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A Tigger's Life

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Happy Birthday, lil buddy

December 14th 2012 4:24 am
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Dearest Tigger:

Today would have been your 6th birthday.
Daddy still gets leaky eyes, thinking of you.
Do you know how much I miss you?? Bunches ans bunches.

Tigger, I look forward to the day when we meet again, and are reunited forever.

Enjoy your day, my kitty.

as always,
your loving daddy, who misses you badly


1 year

November 17th 2012 3:23 pm
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Well, little buddy, tomorrow marks 1 year since you left us. You know daddy thinks about you alot, and misses you more each day? I think you do

I see you've been visiting Sweetie, as she is SOOOOO much like you now.
Sleeps in your spot, has to be on desk, wanting attention, loves the catnip mice, just like you.

I see alot of you in her. and it always brings a smile.

I miss you, bud, more than words could ever say, and i know you are happy, healthy and waiting with our other angels, for that day when we meet again.

But I will always be,
Your loving daddy, who misses his little buddy

Fly easy, Tig-Tig.

All my love,


Happy Gotcha day

January 17th 2012 4:51 pm
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Well, buddy, Tomorrow is your Gotchs Day. It would have been 5 whole years. I watched you grow from a tiny scared kitten, to a very confident cat.
Tig, you were my soul, bud. You had to be with me, no matter what. And you had your way of getting your attention!!! Made typing tough!!! And no matter what, thru sickness and all, you always talked and loved me, and i will always love you, my sweet Tigger

Have a great Gotcha day, my friend
With love.


Happy Birthday, Buddy

December 14th 2011 2:55 pm
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* From Daddy*

Well, Today you would have been 5. How the time flew, from being a tiny wet, scared kitten, to the beautiful cat you became. You were my shadow. You had to be wherever I was. I really miss you, Tig-Tig.

I have your present here. Your favorite. A big Catnip mouse that moves. You'd bat it all over, and carry it with you, always putting it on your pillow from River. But now, I have no one to give it to.

Tigger, Please know how much I miss you. Not a day goes by, without thoughts of you. You were my 1st KITTEN, Everyone else were already grown.

I hope you have fun today, lil buddy. Daddy's eyes are leaking again, so have to stop.

All my love, Tig.


2 Weeks

December 2nd 2011 9:54 am
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Dearest Tigger:

It's been two weeks, now, since i last felt your purr, or heard you talking to me. Daddy is still so upset about losing you. Your family still looks for you, and they miss you too. I really miss you, soooooo much, Little buddy. Things just aren't right here, There is a hole here, because you are gone.

Tigger, I hope you are enjoying yourself at the brigde, and have learned to use your wings. I see you have a job, too. GA to little Snow. I know you'll do a great job

Miss you, Tig-Tig, More than words can ever say.

All my love,



One week

November 25th 2011 4:23 am
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From Daddy:

Well, little buddy, it has been 1 week since we parted. Daddy still misses you, more than you will ever know. I tear up, just thinking of you. Your furfamily are still looking for you, especially Panda and the kittens.
You would have been 5 next month. and January would have been 5 years here. The next 2 months are going to be rough, without you, with all the anniversaries coming up. We all miss you so terribly.

Have a fun day at the bridge, my little buddy
You are always in Daddy's heart and thoughts

All my love, little Tig-Tig



Tribute from Daddy

November 22nd 2011 2:19 pm
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Do you remember, that cold January night when we first met??
You were soooo tiny, cold, wet, and scared. But somehow, you trusted me, and let me take you in.
Your first toy???, Your first real meal?? Your first nite sleeping next to daddy???

I do.

Do you remember all the good times we had???

I do.

Do you remember how you used to puuurp, and get inbetween me and the computer, for your lovins???

I do.

Do you remember getting loves, on that last, fateful morning???

I do.

Did you see my tears, or hear my cries, when I found you that afternoon???

Yes, I believe you did.

Tigger, my little buddy, do you know how mush daddy misses you?
Or what a hole you left in his heart??

I know you do.

Rest easy, my sweet little Tigger. Daddy loves you sooooooo much, and misses you more than words can say.
Have fun at the bridge, little buddy.

Until we meet again........

All my love.


thank you

November 20th 2011 6:04 am
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From Tigger's Daddy:
Thank you all for your kind words, gifts, well wishes, and support, during this very sad time for us. I miss my little Tigger so much. I cannot even finish reading his diary, without losing it. I will write a more detailed Thank you diary when I can read it all, without breaking down, and will thank you all individually.
From Daddy, and the crew, Blizzard, Squeaker, Gypsy, Kringle, Panda, Spot, Sweetie, and the angels, Socks, Patches, and Lil Tigger


Goodbye dear furriends

November 18th 2011 12:14 pm
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From Daddy:
It is with a very heavy heart, that I must let everyfur know, Tigger passed away, sometime this morning. I came home, and he was gone.
Tigger, you were always loved, and will never be forgotten. A piece of me has left with you today, lil buddy.


Thank you

November 9th 2011 3:29 pm
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Just a short thank you, for all the wishes, gifts, and heart warming comments everyfur has left. You made me feel so loved, and made daddy furry happy. He reads them every night. He says i'll write a better thank you, when he gets himself together, over this. it was all such a shock!!!
Thank Mew all, sooooo much.
Purrs from a happy Tigger

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