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I lost my Meow :(

January 21st 2009 3:02 pm
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Sometime, over the weekend, I lost my "Meow".

I am not a loud meower, I have a dainty little meow and I love to speak to Mom whenever I want to be loved and petted.

Sunday morning, when Mom woke up and went into the kitchen to prepare our breakfast - I opened my mouth to Meow - and a squeak came out! I tried again - and instead of a Meow - another squeak came out. I was frantic - and I went upstairs to see if, somehow, a kitty can actually lose their Meow by dropping it somewhere. I looked under the blankets, in the boxes, even under Lizzy's toys (I thought for sure that dog took my meow) - but no luck - no Meow to be found.

Then I thought - maybe it went on vacation? I am sure Meows get tired too - and sometimes have a nice escape - to kick back and relax on a sunny beach.

Mom had other ideas.....

Dr Heather (**Angel**) was here today - and Mom had Dr Heather check me out too - as my Meow has not yet returned. Per Dr Heather's examination - it appears that I have, quite simply, a sore throat - kitty laryngitis -if you will. But - Dr Heather did tell Mom if my Meow doesn't return in a week or two - that she would have to sedate me and put a scope down my throat to see if there are any polyps that developed, or something else, that has strangled my Meow.

For now - we are treating it as a sore throat.

I sure do miss my pretty Meow - and I am anxiously awaiting it's return.


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