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Nekko's Note's

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My Times

October 17th 2008 10:58 am
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My day's are spent watching the bird's that land right outside my window. Little Sparrow's. I hang out mostly upstair's and the bird's land on the roof that covers the back half of our house. I think I could catch one but grandma won't let me try. She don't me to go out and get hurt.
When bird watching is done I race up and down the stairway and Itsumo chases me. We hang out together. We are brother's. The other kitties here are our Aunt,s and Uncle. But Cleopatra is my real great, great aunt.
We both were born just up the street from where we live.I like to lay down and roll around by Morris and Nelly. The dog's like to lick me on top of my head. It feel's good.
Sometimes I launch myself like a rocket off the dog's feeding stand's, then race upstair's. That's a lot of fun. In the evening I watch people and sometimes dog's and cat's go by.
Well that's all for now.


I've Been Tagged

November 11th 2008 5:38 am
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Yesterday I got tagged by my pal Dog. I have to list 7 thing's about myself. Then tag 7 more pal's and we all have to write about this in a diary entry.
1. I am a very handsom dark orange with stripes.
2. My BFF is Istumo.
3. Itsumo and I got at our furever home a few week's apart and the other kitties were here longer so he excepted me better.
4. I do like chatting with all the other kitties here about all kind's of thing's.
5. I race so fast up and down the stairway's I think sometimes I'm flying.
6. I love to kiss people on their noses, chin's and forehead's.
7. I'm thankful for my family and our home. I'm inside and taken care of.
Now I'm Tagging;
Pumpkin Pooh

I hope they will play. Thank's to all.


I Got Tagged

November 24th 2008 10:27 am
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I got tagged today by the very lovely Isabelle Love. I have to list 7 thing's about myself and write a diary enrty about it. Then tag 7 pal's and they have to do the same. 1. I'm a meat and potatoes kind of cat also Isabelle Love.
2. I don't like dessert's(people kind's)
3. I had fun on Morris' birthday.
4. I love to knock our Kong Cat Wubba down the stair's.
5. I love to sit in a window and watch the snow falling.
6. I think it's boring when it rain's because the bird's aren't out here as much.
7. I like sleeping in the middle of a bed by myself.
Now I have to tag 7 pal's and I hope they want to play but if they don't that's ok. They are still good pal's.
Twinkle Star
Moumtain Dew
Good Golly Miss Molly


I Got A Football Passed To Me !

January 25th 2009 3:02 pm
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Hi Fur's , today my pal Bridget threw me a footbal and I gotta keep it going . I have to list 5 thing's about myself and pass the ball on to 5 pal's, tell them by pmail or a football. then we all have to write about it. Be sure to let your pal that passed you the ball know when you're done.
1. Ma say's I'm very cute and I agree.
2. I love watching the bird's. I love Red ones as my top picture say's so.
3.I love attention.
4. I don't like people to bug me though.
5. I like all the group's we're in. They are fun.
Now I've got to pass the footbal and hope all team is playing. Get ready cause here it comes.


Cat of the Day !

March 4th 2009 6:59 am
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Hi Kitties ! Guess what ? Today I'm Catster's Cat of the Day ! Wow ! What a big surprise this is. It's sure a great way to start the day. I've gotten so many nice gift's already. I've gotten a diamond , some emerld's , a smooch, ribbon,congrat's, a plaque ,some new pal's and Catster even gave me 25 Zealies. This is a great day and I thank all of you for sharing it with me. I also thank my girlfriend Reece for being here. She is wonderful. All you kitties here make Catster a nice place to be. Meow & Purr's to all of you. Nekko



April 1st 2009 3:46 pm
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Hi pal's, Did you notice my top picture today ? April Fool's ! At Orange And White And We Look Alike we did some picture switching around. I got Ginnger. A big orange boy. It's been a fun day . Nekko


My Surprise

June 16th 2009 1:28 pm
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Hi All you great kitties ! I got a pmail from The Gang. I'm Member of the Week at The Snazzy Salon. It's a fun group for cat's and dog's. Everyone is so nice there. Hope you all come over and join. Have a great day ! Nekko


My Surprise

June 25th 2009 6:00 am
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Hi Kitties, I got a great pmail this morning from Fluff, group leader of 4 The Love of Cat's. I am Cat of the Week ! Cool. Thank you Fluff and all you kitties that voted for me. You are all the best ! Nekko


Ice Cream Tag

June 30th 2009 6:15 am
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I've been tagged by my furriend Fluff to play the ice cream game!!

I have to say if I was an ice cream, what flavor would best suit my purrsonality! Then I tag 4 furriends to play the game with me.
I think I would be an orange or mandrin orange flavor because I'm very orange ! MOL! Hope my friend's want to play. Have a great day. Nekko


My Birthday !

September 6th 2009 10:28 am
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Hello ! Today is my 3rd birthday. I want to thank all you great kitties and pup's for all the congrat's and great rosettes and pictures. What a great day ! At home us kitties got some extra treat's and 9-lives canned cat food. I ate it all up ! MOL! Mostly I want to just thank you all for being friend's. You all make being here so much fun. A very happy part of the day. See you later. Nekko

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