family of Louis Armstrong, Emma Barrett, Benny Grunch, Pete Fountain who tell me

" SO glad you have adopted a Furrever are such a cute kitty, no wonder he could not give you up.


Thank you all so much! Since I don't smell like a pet store after the adoption shows anymore, the other cats don't fight with me as much. I did give Sarge a scratch on his nose. Daddy's not happy about that, but things happen and I'll be more careful in the future.


My first birthday!

March 2nd 2009 7:19 pm
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What a weekend, my Foster Daddy became my Furever Daddy, I turned one year old, and tonight Daddy went to the Wheaton City Council so our vet, the College Station Cat Clinic, can expand to support their growing clientèle. I'm so proud, he was the first person that night to walk up and address the council. Four other people followed him. Sometimes all it takes is one person to take the first step. The measure passed unanimously by the way. Of course I won't be so happy when it's my turn to visit the vet...

Oh yes, I got a birthday cake from Binks! Thank you Binks! It only lasts a month before it gets fuzzy and starts growing and turning green (yuk) so it has to be thrown out. I'll save his message here:

"Welcome to your forever home. You've known the whole time this was where you were meant to be, didn't you? No more trips to adoption shows and more time to cuddle with your daddy at home. That and a lifetime of love ahead of you. Purr!!!!!"

That is so sweet Binks! Thank you!


I'm adopted!!

February 28th 2009 2:39 pm
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After trying to convince my Foster Daddy to keep me for months, I finally succeeded! This morning he grabbed the carrier as usual. I saw what was happening and ran to a hiding spot. But he didn't chase me. I was confused when I heard him leave. Did he forget about me? A few hours later he came back without the carrier and with groceries. He said he wasn't my Foster Daddy anymore. Now he was my Furever Daddy! Hooray! No more being dragged to the adoption show and being put in that tiny cage with other cats. And Daddy has his Saturdays back too.

Life is good.


Valentine's Day

February 24th 2009 5:12 pm
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Well on my first Valentine's Day my Foster Daddy took my step brother and step sister away. He put them in their cat carriers and left. That was weird. Usually I'm the one going. Now I was the only one in the house! Fun! FD left his computer on so I surfed, ordered some toys off amazon, flamed some dog lovers, etc. Then they came home. Then FD grabbed me and hauled me off to the adoption show! Nooooo!

The show was different this time. FD stayed with me instead of leaving and picking me up later. It was dull. No one came buy. One lady was interested in a little kitten but she wanted the kitten as a status symbol! The nerve! Well naturally she got turned away. Not many cats were there so FD moved me from my cage in the back to an isolated cage in the front. It didn't help. No one came for me. Good. FD took me home early.

Last weekend I got to stay here. FD keeps talking about how he's going to adopt me after I turn 1 year old. Everyone wants him to adopt me. I turn 1 year old next week. Let's see what happens!


Still nothing

February 6th 2009 5:37 pm
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Foster Daddy keeps taking me to the adoption shows but no one takes me home with them (except FD of course). I'm getting big. I'm no longer a little kitten. I'm about as big as Lena now. This is bad. People want little cute kittens and I'm a big cute kitten. Maybe that's good. If I can't get adopted, I'll stay here! Life is good for me. I get attention and love and toys. OK one of my toys is Lena, but it's all in fun. Hey! I'm still young and active. Lena says I'm almost as old as she was when Daddy adopted her. Like that's true. I'm going to stay young forever!


Christmas Time

December 28th 2008 7:40 pm
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Daddy went home and came back last week. He was gone two loooong days. I missed him. When he came back I demanded he pet me and play with me for hours. Then he got a visit from his human family. (Daddy forgot something important. MOL) They brought him a second easy chair. It's nice! It smells like other cats though. I love it! Big sis Lena is being nicer to me. I think I'm staying here and getting Lena to accept me is a big milestone. The next one is to accept being held. That's tougher. I have so much energy that I have to play a lot! Being held is not in the cards yet. That's not too bad since when Lena and Sarge sit on Daddy, there's no room for me anyway.


I may have a home!

December 20th 2008 2:02 pm
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I was dragged to the adoption show today. I let FD chase me for 15 minutes upstairs, downstairs, back upstairs, etc before I wore me out. When he came to pick me up he was told a couple was seriously considering me, but they weren't sure how I'd get along with their big dog. They said the dog was hyperactive and I'm just widdle kitteh. However I'm very active, armed, and I get along with the neighbor's shi tzu. Plus I have wrestled with Sarge. Sarge isn't a big dog, but he's a big cat. Daddy wishes he was called to talk with the people, but he's sick and can't talk much so it's just as well. I'm going back next week weather permitting. So I have one more week with FD and he'll be able to take some pictures just in case I find my furever home. If things don't work out, I will always have a home here.


Hey my Doggie friend!!

November 28th 2008 8:50 pm
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My Foster Daddy packed up some stuff and left Wednesday and he didn't come back until today. I wondered where he went. Sarge and Lena knew he'd be gone for a while when the nice people with my doggie friend came over. I got to play with someone who likes playing! Oh it was so much fun! But nothing beats my Foster Daddy. Sarge says FD will go again in a month. I don't know how I feel about that. But FD told me I won't have to go to that yucky adoption show again tomorrow. Something about "frenzied shoppers" at the mall that's across from the PetSmart. I wonder if there will be many kitties adopted. I hope so. I'd rather stay here. FD says his family wants him to adopt me. With the economy being what it is, by the time it recovers, I will be too old to adopt easily. I'm trying to convince FD that he shouldn't put off the inevitable and just adopt me. But he made a promise to only adopt adult cats. So all you lucky people still have a chance to take me home. I won't turn one year old for another 3 months! I hope I find a new home, but this one is pretty good too.


Still here

November 9th 2008 8:03 pm
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Foster Daddy took me to another stupid adoption show again yesterday. I got my claws trimmed before I went in The Cage. Then someone suggested I get my own little private cage in the back where there's steel walls between me and the other kittens. I was much calmer and better behaved this time. (But I still growled and hissed when Daddy came back.) I destroyed my toy again last week so Daddy got me another one. What is this the 4th? Yeah the 4th one of the same toy!

All us furry ones got kicked out of our room this weekend too. Daddy brought in his plants and put them in OUR room. Then he moved the litter pan to the bathroom (under the sink) and closed the door to OUR room. It's not so bad but I like having the extra space to run and play. Daddy says the plants stay there to keep them out of the cold until the weather is nice again. I wonder if I'll be adopted by then. I'm very attached to my Daddy. Lena still doesn't like me to get near her and Sarge doesn't play much. I hope either they'll accept me or I get adopted soon. (Actually I want the former more.)


Still nothing

October 17th 2008 6:42 pm
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I've been to a few more adoption shows and no one wanted to take me to a new home. I hate going to those shows. I get put next to other kittens and they reach into my cage and try to get my food or water or even to touch me. I'm so grumpy when I'm kept in a little cage all by myself. The lady who watches over us cats said I was hissing at people. Like I said, I get grumpy there. She also said I've clearly bonded with my Foster Daddy. When he came to save me from the show I jumped up on his shoulders and then jumped into my carrier. If I can stay with him forever, I would. But the lady also said that if I'm adopted then I'd bond with them too. I hope so. They say a foster home should be temporary. I don't think anyone would mind an exception for little me.

While I was at a show, FD bought me a scratching post. I've been pretty good about using it. It's tall. I'm the only one who can sit on the top because I have all my claws. FD also got a second scratching area. It's smaller and made of cardboard. It's at an angle like a slide with a dangling toy underneath. I love the toy! Thank you Foster Daddy!

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