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August 31st 2008 11:56 am
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Well they did it again they fell for those darn cute little brown eyes and how they do everything they are told. NO independence I say. Well I am getting another male dog to drive me crazy. Mom is very happy though. It is a ruby cavalier king boy and of course to stay with the C's his name is Cody. They are now of course kissing up to me and spoiling me. It helps to urinate on the floor to let them know I was mad. But now they got me another litter box and play land upstairs, you know I am old and the steps were getting to me. I also get treats everyday like those darn critters. That Chloe won't get it that I don't ' want to play with her though. Doesn't she realize I am a CAT. Well maybe the new puppy will keep those two out of my hair! I am still the Queen of this house and have to let them know it too. Well back to my nap. Keep you posted how it goes he arrives on the 13th. meow Nikki



August 17th 2008 5:52 pm
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Hi everyone I am looking to find some other cats that are old like me and just like to lay around and not be bothered my the darn dogs .

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