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We lost our Rollie Today

May 2nd 2009 8:12 pm
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It is with the saddest of hearts that we tell everyone that we lost our Rollie today.

He was born April 12, 1990 and went to the Bridge on May 2, 2009.

He was our old man. He was our protector. He was our friend.

We are all so very heartbroken.

We miss you Rollie. We will always love you and you will always be in our hearts.


Can this day get better??

January 28th 2009 10:15 am
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First it's a SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!! Ok it snowed all night and now it's freezing raining, but there is still snow out there. Momma LOVES LOVES LOVES SNOW so she's in a SUPER GOOD MOOD!

I'm a DDP! Can you believe that????? The powers to be at Catster actually think my diary is worthy of a DDP! AMAZING! I hope everyone enjoys reading out the insanity of our family (Momma says insanity is inherited you get it from your cats MOL)

Then Momma went out this morning and got some NEW green tea that a friend of Momma and Daddy's made for us. It's a SPECIAL blend that he put together! It's actually for Momma and Daddy, but we all like the smell hehe! Momma said she had to go and get the tea, but we think she just wanted to go out and play in the snow MOL!

Super HUGE thank you to all our friends for the special messages I have gotten today! You all sure know how to make a little kitty feel so very special!

Forehead Rubs and Whisker Kisses!!



January 27th 2009 12:47 pm
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I have to tell you that getting ready for Chinese New Year sure wore all of us out!

BUT! Last night after Daddy got home from work, we had the most wonderful dinner. Daddy was SO impressed with everything that we had ready and absolutely everything came out perfectly!

We had wonton soup (Daddy said it was the best wonton soup he ever had), Spicy Meat Packages, Son in Law Eggs, Orange Chicken and Braised Fish in a Chili Bean and Garlic Sauce and for dessert, Momma made Neen Gow. Neen Gow is the traditional Chinese New Year Cake! It's very different than what most people would think of as cake, but they liked it.

After Momma and Daddy got done eating, each of us got a little small bite of their dinner so that we could all share in CNY Dinner as a family. We had lots and lots left over so guess what Momma and Daddy will be eating for the next couple of days MOL!

Momma said she would have a heck of a time topping THAT next year (and next year CNY is on VALENTINE'S DAY!)

I think mine and Akira's favorite part was the bright red gerbera flowers that Momma got for the table MOL! We were beating them up until Momma put them back up higher where we couldn't get them! PHOOEY! We were having fun!

So that was our first CNY and we think it was WONDERFUL!!

Forehead Rubs and Whisker Kisses


Gong Xi Fa Cai!

January 25th 2009 12:31 pm
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We have been just soooooooooooo busy this whole week getting ready for Chinese New Year!

Momma's got the house clean, the foods are being prepared and we even have a little red Ox named RAWR OX that was a gifty for CNY!! But Momma won't let us play with him!

We want to wish everyone a prosperous, healthy, wealthy and lucky new year!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Forehead Rubs and Whisker Kisses!


We are so proud to be NY Kitties today!

January 15th 2009 3:21 pm
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Our NY First Responders were so awesome today after the plane crash! They were there so quick and helped save all those peoples! And the PILOTS are HEROES!

We are so thankful for this miracle today and all those people's get to go home to their families and FURMALIES!

Bless all those people that were involved in the rescue today and we are keeping all the people involved in our purrs and prayers!


ohhhhhh Mittens Tagged me!!

January 14th 2009 7:18 am
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Tag rules: Write 7 facts about yourself in your diary. Then tag 7 friends by pmail or by giving them a rosette to let them know you tagged them! Be sure to tag someone who hasn't been tagged yet!

1. I love to play fetch with my mousies and Bottlecaps.

2. I am afraid of my Sissy Bailey.

3. I am a princess. Daddy's calls me Tabby Princess and sings to me.

4. I love Akira, but sometimes he annoys me and I have to bite his ears to make him leave me alone.

5. I think everyday should be "Take Your Kitty To Work Day" cuz I miss Daddy when he's gone.

6. I have to give Akira baths everyday because.... well cuz he doesn't do it and he STINKS!

7. I like standing on the back of Momma's chair and yelling at the people who live upstairs when they are making noise. Some day I will get up there and find out why they are making so much noise! MOL!

And we are going to tag:

Our New Friend and the FAMOUS! Hazel Lucy
Sweet Lucy who Loves her dog as much as we love Rollie.
Delyte, whom is a gem and we love reading posties on the forums from him and his Momma.
Dixie, our cousin and WE LOVE YOU AUNTIE DEB!
Rue Rue, who is a new friend and we are looking forward to getting to know.
Squirrel, who takes LOVELY pictures.
GOSMOT, who I think is VERY VERY handsome.



January 10th 2009 10:12 pm
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MOL! Momma was "organizing" all of our DVDs.

See, we have this huge entertainment center and it has two cabinets on the sides that we keep all our DVDs in. Momma is rather..... anal about keeping them alphabetized and organized. She even has this SPREADSHEET thingy that she has them all put in, so she knows exactly what we have and then another one that she calls her "wish list". Well we have LOTS of movies and Daddy isn't exactly good about putting the movies back where they are supposed to be when we get done watching movies.

So Momma decided tonight she was going to take ALL the movies out and put them back in order.

Out come over 300 boxes that have movies in them. Momma has them sitting on the coffee table and on the floor.

MOL!!!!!!!!!! Akira and I thought it would be fun to play Catzilla VS. Catzilla in the boxes *CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASHHHHHH* AKIRA AND SHAI MING!!!!!!!


*Momma* Go play in the other rooms! *US* Climb Climb, Jump, HOP, CRAAAAAAAAAAAASH*

Daddy - Laughing HYSTERICALLY



We had fun tonight MOL!

Forehead Rubs and Whisker Kisses



January 4th 2009 1:40 pm
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Rollie is NEKKID!!!!!!!!

See our Rollie, being 18 (he will be 19 in April!) has a slight problem h0lding his bladder and sometimes, ok, most of the time, he "leaks". Well he's a Shepard Collie Mix and he has LOTS of hair and it absorbs it if Momma isn't watching really close.

Even if Momma is watching really close poor Rollie still has problems. Momma usually keeps his leg and belly fur shaved off. Today was hair cut and bath day for Rollie. Momma shaved him ALL off and then she did something horrible! SHE CUT HIS MANE OFF! If you look at his pictures you will see his big fluffy mane around his neck. He looks like a big ole lion (but he has a heart of gold). Well now he looks like a nekkid lion. He has no belly fur, leg fur, hiney fur OR MANE!

His mane was kind of knotted because his skin is so dry and so instead of trying to rake through it, she just cut it off.

I guess she kind of made up for it, because after his torture, she gave him a piggy ear. But let me tell ya, when she took him in for a bath, Akira and I went in and watched, and it would take way more than a pig ear to make me happy after what we saw. She usually locks us out of the bathroom when she's giving him a bath, but today we got to watch, and it wasn't pretty. He was ALLLLLLLL wet, and she washed his face and cleaned his ears out and ... seriously, if I knew anything of any importance, and they were torturing me like she did with Ro today, I would MEOW in about point 5 seconds.

*sigh* poor Rollie. Akira and I are going to snuggle with him and try to make him feel better, not that he seems all that upset; that pig ear must of been really good.

Bailey of course sat on the couch and giggled at him. I guess she has seen this many times, but it was pretty traumatic for Akira and I to see.

........... poor Rollie!


Lunar New Year

January 3rd 2009 9:23 pm
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Well Momma got our pages all prettied up for Lunar New Year. Daddy is Chinese and we celebrate Lunar/Chinese New Year each year. This year it starts on January26th.

This will be mine and Akira's first year to celebrate! Momma said she has lots of different foods she is going to have to make and something about Red Envelopes.

I want to thank everyone again for the lovely gifties that were sent to me when I was DOTD! I just love our catster friends, old and new!

Well Momma said her eyes are tired. I guess she had to make a bunch of the Lunar New Year stuff from scratch on her Paint Shop because she couldn't find anything she liked online.

So I need to go find Akira and pester him. OH I lost another collar. That makes four since I found my forever home. Isn't that a record of some sort? Momma said she has to find me a new one cuz she doesn't like it when I am in Ninja Stealth Mode. MOL!

Forehead Rubs and Whisker Kisses!



January 1st 2009 5:55 am
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I just can't believe it! I'm DDP!

That means I'm a celebrity for the day right? Does that make me like Paris Hilton? Should I get a small designer dog to carry around and big sunglasses?

Nah.......I would rather be known for my good works than be known for being, ummmmmmm, how do I say this without sounding CATTY? For being, NOT THE BRIGHTEST BULB in the box.

Good works that I would like to be remembered for:

The GREAT Mouse Hunter.
Rollie and Bailey's Little Sister.
Akira Keeper In Liner.
Aunt Debbie's Favorite.
But mostly, having the honor of having you all as my Catster friends.

Thank you to my Catster friends for their concatulations on my special day!

2009 is looking up already!

Forehead Rubs and Whisker Kisses

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