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My crazy life

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Mom has been playing the breed game.

February 3rd 2013 8:08 pm
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Ok, here is the thing. I think it's great that mom has found a game she loves but really? I need mt attention too.. I keep bugging her and she keeps saying, after these last few cats...*sighs* ya ya mom.. a few cats turns into a hundred which turns on to I don't know how many. MOL I guess it's a good thing cause mom can win zealies, which allows us to shre the love with more of our friends. Any other kitty have this issues with their moms?

Kitty hugs,


OMC I am a DDP today!!!

January 10th 2013 5:47 am
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Wow, it was amazing when Mom found out I was DOTD but now to be picked again! Thank you so much :) Mom will have to run out and get more treats MOL.

Today is a really good day to be picked because it's getting so nice out today, Up in the 50's !!!! Mom said she might open a window for us so we can sniff and listen and watch. We would really love that!

Thank you again everyone, you all are amazing kitties

Kitty kisses,


Diary of the day!!!

January 8th 2013 5:49 pm
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Oh my cats,

I was diary of the day and didn't even know it. Mom didn't log on that day cause dad was sick. It is amazing to have such an honor. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments and concats, gifts, and pictures. It warms my kitty to see everyone thinking of me. I hope all our friends are staying warm and well loved these cold winter days.

As for me, like my post before says, I am staying out of the snow and enjoying the warm blankets...thank you all once again for all the nice things done for me... Like Jameson and Manytoes for my very lovely pictures which I have posted on my profile already, and Grace, Smiley Cassanova, and one other random kitty for my gifts. Thank you to Minuette, Max, Macy,Timmy Tomcat, and Midnight for your fun comments and congrats.

Mom says it's time to celebrate with some nip and treats.. so I am off for now, hope all my kitty friends have fun and stay warm.

Snow flakes twinkles and kitty kisses,


Dashing through the snow

January 2nd 2013 2:21 pm
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Hello kitties,

What does everyone think of the snow this year. We got some just before christmas and I stepped into it. I didn't like it one bit. Some of our kitty friends from outside liked to run after the snow flakes but I like my nice warm house and comfy blanket. What do you think of snow?



I'm back

December 19th 2012 12:57 pm
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Hello everyone,

We are back. Mom took a long break from here. Now that she has had time, we are back. My mom took a long beak because of the loss of our brother Oliver and also due to an e-mail issue that thankfuly Catster fixed for us. We are very pleased to be back and see what all our friends have been up to... looking forward to getting in touch with all my kitty friends again.

many kisses


Mommy and Daddy are going to try for another baby?

October 2nd 2010 11:22 pm
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Yes you heard it right.. Mom and dad want another baby... Mom is really hoping for a girl since she already has three boys.. but either way this is the last baby.. Mom says if she doesn't have a girl this time.. that the boys will have to give her one when they grow up and have there own families. Oh boy.. so this means I get another kids pulling on my tail or my ears.. or any part of me they can get their hands on right?.. oh no.. I guess I will just have to hide all the time.... the last baby pulled alot of fur out and I hide for days in mom and dad's room. I hope this baby doesn't do that..



No Fair!

September 2nd 2010 2:11 am
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Ok, I cry no fair on this. Mom took me for a walk a few days ago and I love it and was a good boy. Mom said she would take me again but then she got busy with the new kitty Oliver and Lucky being sick and all. Now that Oliver is settle and Lucky is doing good, what's the deal mom? I want to go for a walk. See today I thought I would try and remind her, I sat by the door and look at it and then her and then back at the door. All she did is smile and kept working on her blanket. Grrr... I guess I will have to try harder tomorrow. Mom says if it's not raining I can go for a walk. I sure hope so, I mean it's what almost two weeks now. I normaly stay out of the way and I don't cause problem( well, unless Lucky and I get into a fight) and I even let all the little kids that come around pull on my ears, tail and fur and I don't even complain. I had a little girl carry me around by the neck for most of a day once. So umm.. yeah ..Mom.. I think I need to go for a walk cause I am being such a good boy!



I went for a walk :)

August 20th 2010 10:18 pm
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Today Mom took me for a walk and Guess what! I walked on a harness and leash. Mom was so happy and proud. I got to walk all over the flower garden and even went to visit other people that live around us. I got to chase bugs, and lay in the grass. I was so happy!!!! Mom has never let us outside before cause of us living in the city, but she said I could go for a walk if I would walk with a leash and was able to handle the harness and she said I did such a good job she will take me for walks more often. I can't wait to get out again. Before the best I would get is to sit in a open window in the living. Even though I love to sit in the window it wasn't any good cause the screen kept me from laying outside and chasing bugs. Now I get to have all kinds of fun. During my walk I would just lay down on the grass and feel it with my paws, then I would roll around and look at mom and mew... I was trying to tell her thank you and how much I loved her for it.. I think she understand cause she smiled at me. I can't wait for my next walk. I will tell everyone what I find on my next walk. Does anyone eles walk on leashs? Let me know cause I didn't mind it at all..




Going back to school?

August 8th 2010 10:09 pm
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Ok, I don't get it? Mom keeps talking about getting all this new stuff for my human brothers for this thing called school. What in the world is she talking about. Mom says the house is going to be quieter again and that she will have more time for us and catster. Well, whatever this school thing is, I am happy for it. Mom has been so busy with my human brothers that she barly has time for us. Maybe this means she will get some of those treats we like so much, I mean if my human brothers can get all this cool stuff for this thing called school, then maybe she will get us some cool things too! *cheesy smile* Mom knows I'm worth it. Does anyone eles have human siblings that are going back to school? Maybe someone eles understands this thing called school. Mom tried to tell me, something about the kids needing to learn things so they can live a good life or something, I don't know. I didn't have to go to school to be smart enough to have a good life. Well, at least there is going to be time during the day to relax with mom now. I have missed laying on her lap, as she makes things with yarn.




Oh these hot days....

July 8th 2010 12:48 am
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Wow... has it been hot out of what... it's been in the 90's for the last week at our house. All us kitties are trying to stay cool by laying around and enjoying the AC. Mom doesn't even go out and garden like she always does. It was so hot here that the weather guy said it wasn't a good idea to go outside...

So all us kitties found different spots in the house that were cool and we slept the day away.. I myself Like the sink and closet in the hallway but others, like Kelly laied on the floor with his belly pushing up against the wall where it was cool. We are hoping that the heat breaks soon cause it would sure be nice to have the windows open in the mornings and at night.

We all love to lay in the window with it open to watch the world go by but it's just been too hot. Hope everyone is staying cool...

kitty hugs,

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