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Baby's babble

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Mystery Man Revealed

January 21st 2009 2:53 pm
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My Mystery Man revealed himself to me, and in a whirlwind romance, we jetted off to FL to spend time together.

My mystery man is the Handsome and debonair Teddy.

Here's a snippet, from Teddy's Diary - that talks about our dreamy date from Heaven:

"I sent her tickets to fly down to Florida and I hopped a plane and flew down ahead of her. We met at the airport and took a cab to Sea World. We had the best time.

Furst we went to the Manatee Rescue and got to see some Manatee's that they had rescued. At furst Baby was a little scared of them cuz they were so big, but I held her paw and she felt better. Next we went to the Pet's Rule Sea World. They had domestic pets that did all kinds of tricks. The trainer asked fur volunteers and Baby raised her paw. She got to throw a frisbee fur a dog. She threw it way up into the air and the dog jumped up and caught it!

We went to see the Killer Whales perform and boy can they jump up high too. We were sittin in the front row and got all wet from the splash they made. Baby giggled and shook her fur off.

We walked around and did some shopping. Baby got her sisfur Lizzy a frisbee, Winston a stuffed Dolphin, Binx a fish shaped dish and Skinner a Sea World snow globe. I picked up some tings fur my furmily too.

Then off we went to see the Beluga Interaction Program. It was very interesting and we got to pet them and pawlay wiff them. After that we went to see the Dolphins and we even got in the water wiff one! I took a picture of baby wiff the one she was wiff.

Last but not least, we went to my favorite exhibit, The Penguin Encounter. We stood there fur an hour just watching the Penguins waddle around and do funny stuff. Baby giggled and said she thought they looked like me. After all they're black and white. I laughed and told her they reminded me of Prissy. You know, they waddle like she does. *smirks*

After we left Sea World I took Baby out to a nice restaurant and we ate like little piggies. We were so hungry after such a full day of fun!

We will be staying in Florida overnite. Baby's mommie and daddie are away picking up her new boxer brofur so there was no one to pick her up at the airport."

**Sigh** This Baby is in LOVE.

Teddy is my very first boyfriend, and I am so lucky that I waited for someone as special as Teddy, to be a part of my life and to share my love.



Weekend WOWs

January 18th 2009 7:59 am
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This Weekend sure has been filled with WOWs for me :)

I am so excited - I had to MEW out loud about it.

For a while, I had a Mystery Man in my life. He kept sending me gifts and never revealed himself to me. Well, I found out who my Mystery Man was on Saturday Morning - and WOW - I am a very lucky girl!

I won't reveal my Mystery Man yet - but keep checking back, as I definitely will let you know who he is - and I am sure you will all agree - he is a handome catch, and a dream come true!

Mom, Dad and Lizzy were gone all of yesterday - as they drove to MO to bring back a new family member. They got home really late - and introduced us all to the new baby boxer boy. WOW - he is a cutie and he is so sweet. His tongue is always poking out of his little mouth and he makes these cute lil puppy noises at Mom and at Lizzy. What a wonderful new addition to our family!!

If things couldn't get any more exciting for me ....

I was bestowed a very special honor.
Calico & Torti Darlings' Cat Of The Week Link!

That's right - I was bestowed the special honor of being Cat of the Week for Calico & Torti Darlilngs!!!
Thank you so much for giving me this very special honor - it is the first honor I have ever have been given and it couldn't have come from a more special, wonderful and purrfect group than Calico & Torti Darlings!

WOW - what a purrfect Weekend!


2009 ~ off to a Heavenly Start~

January 2nd 2009 3:24 am
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2009 has proven to be a time of celebration, for me and my family.

We started the new year off in a very special way, with attending the ceremony that united my Brother, Skinner, and his Girlfriend, Chelsea Louise ~ as Husband and Wife. They were married in the Rainbow Garden ~ by very special arrangement.

It was a Heavenly Wedding - one that I will not forget as long as I live. The Bride was absolutely beautiful and radiant. My brother was glowing with pride and love for his beautiful bride. I was taken by all the beautiful blue roses that were in the garden ~ put there especially for Chelsea and Skinner.

I never thought I would see this moment - where Skinner would be healthy enough to get married. I wiped kitty tears from my eyes (as did Winston) - as the Bride and Groom proclaimed I DO.

Coming back down to earth - I thought it could not get any happier. We found out that today, Binx (my Baby Brother) is one of Catsters Daily Diary Picks!

My heart is bursting with joy and pride for both of my brothers.

2009 really has gotten off to a Heavenly start!


Life with my Little Baby Brother Binx (aka Binxy)

December 31st 2008 12:44 pm
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Binx has been with us for 1 week and 1 day - as of today.

At first, I really didn't know what to make of him ~ or really what he LOOKED like ~ as he was busy jumping around like a monkey full of coffee!! I have never seen anyfur move, jump, climb, swing, and play as much as that boy does!!

Well, after a week - just as Mom said would happen DID happen -Binxy Boy has captured my heart. He is SO much fun to play with - always ready for a fun game of chase, playing mountain climbers on the kitty condo, or hunting down cat nip mice! I sure wish Skinner could join us, as I know he would love playing with Binx, but they have to be apart until Binx is vaccinated, a bit older, and Dr Heather says it is OK. Then again - I don't mind Skinner cannot join us - that way I get to play with Binx all by myself!

Daddy is absolutely smitten with Binx - he calls him a fericious Black Panther - stalking any kitty toys that try to escape :)

Binx met Dr Heather today. Poor lil guy - he had to go through everything that Winston and I must endure -but I told Binx that Mom is only doing it for our own good. I am not sure if he believed me - as he gave me a questioning look - almost as if he was wondering if I was teasing him or being serious. Dr Heather is also smitten with Binx. She loves his name - as she said it is as unique as he is.

Today is New Year's Eve. We had a winner for the Guess How Many game, on the Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary Group Page - her name is Stella and she is cute and sweet beyond words. I was so happy that we did have a winner to end 2008 on a winning note! She was kind enough to send me a cup of cocoa - to keep me warm when our weather gets chilly in Indiana! Thank You Sweet Stella - you have purfect timing - as our weather is quite nippy today :) You are the BEST!

Normally Mom doesn't do anything all that special (cuz she has to work the next day) except go out to dinner with Daddy. This year - well - it is going to be different for our family. I cannot mew more - but check any of our pages later on to see what I am going on about.

Thank you everyfur for making 2008 a memorable year - full of love, hard times (when Skinner was so sick), and happy moments too. I have never met a nicer group of furs - and I am honored to call you all my friends. You have touched me in a way no other group of furs have. So much so - that I finally came out of my shell and I am interacting more! Thank You So Much for making me a better kitty!

As 2008 draws to a close - please keep in mind all of our friends that crossed Rainbow Bridge and reflect on how they not only touched us while living - but they continue to be a part of our lives as **Angels**.

I wish you all Love, Health, Happiness and Peace in the New Year - Happy 2009!!



December 27th 2008 6:48 pm
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We have been so busy, with the holdays and Mom's insane work schedule, that we have not had a chance to paw a diary entry.

My heartfelt thanks and gratitude are going out to all our friends that sent us such beautiful Christmas gifts. The best part was watching Skinner receiving his gifts. He was so overcome by the outpouring of love and care that went into those packages, that he was wiping kitty tears out of his eyes. It was a very Merry and Special Christmas for all of us - but especially Skinner. For once in his life - he felt loved and accepted by those outside of our family. He never felt it - as many people have told Mommy time and time again that she should put Skinner to sleep - cuz he is sick.

But they don't understand the power of love and how it CAN make a sick kitty better - why - Skinner is living proof!

On top of the wonderful Christmas celebration - we added a new family member!! His name is BINX and he is a wonderful lil guy. I have a soft spot for him - as he is a one eyed kitty just like me! Chelsea (Skinner's girlfriend) told me that if we sit next to each other - we would have a complete set of eyes!!

With all my love and thanks going out to our friends - thank you for making our Christmas (especially Skinner's) so special and to Kindred Kitties for letting us add sweet Binxy Boy to our family.

It was truly a season of love and miracles at our house!


YIPPEE Skinner is home

November 30th 2008 7:21 am
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Oh I am sooo happy

Skinner came back home yesterday evening - FINALLY!

He was so happy - he could not stop meowing and drinking his milk. Mom says Skinner drank so much of his milk last night - that she was afraid that he was going to turn into a cow and she would have to milk him.

It is nice to have Skinner back at home with us, continuing his recovery. There are still some things that Mom is concerned about - as he is not 100% back to feeling well tummy wise - but we are relieved that his full tummy no longer feels that way - it feels normal again.

I wanted to Thank all of our wonderful and caring friends and their families. It was so sad not having Skinner around for Thanksgiving - but you all made us feel that we were not alone - with your support and kind words about Skinner.

Thank you for being so special and good to me and my family. I appreciate everything, everyfur has done for us!


Phase II for Skinner

November 25th 2008 10:20 am
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Skinner will be leaving soon, to have Xrays and CT Scans done.

Please see Skinner's page for additional information.

I am so upset that Skinner is leaving us - I just cannot write :(

Please Purr for Skinner, and that they finally figure out his tummy problems


Purring for **SKINNER**

November 19th 2008 2:51 am
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Today our doctor comes to examine Skinner, and hopefully can tell us why he is having his latest set back.

As of yesterday evening - Skinner still has blood in his stool :(

We are all worried - as I think most furs would be - at the sight of blood showing up were it just shouldn't!

We are continuing to purr for Skinner (Lizzy, my puppy sister, is aroooo'ing her brains out. Arrrooooo'ing is the best Lizzy can do - since she cannot purr like we kitties can).

IF you get a moment today - please send out purrs, and healing vibes to Skinner. He has already overcome so much in his short life - I hope he can overcome this latest setback.

I love You Skinner - Please Get Better - PURR


My Poor Kitty Bro - Skinner!!

November 17th 2008 6:53 am
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Oh everyfur - I am so sad right now!!

Skinner had a set back this morning that is causing Mom a lot of worry and concern :(

Mom discovered that Skinner has blood in his stools and he is straining to make a bowel movement! Oh it is SOOO unfair!!

I wish these BAD things would leave Skinner alone! He is my brother and my playmate - and I HATE these awful things that keep happening to him - WHY????

I overheard Mom calling the vet this morning - and I had to let Skinner know what I heard (even though it was so hard to tell him. You could see his heart was breaking by the sad look in his face).

The doctor will be here Wed - which is the soonest she can get here - she even rearranged her appts to see Skinner ASAP. If Skinner starts to show other symptoms - Mom has to take him away from us and bring him to the ER :(

Please Purr for Skinner. I don't know what this blood in the stool thing is - but I am really scared and worried for my kitty brother!

********************************************** ************************PURRS SKINNER*************************************
************** ***********************************************


I am Sad right now :(

November 11th 2008 4:07 pm
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I found out, from my best sisfuriend Teddi, that one of our kitty friends crossed over Rainbow Bridge on Saturday.

His name is Fredo. Please stop by his page by clicking on his name or going to Catster id number

He is one of the cats at the Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary - and despite his difficult beginnings, he was full of life, love and spirit.

I feel very fortunate to have known Fredo and for him to be a positive influence on my life (being a kitty with one eye). I looked up to him, and now I hope he is looking down at all of us visually impaired kitties.

Rest In Peace, Sweet Fredo.
You're an inspiriation to us kitties everywhere!

********************************************* **********************************PURRS********************* **********************************LOVE********************** **********************************TEARS********************* ************************************************************ *****************

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