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One Year without You

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Daily Diary Pick Today

September 1st 2013 6:04 am
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Wow I am one of today's Daily Diary Picks. Just want to say thank you very much love Pebbles

Thank you very much for picking my beautiful little girl who we miss so much and time does not seem to make it any easier. Pebbles was just an amazing little girl who we got at 7 weeks old, she was our little baby and loved every minute of her. Her loss broke our hearts as she was the first furby I had ever owned and our first pet together in our first home. It took me weeks to find her and when I held her the love I felt just completely overwhelmed me. She altered my life forever, thank you love Pebbles Mommy xx


Our 6th year with out you :(

August 26th 2013 10:43 am
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My lovely little Sweetpea, you left us to go to Rainbow Bridge 6 years today and how I miss you so much. You will always be a special girl to me, my very first furby, I remember the first time I held you and my heart just melted, I felt pure love to you in an instant.

Life has changed so much for us in the last 6 years, we lost Rhea 10 months after you to a car too, then I adopted Tilly, who we still have today but she is kept indoor. Nearly 2 years ago we had our little boy Ethan, oh how you would have loved him, he is cat mad and poor Tilly suffers his love of her everyday.

I am now the owner of a stray feral cat Smudge and oh how she looks like you Sweetpea. She has your colourings and nearly the same face markings but missing the black end to her tail. I like to think you sent her to me just so that I never forget you xx

Pebbles you altered my life so much and I will love you always. Sending you and Rhea a big hug and kiss, my love for you both will never fade.

Lots of love Mommy xxx


Our 5th Year Without You

August 27th 2012 12:47 pm
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Pebbles we do not know where the time has gone, it is 5 years since we lost you and everyday we still love you loads and miss you so much.

I never forget your anniversaries as I am sure you come back to visit us each year. Tilly has a terrible habit of sleeping in the same place as you but coming up to your birthday and this anniversary she starts jumping up and running down the stairs. Is this your way of telling us you are still with us xx

My love of cats has been transferred to Ethan, who just adores Tilly and squeals everytime he sees another cat. He is nearly managing to say Tilly now, I always thought that we would have you when we started our next chapter of our family, but it was not meant to be Pebbles.

So my beautiful little Mufty, Mommy misses you everyday, you opened up a complete new world to me and now I am a mad cat woman and so proud of it.

Love you so much Pebbles xxxx


Happy 6th Gotcha Day Sweetpea

March 20th 2012 2:28 am
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This time 6 years ago Pebbles we went and picked u up, a small bundle of fluff just 7 weeks old and you became my beautiful little baby.

Mummy and daddy worshiped you completely and we watched you grow into a beautiful little girl, if only we knew how short our time together would be :o(

In them 18 months Pebbles you made our lives complete, you brought us happiness and laughter.

Not a day goes by when I do not miss you so much, I look at Ethan and wonder what you would make of him, I always thought you would be with us when we had a family, but now I know that was not meant to be.

Just to let you know Pebbles we love you as much now as the first time you was placed in my arms 6 years ago. Have a lovely day at RB Sweetpea and give a kiss to Rhea too.

Thank you for lovely messages from Jez, Midnight and the family of Pinkie xx


Happy 6th Birthday Sweetpea

January 20th 2012 1:44 am
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Another birthday, another year without you Pebbles. Happy 6th Birthday at Rainbow Bridge Sweetpea xx

Just to remind you that Mommy and Daddy love you very much even though you are not with us.

Thank you for my lovely messages :

Smudge, Sissel and family - a beautiful rainbow

Pinkie and family - a fantastic pink rosette

Midnight, Poppy and Samantha - a fantastic pink rosette

Jezebel - a lovely message

How much I miss you *tears*, my first little furby, thank you for 18 amazing months.

Lots of love and Kisses Mommy xx


Already another year without our little Sweetpea

August 26th 2011 10:26 am
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Again August Bank holiday is here, this makes it 4 years my beautiful Sweet pea since you left us and went to RB. Mommy and Daddy still misses you so much, our first little furby who we loved from 7 weeks old.

Pebbles you meant the world to us and even though you are no longer with us, not a day goes by where we do not miss you, I still watch your memorial videos as I sometimes think that I have forgotten something, or what you looked like.

I am writing this now as we are expecting our baby boy this weekend and would hate you to think that we have forgotten our Sweetpea.

Have a fantastic time at RB, hope you are still taking care of Rhea and someday we will all be united again.

Lots of love and kisses Mommy and Daddy xx


Missed my own DDP

January 23rd 2011 8:57 am
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WOW, can not believe I missed my own DDP, but thank you for your lovely messages and gifts.

I just wish that my time on earth had been longer, but in them 18 months I had that much love, which some cats do not receive in their lifetime, and for that I am very honoured.

Yes Mommy I am back on the stairs, promising to leave Tilly alone now, you know I do this for birthdays and anniversaries, I know still have my naughty streak too :o)

Had a lovely party with sweet Sugar, Alex and Felix, we spread angel dust on all our very much missed mommies and carried on until the early hours, thank you for sharing my special day with me.

Lots of love and kisses from Pebbles (mommies little mufty) xx


Happy 5th Birthday my beautiful Sweet Pea

January 20th 2011 10:05 am
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Not one day goes by without missing you so much Pebbles, we loved every moment we had you and nothing can take the memories away. Where does the time go, when my head remembers everything as though it was yesterday. We have some great news to tell in the next few weeks but how we wish you was here to share it with us. Remembering our first hold, your first night with us and then your last oh how we wish we could turn back the clock just for one more kiss.

Pebbles just a quick question are you hanging on the stairs again as Tilly keeps jumping up and running full pelt down the stairs :o) Happy Birthday my beautiful girl, lots of love and kisses Mommy and Daddy xxx

Thank you everyone for my beautiful gifts and messages, many of you will not really know me as I was placed on Catster after I had passed to RB, so your gifts and messages have made mommy cry so much. Thank you again lots of love Pebbles (Sweetpea) xx


Snow, Snow and more Snow

November 30th 2010 2:14 pm
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It has not stopped snowing this afternoon and this evening, my pawrents can not remember the last time it snowed like this. You can hardly see mommy's car as it now looks like a massive snowball, it is looking that both cars will have to be dug out tomorrow morning.

Mommy is saying if it is like this tomorrow she will be putting a holiday day in at work and is hoping daddy will be doing the same. It is a good job Anna is not out or we would be having a snow rabbit in the back garden.

Jaffa how is it in Leeds, hope you are all safe and warm.

Chloe have you had more snow, love the photos of you in the snow.

George our visitor is still coming, mommy thinks that he has a home as in the last few days he has been turning up all warm and dry, think we are just a hotel where he gets a second meal :o) Mommy spent some time the other week brushing sticky buds from his fur that he had been like for a week and daddy thinks this might have made the proper owner of George take more care of him as we have seen him less.

Hoping everyone is lovely and warm, now going to watch the snow love Tilly xx


3 years with out you

August 28th 2010 5:49 am
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To my beautiful little sweetpea, it has been 3 years without you and as a family we still feel your loss. If you have never loved a furby, you would never understand a mommy's pain when you have to let go.

We just want to say how much we miss you Pebbles and love you very much. You was the best present I have ever received and not one day goes by without thinking of you.

Just a quick question, we keep having a visitor, are you and Rhea sending him to us??

Love you forever my little sweetpea, love mommy xx

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